Prometeus – The Future of Media?

Personally, I don’t see it happening this way, but the video is very interesting because of the paradigm shifts in thinking. Who knows, it actually may happen this way.

Source: TechCrunch

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  1. I doubt these things will pan out in the next 10 years, especially with broadcast tv being obsolete. I do like that definition of pro-sumer. I’ve never heard of that term before. That we’re just consumers and producers of information. But that’s aptly put… especially to a blogging community.

    1. Whoever created that is highly imaginative alright. I liked the prosumer touch, too — I wouldn’t be surprised if the term caught up with a lot of people soon.

      1. Prosumer sounds silly.. I don’t like it 😐

  2. shaun says:

    Omg thats very creepy to think about. I don’t see any of this actually happening but who knows at the rate were going we could be headed for anything. Good video, very interesting thats forsure.

    1. It truly is unimaginable at first, but as the video played on I have to say it is very possible.

  3. Goob says:

    Well I can’t wait until I get to hang out at the Battle of Waterloo 🙂

    I doubt things will pan out quite the way the video predicts with the old media just dieing out so quickly. For all the people who use the Internet for gathering their information, there are still hoards of people who watch the nightly news and read their NYTimes with their morning coffee.

    I think the biggest change will be when the plastic paper is invented, when “prosumers” can tap into whatever they want no matter where they are. Not only will it make newspapers almost obsolete, but books and even lugging around laptops.

  4. shman says:

    Wow, this is something! 😎

  5. blogcrowds says:

    You guys didn’t know that? The future is inevitably clear, just not how to get there.

    This video extremely biased towards media with recent emergence of user created content. Media and us will play a big part in the future but not the main parts. Sure it will help but can “prosumer” alone create a cure for cancer, stop global worming, eliminate poverty, settle conflicts?

    Another aspect of the video mentions elimination of Copyright. What about Patents? The film maker probably meant both, but somehow forgot to cover the non-media aspect? In any case there is no way the rich and powerful would allow the elimination of either and certain degree that is a good thing.

  6. Mac-Sage says:

    Good video. It’s remarkably similar to this one:

  7. Casey says:

    Wow, very interesting. Eventually there will probably be something BETTER than the computer though.

    Mircosoft’s Surface is an example.

    1. Except when Google supposedly buys Microsoft in a few years, it’ll be called Google Re-Surface or something.

  8. JoshNash says:

    Cool,selling experiences.
    But a little creepy n spooky though.

  9. Did anybody see that movie Matrix? 🙄

  10. F. Colton says:

    Well it had me until the video showed CNN as a survivor. They are barely surviving now.

  11. Softsled says:

    Wow. That was a waste of my time.

  12. JoN says:

    I believe a lot of that will happen, just not as soon as they say

  13. Andy Dang says:

    I expected 80% of this to happen a long time ago. Anyone who controls the internet, controls the people. Throughout history, technology has only been a tool to expand farther, do things faster, and having to do things less manually.

    At this rate and direction, there’s only one place we will end up: a dream. A dream is boundless, everything is as fast as you think it, and nothing is done manually. We will reach the point of nirvana, dreamlike, all conscious.

    1. I thought I was dreaming already!

  14. I’m sure it’s very close to what’s gonna be. 😎

  15. Webomatica says:

    Like some comments above, I think these may not happen as soon as we think. Virtual Reality has a long way to go before it is mainstream. I do think the stuff about the mass media barely hanging on it pretty right.

  16. Emmet says:

    What about John Chow?? Where will he fit into all of this in the future?!?

    1. I’m sure he’ll fit in the grand scheme of things pretty nicely. 😉 It’s me I’m really worried about LOL.

  17. Jazz says:

    coooooooooool i thought half this stuff would happen. And who would have guessed that Google would buy out all its competitors i did not see that coming! 🙄 That some sci-fi s**t right there.

  18. That was pretty interesting. Love the video. I do see Google buying Microsoft. Interesting views. Thanks John.

  19. This video is kind if creepy. I guess it’s weird thinking about what “could” happen.

  20. Michael says:

    I don’t see it happening like this at all. It will never be free to connect to the internet, there will be to many internet restrictions from isp’s

  21. Everything starts with just an idea. Anything is possible.

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