Proof That Girls Are Evil

This is something that I have always suspected but have never proven until now. 

Proof that girls are evil

There you have it! Irrefutable mathematical proof that girls are evil! Whoever came up with that formula should win the Nobel Prize!

56 thoughts on “Proof That Girls Are Evil”

  1. jtGraphic says:

    Nice departure from the norm. My checkbook agrees.

    1. Maximum of us are agree on this equation.

      As true as 1 + 1 = 2

    2. Heheheheheh! We’ve all been there. I was lucky enough to escape relatively unhurt eventually….

      1. LOL…I love the graphic work that wen into this John!!! haha

  2. Edgar says:

    Girls are so evil. but you got to love them.

    any evil girls call me wink lol

    1. You forgot to add your number here.

  3. Lulu says:

    However the first line is flawed. It states they require time AND money so that should be a PLUS not a MULTIPLICATION sign.

    This has been out for a long time and while it is funny…not mathematically sound.

    1. John Chow says:

      Actually, the true flaw in the formula is the part that says money is the root of the all evil. The actual bible quote (yes, it came from the bible) is “the LOVE OF MONEY is the root of all evil.”

      1. Enoch Fung says:

        Mathematically speaking, if you square one side, you need to square the other. So it should be…

        Girls^2 = Evil

        lol sorry ^.^

        1. Jeff Kee says:

          What the hell are you talking about… there’s no mathematical flaw here. Girls are a product of money and time, but time = money, so

          girls = money^2

          no part of it calls for girls^1

        2. jtGraphic says:

          I’m just saying Girls^2 has a cancelling effect on the evil and becomes good. It’s like squaring a negative number.

      2. Lulu says:

        I knew that part too..just did not want this to turn into a religious discussion.

        It is still funny though….although I was mad the first time my BF showed it to me years ago…he was a math major.

  4. Robb Sutton says:

    ahahahahaha! That is fantastic. I am sharing this all over the place. Just hope my wife doesn’t see…

    1. If your wife see it, she will kill you man. 😆

      1. If not kill than surely will land to hospitals for stitches.

  5. LOL very funny! I have to agree.

  6. That’s so sexist!

  7. Bertly says:

    haha! I have always loved this solution, it is so quirky that it has to be funny. Lulu, I thought the solution was wrong too, at first, but if you go with the theory that the more time you spend, the more money you spend, then this is correct…..that is money spent being proportional to time spent => girls = time x money 😉

    1. Lulu says:

      Well when you put it like that then I guess it makes sense. However, realistically, the money spent increases disproportionately the more time you spend and has spikes around Valentine’s day and birthdays so I think we might be getting into some polynomial expressions or something. Ha ha

  8. Girls are evil, but whos says all evil things are bad? 😉

    1. Evil itself represents bad things that’s why we call them Evil.

      Comeon now do not change the definition of Evil.

  9. Kenny says:

    It may be flawed for the reasons already mentioned, but t’s still genius and made me laugh.

  10. hey john, welcome to 15 years ago when this joke was invented.

    1. John Chow says:

      It maybe an olddie but it’s still a goodie! 🙂

    2. Jeff Kee says:

      One of my greatest pet peeves is nerdy nazis who believe that old jokes should never be posted again, because obviously 100% of the people who visit have already seen this, and they should ridicule it for being old. Grow up.

  11. It’s still funny whether you’ve posted it once, twice, or three times….

    1. This will be always new for those kids who touched teen age or young age.

  12. Mathew Day says:

    Lol, this is what I tell my gf all the time, now I have the proof. 😉

    1. She will be surprise on your algebra skill.

  13. Diabetis says:

    Eve is the one that seduce Eve in the first place so do agree with this but you gotta love them.

  14. S Ahsan says:

    was it Newton who came out with that formula? 🙂 nahh! ridiculous

  15. Melvin says:

    lols.. i found this one first from stumbeupon

  16. That is why I stay away from girls! They are also yucky!

    1. Girls Yucky :O

      So you like guys ?

  17. mama bok says:

    i hope you didn’t get kicked to the bath tub for a bed tonite.. hahhaha!!

    1. I am sure John will go to bed room with white flag in hand … lollzz

  18. lolz……..;D…very funny !!

  19. 😆 a ma thematic noble winner!

  20. fas says:

    This post is a reminder for guys to be careful :p

  21. Valtorc says:

    I loved this graphic, almost scary that’s it’s so true!

  22. Free Picks says:

    lolz :p we already know that Girls are Evil

  23. I hope your wife is not reading this post otherwise you will have to publish your all posts from hospital’s bed. Lollzz

  24. Wow, seems like every man needs an evil, LOL.

    1. Maximum men need more than one … lollzz

  25. is this your personal experience john??

  26. Brandon says:

    I’ve always known this, but now I can prove it when my girlfriend asks me why I think this way!! Thanks John!

  27. Melody says:

    There’s pure comedy in how much it makes sense…lol Wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes an official equation..haha

  28. This equation is really old one.

    Nice to see that basic rules are always applicable and always alive.

    1. Kind of like Sun Tsu and the Art of War 🙂

  29. Javalate says:

    Well , I am not agree with most of you, I think I am the lucky one who discovered girl = angel 😉

    1. scheng1 says:

      I think those jokers never consider their mothers when they come out with this funny equation. If all girls are bad, what happen to their kids?

  30. I knew mathematical proofs would eventually help me with relationships! I’m sure the girlfriend will have a rebuttal.


  31. scheng1 says:

    haha, nice one! Except that your mummy would not agree!

  32. Meekin says:

    Thanks i knew i was evil know i have proof

  33. Ganesh Iyer says:

    You would have a some women fans because of this post;)

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