Proxies From All Over the World

The beauty of the dot com lifestyle is that you are able to run your business from anywhere you have an Internet connection. John Chow, for example, is currently hunting pandas in Shanghai. That said, there are still some limitations to running an online business that you may want to consider.

With affiliate marketing, you may find that there are certain offers that are only available to people in a certain country. Maybe the offer is only available in Canada or the United Kingdom, and you happen to find yourself in Tucson, Arizona. What is an affiliate marketer to do? WorldProxy202 makes the process insanely easy, letting you pretend that you are working from somewhere else in the world.

Proxies From Around the World at Your Fingertips

Using the WorldProxy202 service is remarkably easy and straightforward. The idea is that they have set up various proxies around the world, so even if you find yourself in Australia, Russia, or Peru, you can still see the same Google AdSense ads (for example) that you would if you were viewing a webpage in your home in Vancouver, New York, or Tulsa. This is particularly valuable for Internet marketers who live outside the major markets in Canada and the United States.

There is no registration needed. All you do is go to the proxy website and click on your country of choice. You are then presented with an address bar where you can enter whatever URL that you’d like to view “from” that country. Everything is directed through the WorldProxy202 server, but they say that they do not track any of your surfing habits.

Aside from providing the proxy, WorldProxy202 also offers a good number of surfing options. These are represented by a series of checkboxes, letting you do things like remove client-side scripting, allow cookies to be stored, show images on browsed pages, and strip meta information tags from pages.

Well, Not All Around the World

As nice as it would be to have a proxy set up in every country around the globe, WorldProxy202 isn’t quite at that level just yet. At this time, they only have proxies set up in Canada, USA, and the United Kingdom. More countries will be added as the service grows.

The naming of the proxies does not get any more specific than this. It would be nice to be able to select from various proxies within each country and I hope that WorldProxy202 offers this level of functionality at some point in the future. As it stands, the goal of WorldProxy202 is just to provide enough country-level proxies for affiliate marketers to see offers that they may not otherwise be able to see. If you want to suggest another country, you can send your request via email.

Get The Toolbar

As convenient as WorldProxy202 may be, it can be a bit of a pain to have to go to their website every time you need to use a proxy. That’s why they’ve got a toolbar download too.

The toolbar works in exactly the same way as the on-site proxy works. The country of your proxy is selected from a pull-down menu and after entering your chosen URL, you are presented with the same top section of the webpage for setting your options. These options are the same as before, so you can disable Javascript, disallow cookies, and so on. The toolbar is currently only available for Firefox users. There’s no mention of an IE version on the site.

The Best Things in Life Are Free

For those of you interested in living the dot com lifestyle, a service like WorldProxy202 could prove to be absolutely invaluable. The proxies let you see the webpages as they would appear in at least three different countries, opening up some monetization methods that may not have been made available to you otherwise.

Oh, and the reason why the WorldProxy202 branding seems familiar is because it comes from the same people that developed Tracking202 and Prosper202. Like their previous two offerings, WorldProxy202 is 100% free as well.

42 thoughts on “Proxies From All Over the World”

  1. Great Review Michael 🙂

    It looks like a great resource too as well as being useful to check geo-targetting it working effectively :mrgreen:

  2. Very nice, not so sure how much I’ll actually be using it but I can tell it’ll be pretty popular. Proxies FTW!!!!!

    1. Geo-Targetting >> One possible use.

      1. I can think of all sorts of uses for proxies… 👿

        1. Terry Tay says:

          Are some of those uses Good? 😀
          Are some of those uses Evil ? 😈

          Hey John, if you’re reading this and you’re not too busy enjoying the sites, sounds and food in China, are you using this proxy while in China?

          1. Syed Balkhi says:

            I don’t think he is because if he is than he will be killing that proxy server …..

  3. Cronus says:

    Ehhh…. as a webmaster I say down with proxies. But my alterego(codenamed Sunorc) loves this service very much. Although if it gets too big, sites will just block it, I’m actually adding it to my blocked list already since everyone from here is now going to use it(lol).

    Proxies are good and bad. Good for cheaters, bad for webmasters. All in all it just hurts the webmaster in any scenario, those affiliate campaigns are meant for one region for a reason, and this hurts those reasons dearly.

    Anyone who says they use it for “security reasons” is nuts. If someone wants to track you down, a simple proxy won’t stop them so don’t waste the extra clicks.

    1. You clearly aren’t seeing the benefits i.e. Geo-Targetting for instance.

      This is a great resource to use, not to block already.

      1. Cronus says:

        I still stand by my post. It has done more harm then good to me so far.

        1. I am going to have to agree. Proxies merely open up a huge window for malicious activities.

    2. Sha says:

      Yeah, as a fellow webmaster, I can see how proxies would be a problem. Or should I say problems…

  4. this can be useful in countries where internet censorship is in effect

    1. Yah China uses proxies as the major means for accessing most websites.

  5. Seems no ads. This is very useful to me.

    1. Syed Balkhi says:

      I wonder for how long…

  6. Mike Huang says:

    Proxies eh…maybe now everyone could use this to cheat the voting system for “Top Affiliate Challenge” ❗

    As if the voting system isn’t being cheated already…


  7. Ronald Su says:

    my experiences with proxies are usually bad. they are slow and most of the time not working at all. hopefully this one works like it says

    1. A lot of them are also loaded with ads as well which is annoying.

  8. spidro says:

    proxies are great but proxies cant give you Geo-Targeting benefits , a VPN connection can do the trick although it cost little not like proxies are for free

  9. Tim says:

    Yeah.. I just wonder how ethical this is?

    1. Thiago Prado says:

      In my opinion that’s now ethical use proxy because most of them hide your real IP and use a fake one.
      Many people use proxy servers to access pages blocked by websense and other services. Schools are very pissed with proxy sites because a lot of students use them to access violence and pornography.

    2. Steven says:

      Much like the argument of the gun, it depends on the user, not the weapon. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. The service is meant to be a means of seeing affiliate offers as mentioned in the post, not a means to be used for malicious attacks even though some will see it as that but then again, that goes back to the users responsibility, not the service.

  10. Bash Bosh says:

    Hi John,
    Thank you for sharing this with us! Really great review… By the way, I like and use Proxy sites a lot 🙂

  11. jeflin says:

    For me, I am ok with using proxies but there are ethical issues especially if the person conducts illegal activities like preying on children, drugs, terrorism or spreading spywares.

    1. I agree. Proxies are good when used in ethical methods. I occasionally will use a proxy to connect to a website if the network I am on is slower than the Proxy’s, but many others use proxies to hack, prey on children, etc. I think the ends do not justify the means for proxies. I can surf a bit slower if it means making the internet a safer place.

  12. Flimjo says:

    Quite a brilliant idea. This solves A LOT of problems for affiliate marketers. It’s a niche that is totally untapped.

    1. Paul B says:

      What? There are thousands of proxy services out there. In fact there are plenty of free scripts that you can use to setup on your own hosting.

      1. Steven says:

        Ah but none targetted specifically for affiliate marketing lol

  13. Paul B says:

    Just be careful what you use a proxy for. Using it for example to log into an ad network means that somebody else (whoever owns the proxy) has access to your auth details! A proxy is a huge security risk. The only time I’d ever use a proxy if for accessing sites that are banned from a network. There are much simpler ways of finding out for example what American visitors see when searching Google etc

  14. Proxies are nothing new. Quite frankly I am against them, because they make everything easier for illegitimate use of the internet, and harder for us honest webmasters. The internet would be a safer place without proxies.

  15. Wade says:

    Proxies are great, and I understand why they don’t show you a list to choose from. They want to keep the list of proxies out of the hands of hackers/crackers. I used to “proxy hunt”, and post proxies on popular boards. The downside to proxies can be speed. Downloads and page loads can suffer from an over loaded proxy. Hopefully they don’t get exploited and have to shut down. Get tons of crackers hitting their proxies and it would cause havok.

    Shudogg Dot Com – Make Money Online Blogging

    1. Wes Mahler says:

      Thanks Wade,
      Its an international proxy site, it’s targeted towards international affiliate offers, so they can easily view country specific offers which are blocked from their IPs.

  16. Noobpreneur says:


    Thakns for the great post 🙂

    Proxy – how would you differentiate worldproxy202 from the rest? What does it have that others don’t? I asked this because there are tons of proxies on the Net today.

  17. Thanks for sharing this proxy. I like using them mainly to see how visitors from other countries see ads on my sites. (Ones that are geo targeted) So I find this one with a toolbar option quite handy. Again thanks for sharing.

  18. Felex Tan says:

    Dot com lifestyle is great if really make money online.It is just another kind of business that we should be patient and put effort as much as we can .I have been a loyal readers of John Chow since last year,i have learned a lot of strategies from John Chow,thank you very much.

  19. Pradeep says:

    This site is as cool as John’s articles 😉

    now i can see what my US or UK reader see in google ads 😛

  20. I can’t get Adsense ads working true proxy ?!?

  21. Zak Show says:

    Good review but i don’t like to use proxies a lot. They crash !

  22. Sha says:

    The real annoying thing about proxies are the people that use them for malicious reasons. It’s also extremely annoying when you IP ban someone from your site & they keep coming back through different IPs.

  23. Iman says:

    I just use it works so nice, and no ads

  24. I have heard of people getting their adsense ads clicked by using different proxies which is extremely illegal & google often traces them & block their ids….

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