Quality Over Quantity – Lost Over 200 BlogRush Blogs

BlogRush has finished cleaning their network of undesirable blogs and I’ve lost over 200 blogs in my network alone.

We just completed our Quality Control audit. You will now notice that all non-English, spam, and low quality blogs (or others that didn’t meet all of our guidelines) are GONE from appearing in your widget. We removed over 10,000 blogs from our network.

Over 10,000 blogs removed! Man, that’s just nuts. All this could have been avoided if BlogRush had some kind of minimum entrance requirements and manual checks in place. However, this “accept anyone and everyone” business model seems to be the norm today. In order to build a big a network as possible, many ad networks will have absolutely no entrance requirements. I don’t believe in that. If you let in every site without a quality check, you’re just asking for trouble and that’s what happen to BlogRush. I can see this happening to some ad networks as well.

For example, WidgetBucks just announced that they’re canceling all Non English blogs. All this could have been avoided if they had just concentrated on quality instead quantity. Now, they have a bunch of pissed off Non English sites that gave them clicks but won’t ever be paid because they didn’t hit the $50 payout limit.

One of the main reasons TTZ Media has minimum requirements and manual checking on all sites is because we want to maintain quality. The quality of a network is determined by the quality of the sites in the network. If all the sites in it are junk, so is the network.

The removal of over 200 blogs from my BlogRush network had an effect on my network credits. I was getting almost 150,000 credits per day. It’s now down to about 100,000 per day. However, traffic quality should increase tremendously. How many blogs, if any, did you lose in your BlogRush network?

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  1. Cameron says:

    “….200 blogs in my network alone.” Which brings me to my question, how many blog do you actually have in your network.

  2. I agree, either put some good code in place to filter out those bad blogs OR manually accept blog in the first place. That’s the first thing you gotta do really these days…

    1. Jack says:

      so because I got approved by TTZmedia, that means my blog is good quality enough rite? cool! 😎

  3. lyricsreg says:

    Yeah … I know … I got the mail 🙂
    No hard feelings … my site doesn’t pass for a blog anyway

    1. akmal says:

      My blog one from the over 10000 rejected blog… 😥
      That’s my fault, using dupe content and adult content… 😆
      Just a newbies and still lot to learn…I’m struggling my way to be as best as John…

    2. Rico says:

      Luckily I semm to have made the cut!!!!! 😛

    3. Oh i received the email and they had not removed my blog from the network, a pitty tho I had removed their widget a while ago.

      Lets just hope it is enough of those shocking emails from blogrush from now on. Btw John, with that number of credits, how much traffic daily do you receive from widget.blogrush.com ? (if it is not a secret).

  4. 360gamr says:

    Weird, for a free service I thought they might want to keep clients rather than chasing them away. Don’t think my gaming site has been affected, haven’t checked my mail lately though :mrgreen:

  5. healthsky says:

    😈 I’ve been gived up its.

    1. Jason says:

      Yea what you said. 😀

  6. The Foo says:

    I agree, having a criteria would have saved them a lot of time but I guess they wanted the influx of traffic and subscribers on their network and worried about that part later.

    Just wondering how blogrush is doing for you. Curious to know how much of those 100,000 credits actually translate to someone click on it and coming here. Just wondering whether it was worth the effort putting the widget up on a blog. I see that you (and shoemoney) still have it but I have noticed a lot that have taken it down.

  7. Yeah 10,000 is a crapload

  8. I lost 0 because I had none :mrgreen:

    I have my own blog directory with an affiliate program and I, too, am selective. I’m going with quality vs quantity because I don’t want “dead” blogs in it.

    1. Dead? I never knew it was sick! :mrgreen:

  9. Karthik says:

    That’s so sad John!
    I must be doing something right that I haven’t lost any of the 0 blogs that signed up under me! 😉

    1. akmal says:

      You can be a sifu…there is a lot to learn..

  10. Speaking of Blog Rush, I accidentally added my blog too many times so now I have 4 blogs the same. I want to delete the other three. I don’t know how. I emailed Blog Rush support 2 times and they did not respond. What can I do?

  11. warzone says:

    Are you starting to find out that blogrush is nothing but a big bad piece of crappy advertisement which sucks. They will never deliver what they promise.

    1. Wayne Liew says:

      They are nothing but something like AdGridWork which was launched last year. It is just that their widget is nicer. :mrgreen:

  12. Domtan says:

    They didn’t have a minimum requirement installed because they needed the initial traffic and subscribers when they began.

  13. rockerdish says:

    blogrush is just a wastaige i think …..

    over a period of 2 months i got just 1 visitor that too i think by luck………… you may be knowing that no one clicks on blogrush widget………….

    recently they sent me a mail saying your blog has passed the new guidlines bla-bla……. does this mean i should rejoice???
    maybe not

    1. The Foo says:

      i think JC has some kind of arrangement with them (where he gets some compensation for having it on his blog) and not disclosing. being abandoned by so many people for bad traffic, JC and Shoemoney are I think the only (top bloggers) still having it — so there must be more to it that just traffic i.e there is some compensation involve. AND you know JC won’t leave a crappy affiliate program on his blog if it didn’t make any money.

  14. Wayne Liew says:

    Maybe they have jump into this without proper planning and they are starting to see themselves losing money or their quality drops.

    At this time they only realise that something should be done. Anyway, it is god that they realise now though. Some ad platforms just died off because they don’t know their mistakes.

  15. Ritu says:

    none, just tired of all the changes that goes through BR every week. I am staying away 😉

    1. Nick says:

      What do you mean all the changes? From my perspective, I have seen nothing change for about a month or so. The “dashboard” is still showing an update underway message promising the new system by the end of the week. Just more empty promises from the creators of BlogRush.

  16. weird enough!
    “non-English, spam, and low quality blogs”
    non english sites at the same level as spam and low quality blogs!
    You too, my dear John, seems to associate non-english blogs to low quality blogs!
    That isn’t just true! Different target, well…. but it has nothing to do with quality!

  17. Michael says:

    I agree that this big headache they face could all have been avoiding by doing better work up-front.

    I didn’t realize that WidgetBucks cut off non-English users — that’s a real kick to the groin.

  18. colbert low says:

    150,000 credits per day. wow. Thats a log of Traffic. I only get 22,158 in the last 7 days. I wish I had a successful blog like yours. Keep it going!

  19. nickycakes says:

    blogrush sucked anyway. the only people who still use it are people who don’t check where their traffic comes from to see the 0 hits they get from blogrush and buddies of the developer.

  20. Thiru says:

    I was cautious in not trying BlogRush, as I had few bad experiences with such traffic driving services. Glad, Blogrush sucked!

  21. Yep I was one, still don’t understand why, I posted about it made an offer in the post and life goes on. Speaking of which John I wrote to you weeks ago about supplementing you prize fund , no response. Whats up?

  22. Everydayhero says:

    I disagree, for a company to grow so large, they need to accept everyone to get the word out at first. Without the little insignificants to spread their name and write about them, they never would have gotten the quality client base that they kept… I’m sorta going through the same problem right now getting my business started. Especially with bloggers; You have to work your way from the bottom up.

  23. Kopernik says:

    😉 It is not most big worries for you. Isn’t it John?

  24. I didn’t lose too many. My network wasn’t that big to begin with.

  25. NIck says:

    I haven’t seen many postitive effects coming from Blogrush. Does it really send you any traffic?
    Click for Nick… Why Not?

  26. Akhilan says:

    As well, not impressed with click thru rates of BlogRush widget, it’s as if a piece of crap occupying some space in the sidebar, that’s all.

  27. Chad says:

    They kept my blog, though I’m not sure I’m going to keep them. Talk about an example of how NOT to do a sucessfull product launch!

  28. James Wilcox says:

    I didn’t lose anything…Blogrush decided I have a quality blog for whatever reason…and I get about 100 credits per day. There’s money to be made from Blogrush? I thought it was just a link exchange machine.

  29. goldfries says:

    Blogrush sucked when it comes to execution. The upgrade is still in progress despite being a month now.

    I properly done upgrade should’ve been done on a seperate server so as not to disrupt usage. Then announce upcoming upgrade, take a 1 to 24 hour downtime to upgrade and that’s it.

    1 month for upgrade is ridiculous.

  30. Frank C says:

    The trained monkeys BlogRush hired to do the 2 second evaluations told a lot of good blogs, including John Cow, that they “didn’t meet quality standards” while a lot of spammy sites, such several with only zip/email affiliate offer posts, stayed in the system. BlogRush doesn’t meet my quality standards.

  31. My blog was banned from BlogRush and I don’t understand why because I more than meet their requirements. They claim that may have made mistakes removing quality blogs, but they were reviewing them manually. How can a manual review of a good blog have it flagged as poor quality, unless the reviewer is incompetent?

    Needless to say, they’ve made many quality bloggers angry and now there are hundreds of posts attacking BlogRush. I never received much traffic through them so they were a waste of time. I gave them enough free advertising on my blog.

  32. Donna Becker says:

    I received an email from blogrush telling me that my blog http://www.extracasheachmonth.com past the cut and they felt it had good information than 2 days later I could not find there widget on my blog, so what do you make of this? I will not reapply because I feel like they are a scam. Its like someone welcoming you to their house with open arms then once you arrive and sit down to dinner they start screaming 😡 at you to GET OUT! So in my opinion Blogrush Sucks!

  33. goldfries says:

    It’s been a month now, promises and all but it’s just like saying “I’m Coming” but never came.

    The only reason I put BR back is to see how it goes.

  34. Vivienne says:

    I lost 2 of the 7 blogs in my referral network. I don’t care about that because I want the feeds to be good quality. What is annoying, though, is BlogRush’s empty promises. They’re like that flakey friend we all have. You don’t want to give up on them, but they keep leading you on with promises and messing up. How long has it been since the “REALLY BIG changes rolling out this week” email? I think about 2 weeks now. And that was after the quality control audit. Even their dorky dashboard continues to show the same announcement about amazing updates coming soon. Blah. You can only yank your subscribers so many times before they call foul. 😡

  35. Domtan says:

    It’s strange that the number is 10,000. Not 10,001 or 9,999. It just happens to be exactly 10,000 low quality blogs out there.

  36. Deborah Dera says:

    BlogRush is getting a ton of negative attention; but you know what they say, no press is bad press. My blog apparently made the cut, but I look at my widget daily and the same 10 blogs show (constantly, with the same entry). I guess I need to check what channels/networks I’m in.

  37. JoeTech.com says:

    It appears that I made the cut. I thought they would drop me for sure after I removed the widget and posted this:

    I’m not saying that I think they WOULD out of spite, but rather that they should have if they were dropping blogs that are not helping make the network better. I think that they are continuing to not think everything through properly and they’ll be pretty much forgotten and out of business by next summer.

  38. goldfries says:

    Domtan, they mention 10,000+ 🙂

    Here’s an excerpt from the E-mail from BR

    An Important BlogRush News Update…

    – Congratulations!
    – 10,000+ Blogs Removed From BlogRush
    – Phase 2 Being Deployed
    – Busy Week Ahead!


    You are receiving this update because your blog has passed our strict
    Quality Guidelines and criteria — we believe you have a high-quality
    blog and we are happy you’re a member of our network!

  39. I’ve lost none, I was banned weeks ago I because I blogged about how to cheat their old system! Now the traffic might have some qulaity I might go for another account and try again.

    1. I wonders about going for BlogRush again but it seems all you get it very little traffic in return for massive SEO you give them…

  40. eSeduce says:

    I have a blog called eSeduce.com related to seduction, dating, being a pick up artist and generally helping men become better with women. It amazes me how many similar sites in the field had BlogRush widgets on them days after JohnChow made a post about them.

    I decided against it and am glad so far. I can use the space for more effective monetization and promotion purposes. Most of the links I see are to sites with very little in common to the site the widget is on. If there was a way of narrowing your network down to a more targeted topic area it might be more tempting. Is there such a feature and the bloggers I have visited are just not using it?

    1. Jason says:

      Your Blog sounds like something I could use. :mrgreen:

  41. Ginene says:

    I passed! Alot of blogs were reviewed within 2 weeks and some were rejected in error. A few bloggers have contacted support and their rejection was overturned.

  42. Nick says:

    I didn’t lose any out of my network :D….oh wait, I didn’t have any to begin with 🙁

  43. My main blog was on how to market your business on the internet for free. This is a blog I’ve worked on for over a year, I wrote most of the content, and I worked very hard on it. It was deleted. I won’t be using Blog Rush anymore. Most of my sites are blogs now, and I can get more traffic from Technorati and My Blog Log. What I want to see here is John Reece compete against My Blog Log. My Blog Log is now owned by Yahoo. 😉

    Sorry you got screwed. Love your blog. I’m definitely a fan. Jinger

  44. goldfries says:

    His name is Reese. 🙂

    Anyway, I think BlogRush screwed up badly. Lousy upgrade procedures and pissing users off within a month and not long after launch, certainly not a good thing.

    1. Jason says:

      You got that right. I’m like 2 minutes from dropping them. Not giving me any traffic anyway

  45. I agree, they should have waited at least 6 months before pulling that, but I’m sure they have their reasons for doing it as soon as they did.

  46. Blog rush is following the current trend of antagonizing the community by taking unilateral action. They will pay for it.

  47. Tony Smith says:

    I was wondering why Blog Rush vanished on one of my blogs. Now I know!

  48. Sorry for the misspell. I never can remember how to spell his name.

    Google did the same thing with Google Adsense. This is nothing new. 10,000 blogs just seems like a lot to me, and I can’t believe that there were that many blogs removed. I know I received several notices saying that Blog Rush would be manually checking blogs, but I didn’t see any problem with mine so I didn’t worry about it.

    Anyway, I looked at my traffic stats, and I wasn’t getting what I needed from it, so it’s time to try something else. I still want to see John go up against My Blog Log and Yahoo. LOL.


    1. Bujes says:

      It is hard to believe how much spam blogs are online.

  49. Eric says:

    I lost 100% – including my own blog.

  50. Chip says:

    I’m still in. But I see this “We don’t yet have enough data for your account. Please check back soon for custom reporting.” since day one. I have a relatively new blog, but BlogRush thought it would be best to leave me where I am. I’ll just wait and see what will happen next.

  51. Bujes says:

    I didn’t lost any of my refferals, but I get more traffic from BlogRush. I think every service must have minimum requirements.

  52. I dont know if BlogRush does drive really people in. Why dont you publish some nice stats?

  53. I removed that god awful looking widget the day I installed it, And I still get traffic from Blog Rush for some weird reason.

  54. Nick says:

    They removed 10,000 blogs but I wonder how many blogs have removed themselves from the program since it’s inception. I would venture to guess that it’s probably just as many, yet no one is fussing about that.

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