Proof That Anyone Can Make Money Online

I’ve heard thousands on excuses on why people can’t make money online. One of the biggest is people will actually use me as an excuse on why they can’t do this business.

“John Chow has a big list and I don’t.”
“John Chow has a big blog and I don’t.”
“John Chow has the connections and I don’t.”
“John Chow has 10+ years of experience and I have none.”

In this video, I interview 65 year old Allen. He had zero internet marketing experience, yet he managed to make $17K online in 3 months, and qualified for a new free car. He is living proof that anyone can make money online. Don’t use me as an excuse!

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17 thoughts on “Proof That Anyone Can Make Money Online”

  1. Tariku Molla says:

    My dream Cadillac Askelie !

  2. Nayab Khan says:

    Hey John,
    One thing that i learned from this is be sincere to what you are being taught like Allen did.
    Complete your tasks no matter how easy how tough or how productive and non productive it may seem.
    Man on the mission never leave their task in between.

  3. The thing about this video and message John is it never ever ever allows anyone to validate their excuses, again.

    I did a podcast interview last night explaining how I was a broke, unemployed security guard, who did not know what a blog was, 8 years ago. I did not know SEO from a CEO. I knew how to check espn and my email online. That is it. But now I travel the world as a full time pro blogger.


    I made no excuses, first off. Second, I realized we are all former something. John did not come out of the womb with IM skills out the ying yang. He learned. He worked! He earned. It is simple. Really simple. But fear causes even rational folks to make the excuses you see above, said excuses crippling their chances at making money online.

    It is 4:39 PM on a Sunday afternoon in Thailand. I am writing a thorough blog comment to add value to this post, to share my insights and to help people who may cling to these excuses. Or who may feel only “special” folks can make money online. I love commenting but it is work. This takes work. If you want to build something long term, sustainable and freeing, and if you wish to inspire other folks to do the same.

    This is not always easy but it is always worth it. Being free is worth a few moments of discomfort.

    Allen proves you can start at any age and prosper online. Someone emailed me a few months ago intent on getting into blogging. He was 72. 72 years old. No online knowledge. But he had the gumption and desire to free himself through this creative medium. No limits exist save those you create and cling to stubbornly.

    Every single person you see online – successes and strugglers – started with an email list of zero. We started with zero readers. We started with no products or sales or profits. We all start at zero because we were all beginners once. I find it bizarre that I even have to write this because the online world is lala land, sometimes, with folks suspending their logical thinking processes in the name of defending their limiting beliefs. Like a baby with its rattle.

    Anyway, we are all beginners at one point who start with nothing. So making the John Chow excuses is pure bunk. He was at where you are today. Over 10 years ago. Why not start doing what John did 10 years ago? Why not start to BE that person? Maybe you will mimic his success. Or maybe you will live your own version of your wildest dreams.

    I just sold 4 more of my eBooks earlier today when I reviewed my KDP backoffice through Amazon. 8 years ago I only bought stuff through Amazon. I did not know about blogging or self-publishing, let alone becoming a professional, island hopping blogger or a best-selling author. I had zero skills in these areas because…I wasn’t aware of these areas LOL!

    It’s laughable when you read my comment. You see that every single person you use as an excuse – they are talented or experienced or connected – not only started in your shoes, but many started in even tougher spots. I went 70K into debt, bankrupted, almost homeless, lost everything. Ain’t so lucky now, am I? πŸ˜‰

    John, thank you, and keep doing what you do. You are changing the online money making paradigm as we speak. And I’ve no doubts that since I dove back into reading your posts and learning from you again, a week ago, that the spike in my eBook sales and profitable opportunities in my life correlates perfectly with me being here and gobbling up your insights and feeding off of your prospering energy.

    Birds of a feather of course.

    Signing off from Thailand.


  4. Help me and i will write blogs .but i am left alone and no one to help.and my husband talk in my head all the time .I need someone to guide and direct me in the right way i asked kindly .

  5. Carl Davies says:

    Anyone can does this. Just takes consistent effort and time. Congrats to Allen and your results!

  6. Jenny Ma says:

    John, this video is very inspiring and I believe everyone can make money online if they are willing to put time and effort into it, sadly most newcomers expected overnight success and that never will happen.

  7. TricksRoad says:

    This is really amazing John !!

    The video is quite inspiring and recently saw your post on Facebook as well for the new house.

    Many congratulation and wish you more success πŸ™‚


  8. That is some truly amazing proof! Always with the right system that involves big-ticket commissions you can create a very large income extremely quick!

    Incredible post as always!

  9. Jan Krueger says:

    John, Brilliant as always! The video, itself was timely for me because I’m still struggling and just was enlightened by staff today to info. in the back office I didn’t know I was to use. The learning goes on and on. However, I’m determined to make my mark . Thanks again for the inspiration. Jan

  10. Jon says:

    The important lesson in this video is that you have to be “teachable”, as you describe it John, at any age to succeed in online marketing. It’s not just about finding the right mentors. You have to take action and follow the system/process. If the system works , just follow it! Not everyone can follow a successful system because some personalities are wired to continually re-inventing the wheel.

    My wife works with a lady who has a masters degree from Harvard and she can’t learn to drive a car. She has failed numerous tests and has given up. The reason being is that she wants to do everything her way and can’t be bothered to follow the humble instructor’s advice. You often see the same process at work with newbie marketers – you must be “teachable” to make money online.

  11. John Aleer says:

    Hello there John.

    Thank for this wonderful inspirational video. You are always motivating and encouraging your audiences/fans. congratulation to Mr. Allen and his wife for great achievement. I just got into MTTB program alittle over amonth ago and still have slow start. I have confident it will pick up soon as I Continoue learning this stuffs.This video is my pre_super charge as I’m eagerly waiting to attend MOBE super charge event in Las vegas few months from now. I’m very excited to be part of this business and a chance to attend my first even.


  12. Alexis says:

    Thanks! I’m always learning so much from you!

  13. Muhammad says:

    I am still just confused about the how the payments work for MTTB? Is it monthly or one-time payment?

    1. John Chow says:

      The application fee is one time.

  14. Hey,
    This is really inspiring!
    It just need right step and research and you can hustle online.
    Thanks Again.

  15. heydar says:

    I am Deaf and I have difficult communication with people about market so Did I can business as online marketing?

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