PublisherSpot’s Official Launch

After being in incubation for the past few months, fellow BC resident, Tyler Cruz, has finally and officially launched Publisher Spot. There’s even an official Yahoo! news piece on it.

The Concept

Publisher Spot started of as an idea to create a better advertising list. Way back in October of 2006, I created a list of 130 advertising networks other than Google AdSense. The list was just that – one big list. It wasn’t searchable and didn’t offer any information on the networks in question. Readers loved the list but they wanted to know how those networks perform, how they pay, when they pay, etc.

Improved Searches

The last time I looked at Publisher Spot, it didn’t have anywhere near the features it has now. Web publishers can now browse ad networks based on rating, category, minimum payment, payment frequency, payment method, types of creatives and features. There is also the top overall network, top ad network and top affiliate network list on the sidebar. The ratings are based on reader votes. It’s interesting to note that Google is at 10th place in the overall networks and isn’t on the top ad network list.

More Reviews Coming

Publisher Spot’s weakness is still the amount of reviews – only 19 ad network has been reviewed so far. Tyler promises more reviews are on the way. It would have been easy to review a hundred networks by writing quick-and-dirty summaries without much thought, but Tyler wants professional level reviews. All reviews on Publisher Spot are either written by Tyler or by paid writers.

On the good news side, Tyler has wisely chosen to review the more popular networks first. Eventually, Tyler’s goal is to have reviews of ever single network in my original list. When that is achieved, Publisher Spot will become an extremely valuable resource for web publishers looking to monetize their sites. It’s actually pretty valuable right now.

I believe Tyler is looking for more publishers to review more ad networks. If you’re using an ad network that hasn’t been reviewed yet, give Tyler shout. He may ask you to review it and if he does, he’ll pay you for it.

*Update – Tyler just told me he is no longer looking for writers.