Publisher Spot – Taking The Ad Network List To New Heights

Back before this blog became famous, I published a list of 130 advertising networks other than Google AdSense. The list was the work of a fellow tech site owner. The list was to be part of a new webmaster resource site that would feature discussions and ratings on the listed advertising companies. However, the site never came about because my friend never got around to doing it. I promise I would plug the site if he ever made it but since he didn’t, Tyler Cruz stepped in.

Publisher Spot – Professional Reviews Of Ad Networks

Being an Internet entrepreneur, and a fellow British Columbian, Tyler can recognize an opportunity when he sees one. A big list of ad networks is great, but a place to rate and discuss these networks is even better. So Tyler launched Publisher Spot, a site that offers professional reviews of ad networks. I know this concept will work because I am asked all the time what networks I run or recommend. This is why I created my make money page.

Publisher Spot is like a ResellerRating for ad networks. The site is publisher supported in the sense that publishers submit all reviews. After a review is posted, readers and other publishers can vote on it. The top 10 highest rated ad network are listed on the right sidebar. Reviews can be browsed by rating and date. You can also search for an ad network based on rating, category, ad creative, and features (like a referral program or PayPal payment).

Make Money With Publisher Spot

At the moment, Publisher Spot has a grand total of 10 reviews. Not a lot in light of the 130 ad network list. This is where you come in. Tyler needs webmasters to help him reviews all those remaining ad networks. And, he’ll pay you to do it.

I’m paying $50 if the review doesn’t need any editing, and $40 if it does. Write me 10 reviews, and that’s already $500. Adds up quick, doesn’t it? However, I’m only looking for top quality reviews; read some of the current ones on the site to see what I’m looking for.

Michael Kwan just wrote a post on making money online with someone else’s blog. Well, here’s a way to make money online with someone else’s site. If you belong to an ad network that hasn’t been reviewed yet, then why not ask Tyler if you can review it? If he accepts your offer, you’ll make money and help out a lot of fellow webmasters.

What does Tyler get out of this? Money of course. Most ad networks offer an affiliate program where they will pay you if you refer a new publisher to them. All the links on Publisher spot will carry Tyler’s affiliate link. Other than the affiliate links, Tyler tells me he will keep the site ad free (but you might see a “Featured Network” area in the future).

Publisher Spot is pretty much what I had in mind with my friend who made the list of ad networks. However, since he has fallen off the face of the earth, Tyler now has my support. I wish him the best of luck with it. I may even submit a few reviews.

Feedback Needed

Tyler would love to hear from you on how he can make Publisher Spot a better site. My first recommendation would be to make a review submission form. A comment system so other webmasters can comment on the network/review would also be nice. What do you think?

44 thoughts on “Publisher Spot – Taking The Ad Network List To New Heights”

  1. I like the concept. Adding Web 2.0 innovation ie., community voting/community news onto an established model of affiliate program directory listings. Congrats, Tyler and John 🙂

    1. Court says:

      I agree, that’s a very good idea and I think I’ll definitely use it. Maybe in the future it could be divided into categories, too. Sometimes one program is great for one type of site, and terrible for another.

  2. Pretty cool idea.

    I see AdBrite is already taken.

    I’m too sleepy to review much with any lucidness right now anyway. It’s 12:22 a.m.

    But, I just want to be one of the first to comment.

    1. max says:

      Yes this is kinda pointless comment but yes it does help you get on the commenter’s list… 😆

  3. Ronaldo says:

    I had a review published, the Agloco review. This one was not paid, instead Tyler signed up as my referral (which means he is also part of John’s network).

    For webmasters who are also publishers, that’s a nice way to make some money.

    1. Dave says:

      So you won his contest eh? 🙂

      1. Ronaldo says:

        I did. Hopefully it will be worth more than $50 🙂

        1. Dave says:

          It all depends on how much Tyler promotes ALGOCO 🙂

  4. Talking about affiliate networks and programs, anyone know of any affiliate program that provides the following:

    1) Free hosted content
    2) Free promotions tools
    3) Dedicated staffer to help you with your promo activities?

    These are features that many adult programs have. I don’t see that many mainstream affiliate programs offering these (and dozens of other AM innovations pioneered by adult programs).

  5. MP says:

    lol, another site like mine.

    good job boys!

    1. Marc says:

      If you’re referring to the site your name links to, Tyler’s site is quite a bit better.

      1. jem5 says:

        hmmm…you may want to think about making yours more like Publisher Spot…I didn’t really get meaningful info from the picks you had.

  6. max says:

    I’d really recommend addin’ a wiki such as MediaWiki that Wikipedia uses. The content should include all kinds of information that users can update for the topic. By having a community be part of your business will help you get some feedback much quickly… 👿

    I think there’s a big market for any niche wikis… 👿

    1. J.B.Slife says:

      Why have a niche wiki when Wikipedia already has everything from my niche? ❓

  7. Cade says:

    I think that this is a great idea. I am always looking for more options to be able to build my income through advertising networks. Multiple streams of income baby!

  8. problem with wiki’s is building the community. your basic user is too lazy to actually help update it.

    1. Marc says:

      Agreed. You only end up with one or two motivated authors that will bother doing something worthwhile. The rest is usually people making silly edits.

      1. unless of course you have a ton of followers that you would have more authors contributing.. but in the general case I would agree – usually one or two dedicated authors.

    2. Court says:

      Either too lazy or too smart, maybe they would rather spend time on their own wiki. 😈

  9. Tyler Cruz says:

    Thanks guys. We plan on adding around 1 new review per ad network per week. We take our time since we really investigate the site, test their support, ask them questions, and generally research the ad network before writing about them.

    So in the futre you should be able to take better advantage of our search feature, and return a list of the top ad networks that pay via PayPal and allow forum sites, for example.

    1. Marc says:

      Tyler, I’d just like to congratulate you on a top notch site. I really like it. Allowing people to vote for their favourite programs is great since I always like to know how other people feel about a program before I dive in.

      I realise that everyone’s mileage varies with most ad networks, but when there are enough people voting, you can get a pretty decent idea of the public sentiment.

      1. torrentz says:


    2. I like the concept of the site, but right now the reviews just seem to be regurgitations of information I could find on the systems’ sites. There’s some benefit of having that information all in one place, but is there any chance additional reviews could be written for the services by people who have actually used and profited (or tried to profit) from them?

      I’ve been using AuctionAds for the past six weeks and have made a little money from them, and I’d love to share the experience. But there’s already a review for it, and it has no information on what kind of money publishers can expect from it.

      1. Tyler Cruz says:

        We’ve purposely tried to make the reviews as objective as possible; I wanted to steer away from more subjective reveiws as different publishers may have different experiences.

        That being said, I have indeed contemplated adding a commenting system, however.

  10. I like this concept a lot — thanks John. It gives people more insight on the available ad tools out there; it’s pure evil genius. I say more power to Publisher Spot then.

    1. Dave says:

      Yup, brilliant idea. Kudos to Tyler for developing this site. Wish I would have thought of it first 🙂

  11. Eric says:

    I think the sight is great… there are a few others like it out there, but this site promises to be very useful to novices on the web in the future. I don’t really understand the ranking of the programs with percentages though… kind of confusing. Great idea though,

    Got Cash?

    1. Tyler Cruz says:

      I hope we are useful to more than just novices, but experienced webmasters too!

      I think if you keep an eye on us you will find us a very valuable resource. That’s the hope anyway.

  12. Mubin says:

    This site is going to be a great little earner for tyler im sure.

    1. Sure thing. Seems to be a good idea.

  13. I agree with everyone completely; Publisher Spot is just brimming with unbridled potential. 🙂

    1. Mubin says:

      What better way than to get free advertising on JohnChow?

      1. I know; it’s pure genius…living up to John’s evil philosophies LOL.

      2. Tyler Cruz says:

        $300 ain’t free 😉

        If this is how he treats his friends, imagine how he treats his enemies! Evil!

  14. Publisher Spot looks very handy. I will definitely be checking out some of the reviews there.

  15. Marc says:

    The $50 pay for a review is nice too. It won’t break his bank but will still catch the eye of some good writers. Reaching out to good writers is a great way to keep the website rolling and keep it fresh.

  16. Talking about before you were famous have you checked out the old at you haven’t changed a bit 😀

  17. Peter Koning says:

    Nice Job Tyler – I like the user submitted rating feature and will add that to my site for comparing affiliate software and affiliate networks.

    Some overlap between us but that’s cool.


  18. Most definitely, the user’s rating feature will help determine the best possible ad network for individual sites.

  19. pretty good idea bro

  20. Hey John!! i see a PR update for your website..homepage is now 6. congrats!!!

    1. Court says:

      Where are you seeing PR6? I’m seeing PR4 still across all data centers.

  21. Harry L says:

    There is a lot of potential in this. There are so many programs out there this can be useful to narrow down what is right for your particular niche.

  22. Way too many networks man! I can only handle AdSense right now! Looking to incorporate TLA when possible.

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