Profile of Success – Jonathan Volk

Jonathan Volk wrote his first guest post for me back in January of 2008. Back then, Jonathan was a 20-something Internet marketer focusing on affiliate marketing. These days, Jonathan is still a 20-something Internet marketer focusing on affiliate marketing. The only difference is the dollar amount – Jonathan now makes over $300,000 per month from affiliate commissions. That kind of dollar figure definitely qualifies Jonathan Volk for this Profile of Success.

Who is Jonathan Volk?

Most people in the affiliate world know Jonathan Volk as a super affiliate who makes millions per year in the affiliate space. He is a regular speaker at the Affiliate Summit and is generally mobbed at the show by hordes of affiliate marketing wannabes.

Jonathan VolkSince launching his blog at, Jonathan has expanded his reach beyond the affiliate space. Most super affiliates don’t blog because they don’t want to share their secrets. Jonathan is one of those rare breed who not only makes millions from affiliate marketing, he’s willing to help others do the same. is filled with great content about PPC Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Media buying, Search Engine Optimization and Article Marketing. Jonathan has used all these methods to market his blog as well. For awhile, he even bid on my name and Shoemoney’s name with Google AdWords as a way to drive traffic to his blog. People who searched for me or Shoe on Google got hit with the following “Jonathan Volk For the Win” Google ad. Pretty creative, I must admit.

Jonathan Volk is your friend

How Jonathan Volk Makes $300,000+ a Month

In the video below, my friend Wes Mahler from Tracking202 interviews Jonathan on how he scaled to over $300,000 in commissions per month using pay per click and social media. The interview is about 30 minutes long and well worth watching.

Anyone who makes over $300K a month deserves your attention. Especially if he’s willing to help you. I recommend you add Jonathan’s blog to your daily must read list and follow him on Twitter as well. Congrats to Jonathan on his success.

Jonathan Volk – Ready, Set, Super Affiliate

39 thoughts on “Profile of Success – Jonathan Volk”

  1. Zac Johnson says:

    Nice write up. Jon’s a good guy and a friend of mine! It’s always fun to see who is advertising under your search terms (your name). Even better if it’s your own ads.

    1. Zac you and Jonathan are big player of Affiliate world … how you rate Jonathan out of 10

      1. Lee Ka Hoong says:

        I’m going to rate Zac and Jonathan 9/10, I don’t rate them 10/10 because no one is perfect in this world. So, they deserve 9/10. 😀

  2. Donny Gamble says:

    Jonathan Volk is definitely a super star affiliate marketer. Most people don’t know that he was trained by David Salyers from Derek has mentored several million dollar affiliate earners and he definitely know what he is talking about. He has a proven formula for success.

    1. Diabetis says:

      The only thing that I don’t like about it is that we would need some money to make money with his methods.

      1. Yep, it takes money to make money. That’s the name of the game, but, you can do it for a lot less on the net.

        1. and that one will need huge time to learn everything. Yes if you do not have the budget than you can go for self study but if you have budget than I strongly recommend to have paid mentor for yourself.

    2. it is always good to get the inside scoop, Donny! I’m definitely going to go check out David’s offering to see what he is all about. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Kalvster says:

    2 words. He’s cool.

  4. kurlybella says:

    awesome interview and it’s great to see the success that john has had!

  5. Great guy, deserves all the credit he can get in the affiliate marketing industry.

  6. Derek says:

    Very true that Jonathon is one of the guys that openly shares information with us that aspire to reach those levels, I’ve learned a good deal from reading his blog.

    Oddly enough, the first comment on this post is from another that person that falls into that category of sharing information to help others become successful.

    1. Yes Derek

      Nice to see that Zac come step forward to accept this. I would love to see how he rate Jonathan out of 10.

  7. videostar says:

    I read stories of success in his blog at the beginning of this year.Rather convincing and inspiring!Especially his own story of success!

  8. Bibokz says:

    His blog link is broken.. haven’t heard the guy, just in your blog… but having this earnings could stimulate bloggers and affiliate marketers.

  9. Great write-up, seems I have to add a new blog to my reading list! SY

    1. Diabetis says:

      I like to visit his blog from time to time.

  10. Diabetis says:

    JOnathan Volk is one of the those super affiliate who likes to share what they learned on earnings from affiliate marketing.

  11. Greg Ellison says:

    He also has a really cool blog. Greg Ellison

    1. Yes very neat, clean … and well organised blog.

  12. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    Jonathan Volk is really doing good in his field, I’ve been visiting his blog for quite some times, learn quite few things from him.


  13. Jonathan, you da man! Great video by the way, well worth watching.

  14. fas says:

    Long video but well worth the watch.

  15. kumo says:

    $300,000 a month sure sounds good. For that kind of revenue definitely worth checking out. I am too impress by his creativity of biding the names of famous blogger.

    1. Yes that is really Good earning which an Industrialist wont able to earn as his salary.

  16. Just married Jonathan is a great guy, but this move of paid review will not help much [personal view] all the best Johnathan volk.

  17. LukePeerFly says:

    I actually had Jonathan add me on Facebook a few days ago I am looking forward to working with him. Seems like a pretty cool person.

  18. Jeremy Blake says:

    Jonathan is a really cool guy. I’m surprised to know that he makes that much money. I knew it was a lot, but jeeze. What’s even cooler is that he doesn’t act like a rich jerk. He’s definitely a good role model.

  19. Thanks everyone for the awesome / kind comments! 🙂

    1. Lee Ka Hoong says:

      You deserve it Jonathan! Keep sharing your tricks and tips! 😀

  20. videostar says:

    Jonathan Volk ! Your blog is really interesting with inspiring content and a great deal of real examples.

  21. Patrick says:

    I honestly DOUBT the “super affiliate” mumbo-jumbo stories esp. when someone goes to pay for Twitter subscribers on or goes to brag about millions upon millions in revenue per year. Jonathan is a nice guy no doubt that, but scratching a surface little deeper there is a load of crap. Sorry Jonathan, just telling the the way i see it.

    1. It’s been verified by networks I work with, but I don’t need to convince you. No need. 🙂

  22. Max says:

    Wow what an achievement. Hope I could earn as much as that.

  23. It’s cool how Jonathan doesn’t flaunt his money around either as the last I recall, he just purchased a CRV instead of an luxury car.


    p.s. I believe he never shows his checks though..

  24. EarningStep says:

    what a man… so young but genius … 300k , i can’t imagine if i am in that position…great job

  25. Samuel says:

    Great video! When you have an abundance mindset sharing is not an issue.

  26. Adam says:

    $300K a month and drives a CRV? Hahaha….Volk is a fake.

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