PublisherRev Spring Affiliate Contest

One of our newest blog sponsors, PublisherRev is holding an awesome Spring Affiliate Contest to give away some great prizes, including the much desired Apple iPad. PublisherRev is a CPA affiliate network that was started in August of 2008. They have a huge selection of games, downloads, dating and international campaigns.

Contest Details

Contest Date: April 1 – May 31
1st Place: Apple iPad 16 GB WiFi or $500
2nd Place: Sony Playstation 3 120GB Slim or $300
3rd Place: Flip Ultra HD or $200

How it Works:

The top 3 publishers with the most incremental revenue will receive the prize listed above. Commissions from February 1 – March 31 will be compared against commissions from April 1 – May 31. The difference is your incremental revenue. For example, if you did $10,000 revenue from Feb-Mar and did $15,000 from April-May, the incremental revenue for contest ranking would be $5000. If you just signed up for PublisherRev and did no revenue from Feb-Mar, all your revenue from April-May counts towards the contest! That puts you on a level playing field against the Super Affiliates!

PublisherRev Spring Affiliate Contest Top 10 rankings will be posted on the main page when you log in. Rankings will be anonymous – ranked publishers will be notified what their alias is for the contest standings.

The fine print:

Commissions returned for fraud will not be counted towards the contest. Any publishers found using fraudulent/illegal activity including but not limited to submitting false leads, spamming Email/Craigslist/Facebook will be terminated without commissions and will not be eligible for the contest.

Even if you don’t think you can win the contest, you should sign up for PublisherRev anyway. They do have a bunch of nice offers (some with payouts as high as $50 per signup) that can make you good money if you promote them right.

PublisherRev Spring Affiliate Contest

13 thoughts on “PublisherRev Spring Affiliate Contest”

  1. Thanks for the heads up. Will add this network to my list of affiliate networks to sign up for.

    1. Took the words out of my mouth. Thanks John!

  2. Luke says:

    Looks like a cool contest. Can someone post the current rankings? I wonder how high of earnings you’ll have to hit to win.

  3. What a great contest I hope I win!!!

  4. A very timely post and contest with all the affiliate experiment posts that have been published 🙂

  5. Very nice. Lovely prizes

  6. S Ahsan says:

    Got into CPA which i should have done long time ago. and loving it :).. thanks for the heads up on the publisherRev, cheers

  7. I just noticed the fine print…dev a must to include…so much fraud going on out there…

  8. d3so says:

    I feel reluctant to enter because I’m a noob affiliate and I bet a bunch of super affiliates will own this contest.
    Anyone out there willing to teach me Aff marketing?

  9. fas says:

    No ipod touch give aways not only ipads.

  10. “spamming Email/Craigslist/Facebook will be terminated without commissions” and will be dragged out into the street and shot. I can’t wait until the have contests for “most improved affiliate” so the new guys have a chance. 🙂


  11. Thanks for letting me know, I’ll keep this in mind.

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