Encore – Rapid Listbuilding For Accelerated Hypergrowth

Did you make yesterday’s webinar entitled on Rapid Listbuilding For Accelerated Hypergrowth: The 7
Most Important Tweaks You Can Make To Your Website To 3x/4x Your List In The Next 6 Months? Well, fear not. We’re doing an encore!

If you missed the boat on this webinar then tomorrow’s your lucky day because you have one more chance.

So, there’s going to be an encore of this webinar available this Saturday at…

  • 10 AM Pacific
  • 11 AM Mountain
  • 12 PM Central
  • 1 PM Eastern

Here’s what we promised you:

  • The “Rapid Listbuilding Worksheet” (download here)
  • The “Rapid Listbuilding Mindmap” (download here)
  • A 1.5 Hour Training Session (this is the webinar)

What We’ll Be Talking About During The Webinar

  • The four pages on your website should receive the bulk of your attention, energy, and focus. (If you focus on these four webpages, you can ignore almost all the others and still increase profits). This is about focus. Pay attention to these four pages and you’ll do great. Ignore them and you’re hosed.
  • The 7 most important tweaks you should be making to your website in 2013.
  • How to easily create a one-page dashboard to help you monitor the most important webpages in your business (and monitor the life of your list).

I’ll see you guys tomorrow. If you missed the first webinar, please ensure you make it to this one because we don’t have another encore scheduled.


Encore Webinar – Rapid Listbuilding For Accelerated Hypergrowth

4 thoughts on “Encore – Rapid Listbuilding For Accelerated Hypergrowth”

  1. sameer says:

    I missed out this important and i am feeling like committing crime. Sorry but surely will get back to you later.

  2. faisal says:

    because the money is in the list!

  3. Rizvan says:

    Very interesting webinar and have only watched part of it. High converting landing pages will definitely double your opt-in rates. I would recommending anyone to do as much research as possible and testing to find out what truly increasing your opt-in rate.

  4. I. C. Daniel says:

    $$$ are in the list!

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