Protect Against Threats with VIPRE Antivirus

As you transverse your way through the Internet and try to make money online, you are going to encounter a wide range of threats. It is no longer valid to say that you are safe simply because you avoid sites with adult material and warez, because you can run into malware and viruses at just about every turn. Seemingly harmless sites, like those that offer song lyrics and ringtones, can actually be among the most dangerous. And let’s not forget about all the threats related to instant messaging, email, and other applications.

In this way, it is of utmost importance that you protect yourself as you embark on your journeys around the Internet. Over the course of this review, we’ll take a look at the VIPRE Antivirus and Antispyware software package. According to the developers, this is “the end of antivirus software as you know it.”

VIPRE Antivirus Is Pronounced Viper

As much as we would like to have the most robust of antivirus, antispyware, and antimalware programs running on our computer at all times, many of these tend to be very resource-heavy. As a result, they can bog down the performance of your machine. Sunbelt Software claims that VIPRE is high-performance but not a resource hog. In my brief experience with the software, it does appear to be more efficient than some other solutions.


When I first encountered VIPRE, I wasn’t entirely sure how to pronounce its name. In my head, I kept reading it as “vie-pree.” As it turns out, it’s pronounced “viper,” just like the sports car or the snake. I guess you could say it’s taking a bite out of the bad guys.

In terms of features, VIPRE offers automatic updates, active protection, email protection, ThreatNet reporting, scheduled scans, and integration with Windows Security Center. The Active Protection is of particular note, since it will preemptively protect your computer from threats before they are able to present any harm. This is done through Signature Detection, Heuristic Detection, and Behavior Detection. You can learn more about these features through the video demo.

Installation, Setup, and Updates


The installation process for VIPRE Antivirus is pretty well the same as other similar software packages. You’ll be taking step-by-step through the basic configuration settings, all of which can be changed after the fact through the regular tools. It should be noted that you do not want to run VIPRE alongside another antivirus program as this has been known to cause all sorts of issues. Not surprisingly, the installation of VIPRE also requires a restart on your part.

When you first install this antivirus program, you will need to run through the first batch of updates. This brings in the most current library of threats, which can then be updated as often as every couple of hours. Hackers don’t sleep, you know.

Virus Scans and Managing Tools

After going through the updates, you’ll want to run your first scan. The interface is quite straightforward, letting you choose between quick, full, and custom scans. The quick scan only takes a couple of minutes, but be prepared to let the program run for a few hours if you want the full scan.


From the main screen, you are given at-a-glance information for the main components, your risk detection statistics, and other similar info. Also, you can access tools for your history, quarantines, scheduled scans, and areas where you will always block or allow access. There is also a secure file eraser, history cleaner, and PC explorer.

For a closer look at some of the other VIPRE features, you can check out more screenshotson the Sunbelt Software site.

Make Money Online Protecting Others


It costs $29.95 to purchase a copy of VIPRE Antivirus and Antispyware for personal use, but you can recoup this cost by referring other customers to Sunbelt Software. Through their Sunbelt affiliate program, you can earn a 30% commission with every sale generated. The program tracks sales based on cookies and IP address click history.


37 thoughts on “Protect Against Threats with VIPRE Antivirus”

  1. Benjamin Cip says:

    Nice Review, I am wondering if virus and other malware are that harmful on macintosh too, as it is said that Macintosh is safe comparing to Window… We never knows anyway. I should be more careful and use that kind of anti-virus for macintosh maybe.

  2. I will try out the free trial and see if it’s good, since I’m using Norton as my anti virus software….

  3. Cam Birch says:

    Your review wasn’t clear if this is a Mac or Windows product. I personally use my own custom combination of various free AV tools and extensive tech knowledge to protect my PC from virus’s. It is interesting to see a new AV company join in since there are very few low cost and effective AV packages available currently.

    1. Good question. I’m also wondering if this is for Windows.

      1. I also wonder how it compares with the competition.

        Does it claim to be better than the others? How exactly.

        I have had great success with Avast! but, I always wonder if there is something better.

        Not John Chow’s last blog post: Digging for Gold in the Top 100

        1. AVG is what I use & has been the best so far.

          TYCP Entertainment Magazine’s last blog post: Courtney Van Dusen Interview

  4. Ray Ebersole says:

    Well, SunBelt is not a new company, but they are new the Antivirus community. They, like Symantec and McAfee have purchased another company to give you this product and seeing that they specialize in malware, I see them going the way of the 2 bigger ones.

    They will make a decent product to start and then fail to continue after getting a market share because they want to do everything for everyone. Norton and McAfee are resource hogs, are not even close to good in protection when put to the test with other solutions. The solutions that just do one thing always do the best in these tests by independent reviewers.

    Eset and Avira tend to do the best in all independent testing. I use Eset on my main Home system and Avira for clients that need or want a free alternative.

    I hope that Sunbelt decides to stick with just the basics and doesn’t get out of hand trying to be the handy man of security. They have always been a good company.

  5. How does it compare to Norton Antivirus? I have been using Notron now (symatica) for years

    1. I used Norton in the past and its a major resource hog on the computer. You may be used to the speed of your computer now, but when you switch over to something else, wow…the speed difference is amazing

      1. Thanks for the tips. I am used to the speed of my computer. Looks like it worth to give it a try.

  6. KampungBoy says:

    Right now, I’m using avira antivirus

  7. KampungBoy says:

    Right now, I’m only using avira antivirus

  8. Greg Ellison says:

    I use avast or some people like AVG. There are a lot of nice free antivirus software out there. You can also get free spyware and malware programs that are good asthe paid ones. Greg Ellison

    1. for free ones, I use Malwarebyes Anti-Malware (sp?) – its found two intrusions that my Norton did not find and basically why I uninstalled Norton afterwards – not worth paying yearly IMO.

      1. Malwarebtyes is great. It found stuff that Macafee didn’t.

        Gold Coins Blog’s last blog post: 1933 Gold Double Eagles Still In The News

  9. Norton is awful. It would claim certain files were viruses when they weren’t. McAfee isn’t all that powerful. I love AVG, which works great.

    As for this one, first time I’m hearing about it. I wonder how it compares to AVG.

  10. EarningStep says:

    i use pcmav right now . but sound like vipre has good feature .

  11. I hate getting virus’s.It stinks

    1. EarningStep says:

      i think every one hate virus.hahaha

    2. Same, but I don’t really get viruses anymore *knock on wood* because I always make sure my computer is secured.

      TYCP Entertainment Magazine’s last blog post: Courtney Van Dusen Interview

  12. Jackie Chia says:

    The virus is everywhere now .
    Be care.


  13. Misao says:

    Nice review. I’m using NOD32 now. It’s light and fast.

    Misao’s last blog post: Cấu hình chuẩn cho một blog WordPress mới cài đặt!

  14. Let me see … I will give a serious thought on coming weekend.

    ZK @ Web Marketing Blog’s last blog post: Twitter Marketing : Dell now makes $3 million via Twitter

  15. Thanky a lot for this nice review. Its a interesting post about Mac and Virus. We never knows anyway. I should be more careful and use that kind of anti-virus for macintosh maybe…

  16. John, first off, thank you for reminding us the dangers of the Internet. It’s something we may neglect sometimes. So, let’s be more careful.

    Second off, thanks for giving some advice that helps us avoid these issues as much as possible.

    And finally, thanks for your recommendation. I guess VIPRE could be one of the best solutions.

    Good job John!



    Hooshmand Moslemi’s last blog post: Niche Review Templates

    1. Michael Kwan did the review, not John!

      When will Michael get his due?!

      TYCP Entertainment Magazine’s last blog post: Courtney Van Dusen Interview

      1. Michael Kwan says:

        Not soon enough, it seems. 🙂 I do appreciate readers like you who do notice the byline, rather than quickly jumping to the comment form to say “first” or “great post john” for the “free” backlink.

        Michael Kwan’s last blog post: Movie Reviews: Family-Friendly Fun

        1. I feel that it’s always important to actually look at who wrote the the post you’re about to read. I don’t get why it’s so hard.

          TYCP Entertainment Magazine’s last blog post: Courtney Van Dusen Interview

  17. Shawn Knight says:

    Can’t imagine where they got that logo idea from… Let’s hope Dodge doesn’t come after them lol

    Shawn Knight’s last blog post: Matt’s Built From Scratch Go Kart

  18. There’s no WAY you can pronounce “vipre” as “viper”. That’s just retarded.’s last blog post: Viral marketing series – Part 2, Case study:

  19. Got Macafee, that seems to work pretty well.

    Gold Coins Blog’s last blog post: 1933 Gold Double Eagles Still In The News

  20. Blogwalker says:

    Nice review, considering many malware and dangerous virus we have to update our antivirus…

    i hate virus…

    thx for the info…

  21. Great review. My NOD works fine, but I’ll try this one

  22. I still love the yearly Norton or McAfee $0 After-rebate deals 🙂 I never have to renew! lol.


  23. virus says:

    Going without an anti-virus program is just a recipe for disaster!

    I wish Vipre would re-brand as Viper.

  24. Dean Saliba says:

    It looks like a very good software but I don’t see the point in paying when AVG, SpyBot & Adaware, altogether, can do the same job for free.

    Dean Saliba’s last blog post: May 2009 Blog Income Report

  25. I use comodo, i will see detail about this viper antivirus, thanks for information.

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