Plenty of SEO Data Provided by Sheer SEO

The key to success in any number of fields is to arm yourself with the right kind of information. Day traders are constantly bombarded with data about the flood market. Scientists run experiments so they too can gather useful information that can lead to eye-opening conclusions. Search engine optimization is no exception.

When you take on the task of improving your site’s SEO, you shouldn’t just go about it in a willy-nilly fashion, throwing everything out there and hoping something sticks. You need data. You need the facts. To that end, Sheer SEO is a tool that can arm you with that kind of information. Let’s get down to today’s review and see what this package has to offer.

Automates Your SEO Efforts

When you go to the main page for this SEO software, you’ll find that the developers claim it “automates your SEO efforts.” That’s true to a certain extent, but this tool is much more geared toward providing you with the data you need so that you can focus your SEO efforts one way or another.

To get a quick sense of what you can expect from Sheer SEO, you can get a sample SEO report for your website for free. On the homepage, there is a field to enter your website address. When you do, you get a real-time report that provides all sorts of useful information, like how you are ranking for some of your target keywords and keyword phrases.

Before you even get there, it even suggests some of the keywords where you may want to rank, based on the content that is currently on your site. When you sign up for an account with Sheer SEO, you gain the ability to track other metrics and data points too.

Tracking Data Over Time

Continuing with the example of how you rank for select keywords, an account with Sheer SEO lets you see these rankings over time.

For this example, we took a look at how was ranking for the search term “make money” in the United States version of Google. As you can see, the ranking fluctuated from 4th to 6th in the last two weeks or so. As you can also see, this set of SEO tools also lets you look at current competitors and historical competitors. The kicker is that tracking the rankings is only one small part of this much larger package.

Other Tools in Sheer SEO

The overview page gives you a brief glimpse into the various tools that are at your disposal with Sheer SEO. For instance, you can also track the progression of your PageRank, as well as estimate potential traffic, inspect your main referrers, and submit your site to multiple web directories.

These aren’t just stats that tell you where you were and where you are either. The keyword density tool, for instance, can offer perspective into how you are managing your content too, giving you the opportunity to make suitable adjustments. Similarly, you can use the backlink checker or the tool for counting indexed pages.

While there are other tools that may offer similar functions, Sheer SEO will also monitor Twitter for mentions of your site, as well as track all activity related to your site on Facebook, plus check the various social bookmarking sites for mentions. There is even a utility for finding relevant blogs where you can purchase blog reviews, gaining valuable backlinks that can further improve your SEO efforts.

How Much Does It Cost?

The user interface is reasonably straightforward, navigating through the various tools using the main left sidebar. How you go about using the data provided is your own prerogative, but being armed with this data will certainly go a long way.

The pricing plans can be a little confusing, considering that there are no fewer than nine options. These range in price from free (three month trial, single domain) to $199/month (agency plan, 50 domains). You don’t get into multiple domains on a single plan until you reach the “small agency” level, though you get discounts when ordering multiple domains for the smaller accounts.