Raising Money for Kenya Newport Beach Style!

There’s nothing quite like the experience of going to a charity event in Newport Beach, and I got to experience it first hand at the annual Sunset on the Serengeti Gala to raise money for Cradle To Career : Kenya. Tickets were $150 ($1,800 for a table of 12), which gets you dinner and an opportunity to network with the who’s who of Newport high society.

Cradle to Career: Kenya (C2C) is the merger of African Child Foundation and Agano with Kenya. It is the commitment to stick with every child under Fr. Henry’s care who begins as an orphan or is mired in such poverty that hope seems elusive. C2C has a commitment to every child who is driven and committed to a top-level educational experience, and who is determined to complete the circle by giving back to their country and their fellow citizens.

The fun began with sunset cocktails and a silent auction. However, things really picked up during the live auction. This is because the dollar amounts started to go through the roof. For example, the first item up for bid was a glass of tap water. The winning bid was $5,000. Good thing the money is going to charity!

14 thoughts on “Raising Money for Kenya Newport Beach Style!”

  1. Ferb says:

    Pretty nice body cameras. $150 dollars meal! men, it looks nice but it’s gonna make my stomach hurt when I finish it.

  2. faisal says:

    John in formal clothes? This has to be something serious!

    1. Nick Simard says:

      Yes indeed he is rare to find in formal dressing and the cause is serious man.

  3. Ngan Son says:

    “The fun began with sunset cocktails and a silent auction”, that is wonderful. I wish I am here kaka..

  4. Dude! Awesome job with the video. Thank you so much for coming to the event and helping raise awareness for the Cradle To Career in Kenya cause. You are definitely a damn fine person and a friend of the community.

  5. Jason James says:

    This makes me hungry

  6. Victor kim says:

    Thanks Very much, I come from Kenya. I like what you are doing.
    You and zac johnson are great people

  7. Martha says:

    Awesome night for an amazing cause!
    Thanks for your involvement.

  8. Nice to see that the money is going to charity

  9. Ambrose says:

    $5000 for a glass of water. Most people on Yahoo answers agree that a glass of water equals 250 milliliters and a milliliter equals 20 drops. Simply put one milliliter raised $20 each drop raised $1. That’s a good illustration of how thirsty my fellow Kenyans are. Hope the money helps alleviate thirst among my country men. Thanks to all who participated in this noble charity fundraising.

  10. Brandon says:

    They should have auctioned that steak. If a glass of water went for $5000, you are looking at a few million for that chunk of meat.

    Seriously though, it’s a great feeling helping someone in need.

    1. Jene Meece says:

      Auctioning off the steak is a great idea and we’ll keep it in mind for next year’s gala! We actually auctioned off a dozen cake pops that went for $600…obviously not as high end as the glass of water.

  11. Good work John.. Always good to work for charity!

  12. Jene Meece says:

    You brought a happy attitude to the Gala and for that we thank you.

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