Proven Email Subject Lines Your Subscribers Can’t Resist – Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of my email marketing subject line series. We are looking at the most effective lines which attract the subscriber to open your follow-up. With an increase in open rates you have potentially increased the chances of someone clicking through increasing your over ROI. However, email marketing can be very tricky because you have to find what works which can be done through extensive testing and tweaking along the way. The good news with extensive resources available online your able to find case studies done by ESP’s which will provide you with an outline of the best subject lines. For example, in part 1 of this series we looked at some of the statistics gathered by and by Digital Marketer.

Today we’ll be finishing off some of the stats provided by Digital Marketer and jump into Alchemy Worx reviewing stats they’ve put together for us. For those of you NOT aware, Alchemy Worx  is a email marketing agency who is in charge of consulting for 70+ clients. Let’s jump right into Part 2.

Here are two more attractive high open rate subject lines:

Is this the hottest career in marketing? –

A great way to attract the subscriber to open email and this will depend on the niche. However, it has been shown very effective in almost every niche because of the word “marketing”. If you have an online blog or websites then your always looking for creative ways to market your product or brand. By saying this is the HOTTEST career in marketing you are shedding light on a trend which is developing. In essence you should utilize this marketing strategy if your an online company so would definitely want to open and read through the email.

Your 7-figure plan goes bye-bye at midnight…

No one wants to hear they’ll be losing money and one of the best ways to get people to open their follow-ups is the scare tactic or put a time limit for which they can act. Many people often disagree with using such a tactic, but profit is the bottom line so if this strategy increases ROI then it’s a winning technique. However, if my clients are using the following in their follow-ups I encourage them to provide value to their subscribers.

Here’s something else that’s pretty cool and I’ve seen it work when bloggers are sending me follow-up messages. I’m living proof that using specific words within your email subject line will increase your open rate and potentially your ROI. You have to remember open rate and click through are two different elements. For example, it’s one thing for the subscriber to open your follow-up and a completely different action for them to click on a link within your message. I believe the best email follow-up message is one which NOT only get’s opened, but pushes the subscriber to click-through on a link within the message. This is why it’s important to have a well-structured message which is easy to read and with a clear call-to-action.

For now we’ll look at some words you should implement into your subject line because they have a high open rate.

The Words People Are Attracted To…

Upgrade – People are always looking for something new and want to keep up with the changing trends. This is why the word “UPGRADE” will attract an open from your subscribers.

Content – Content is what’s fuels the internet and if someone signed up for your newsletter because they enjoyed the content you wrote than you’ll have no problem getting subscribers to open your email using the word “CONTENT”

Free Delivery – Another awesome and high impact word which will produce enormous opens when sending out follow-ups. It’s not the word “delivery”, but the word “FREE” which is what attracts people to open. Times are tough for people so they’re always looking for a break or FREE stuff which will save them money and provide value at the same time.

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8 thoughts on “Proven Email Subject Lines Your Subscribers Can’t Resist – Part 2”

  1. Gdweblab says:

    Email marketing is on a blow . I believe you should write something about how to choose email marketing company . Other than this you have explained everything in this article .
    Thanks for this lovely post Mr. John

  2. Alex Gordon says:

    John, Im a MOBE consultant Titanium. I havent made any money in MOBE yet after 6 months. I bought a MOBE website with email campaigns, the problem is I had a friend look over the emails and he said they were very bland. I would like for you to give me some suggestion for the first few emails to send them so they wont get bored and eventually not read them anymore or buy from me. Alex Gordon

    1. Loraine says:

      I think a lot of people struggle with the email follow up. I’m also MOBE Titantium. 12 months building a list and follow up emails some from MOBE done for you, some my own some professional bought in.
      Results very few opens even less click through.
      Duplication of this method has not worked for me!
      Time to choose a different way of doing things. No use continueing doing the same and getting the same results. No sales in the last six months.

  3. Hi Rizvan,

    Good tips here. It comes down to being authentic and more key, to be clear on the strategy that you use to help your list subscribers.

    Many folks try to copy clear, established pros and wonder why they struggle. Truth is, what the top guys and gals do may not work for you if they used advanced strategies or more importantly, certain words and promises that they feel clear on. Some newbies are clear and get some nice click rates based on using these titles. Other folks are not clear at all and slam into struggle after struggle.

    My highest clicks occur when I add humor or intrigue into a title. Funny rocks. People love funny. But I only do this here and there because I do not want to force things, and trying or putting in tons of effort just to sound funny would result in me falling flat on my email subject line face.

    Instead I just employ clear, simple email subject lines that consistently get some action. Nice click rate. More importantly I just solve my reader problems. Take today’s email: 7 Tips to Target Your Blog Readers. Simple, clear and easy to understand, folks know what the email pertains to and also know how the title benefits them. Many bloggers do a poor job targeting their blog readership and wonder why they get little traffic, or why they get tons of traffic but have a small list, or make little dough through their blogs. I helped solve that problem through my blog post and of course, via the email subject line I made a clear, helpful promise. Good strategy for boosting click rates.

    But those funnies work well too. I cannot recall the specific subject line but many years ago when I check metrics frequently I saw astronomical open rates on one email. The title was funny, clear and clever. People dug it. Like noted though; these seem to work well for me here and there when I feel inspired to cover such topics, or to inject humor into my posts. Other than that I am better going with clear and basic, and incredibly simple, to grow my audience and of course to serve my email subscribers.

    Excellent tips here Rizvan. Being authentic is the A1 tip I can offer. Remember that John and other high level pros have earned the 7 figures so as a newbie, you will probably feel highly uncomfortable using such subject lines until you have genuinely made the 7 figures yourself. Steer clear of these claims unless you feel good about sharing someone else’s strategy. This helps you maintain authenticity which is incredibly important as you build your online business from a genuine space.

    Thanks for sharing.


  4. ZM says:

    I’ve missed many of the your posts. I need a lot of time to digest them.

  5. Your part 2 is of email marketing subject line series. I want more know Email marketing how can I struggle with email marketing company

  6. This is very important to copywriters as well. Drafting a highly converting headline that will guarantee clicking and increase ctr is very crucial but so difficult. It worth a lesson.

    Thanks and looking forward for the third part of it!

  7. Nice piece,

    Have you tried using Aweber before?
    if Yes, hope it was worth it?

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