Reading – It Does a Body Good


There’s nothing like reading a good book when the weather is cold outside (like it is now). And it’s even better when the book is free. Grace Cheng, who is currently traveling around the world, was gracious enough to give me a few more copies of her book, 7 Winning Strategies for Trading Forex, to give away.

To enter, simply reply to this post. I’ll draw a winner this Friday. You only need to reply once. Replying more than once won’t get you any more entries. However, if you blog about this and send a pingback, I’ll count that as an extra entry. Good luck.

Win a Free John Chow Review

In other contest news, there are only three day left to win a free review from John Chow dot Com. Only two more letters remains to be revealed. If you know what word the letters make, now would be a good time to guess.

107 thoughts on “Reading – It Does a Body Good”

  1. Jacob says:

    I would not mind winning this book. Happy Holidays, John. 😀

    1. Good Luck. Since your the first replier it might increase ur chances 😉

  2. Cross the River says:

    Hope I win.

    Learning a lot here (but not applying enough… bad me)

    Don’t stop!

  3. ImageGag says:

    Yeah, someone guessed Clam Chowder for the contest and I think they may be right. We’ll see soon.

  4. Ismu Surizan says:

    John, I would really love to get that book 🙄

    I want to learn forex but don’t know where to start. I believe this book will help me.

    I’m in my quest to find my 2nd biggest income beside adsense 😆

  5. A good book to read would be nice. You can never read too much.

    1. Michael Talk says:

      I think the the book should become an audiobook on Audible. Love Audible!

  6. Starboykb says:

    I wonder when im going to get that book. ❓

  7. moon says:

    The lady in the photo is really got class…haha 😀

    1. Etienne Teo says:

      Graace is still travelling around the world?

  8. Reid says:

    I wouldn’t mind this book either. Forex has been something i’ve never tried but it interests me.

  9. Icheb says:

    I would love to receive a copy of that book! I’ve always been interested in the foreign exchange market and this might just be the chance to get to know it.

  10. zr5net says:

    Is it my turn to win yet? :mrgreen:

  11. zr5net says:

    Is it my turn to win yet? 🙂

  12. aczafra says:

    Would love to have that book. Thanks john

  13. Love to read it on the cold wintery day like now! 😆

  14. rich says:

    i wouldn’t mind that book…another investment book can’t hurt

  15. Jorge says:

    Third time’s the charm

  16. Yebot says:

    Johnathan Chow rules my face!!!

    1. Its Jonathan 😉 not “Joh Nathan” 😛

  17. Brad K. says:

    I would like to read that book, too. Please pick me!

  18. gov says:

    Great John !
    I really wish to win this book
    Please send me one
    I am regular reader of your blog

  19. Pam Hoffman says:

    Thanks for the offer John, count me in.

    Enjoy your read! 🙂

    Pam Hoffman

  20. Bob Buskirk says:

    yo John I better win one!

  21. I’d love to win that.
    I asked for the 4 hour work week for Christmas, and this book would go hand in hand with it.

  22. Sean says:

    I’ll put my name in too…

  23. Nick says:

    Consider me in too!

  24. Scott says:

    Pick me! Pick me!

  25. Jovan says:

    I’ll win the book…

  26. Mark says:

    count me in <<<<

  27. Joshua says:

    Peace, Love and Monetization

  28. kim says:

    I would like a copy of this book, have been curious about FOREX, even if I don’t win this book, I would like to earn it somehow!
    Thanks, always trying:)

  29. Grace Cheng says:

    There’s a typo in the name, it should be Grace Cheng and the url should be

  30. Gyutae Park says:

    Interesting book. I’d like to take a read as well.

  31. Haven’t read much lately….gimme gimme gimme!
    ~ Dave

  32. G says:

    I’m participating too …good luck! 🙂

  33. Tinx says:

    How I win! 🙂

  34. Someone downunder says:

    Hope I win!

    Free Book always good 🙂

  35. Hmm. my comment doesn’t show up…

    1. Its showing up now 😯

  36. Mark says:

    Count me in!

  37. Eugene Thong says:

    Jumping in with my fingers crossed. Hope I win!

  38. I’ve always been really interested in this!

    Would love to be able to win it! Thanks!

  39. Gary R. Hess says:

    Cold? It was in the 70s today (Texas):-P

  40. Jack says:

    It’s about time you give me the chance to enlighten myself. 😈

  41. James Wilcox says:

    Ah another JC contest. I’m in. I’m giving away a copy of An American Hedge Fund by Tim Sykes on my blog he was kind enough to send to me.

  42. I am in for the drawing. Gotta try Forex.

  43. weakek says:

    More reading!!

  44. Michael Kwan says:

    I’d like to win, but knowing John, he’d probably tell me to write a review of the book for him. 😉

  45. Angel says:

    I’m always up for a book.

  46. Ah Xiong says:

    I doesn’t know about the book. However one thing for sure Grace Cheng is one awesome looking chick 😉

  47. Simon says:

    free stuff is always good, count me in John

  48. Allan says:

    I love to read! Count me in John! Thanks

  49. Anuj Seth says:

    Count me in!! Yet another attempt from me to win this book… 😈

  50. I’d like a copy 😀

  51. 3cpxbro says:

    I’ll certainly like to read that forex book.

  52. Yogesh says:

    I would love to win this book 🙂

  53. i want the free book =)

  54. Matthew says:

    Here is my entry.

  55. i could use a book on Forex trading, tired of reading my marketing books.

  56. What the Heck see if i can win a free book 😉

    1. Hi-Tech-IT says:

      This is most popular word 2007.

  57. Hendrik says:

    How many copies are there actually? Seems like there is a lottery every second month. Maybe I win this month. Then I can invest my $10 into Forex.

  58. Steve! says:

    What is forex anyway. Googling just gives me the sites which have gone crazy getting linkbacks and are at the top for their ‘forex’ site.

  59. Nomar says:

    Interesting to read 🙂

    Count me in !! Happy holidays 🙂

  60. Ahn-nyoung-ha-sea-yo! (means hello in Korean) 🙂 I’m a regular reader and subscriber to your RSS feed and enjoy reading your posts daily! I would’ve commented sooner but we had to elect a president today so it was a pretty hectic day lol. I would love to win the book and thank you again for your great posts! Merry Christmas!

  61. geomark says:

    I would love that book.

  62. John says:

    I’m in!

  63. Keith says:

    I still want a copy of this book… :mrgreen:

  64. C.D. Allen says:

    I’d really like to win this book!

    Thanks John!

  65. Prija says:

    I should win something by now.. haha

  66. says:

    I’ve always been quite curious about arbitrage. The idea of trading currencies is fascinating. I’d love to have this book. Thanks for the chance.

  67. roc21 says:

    Consider me in too! 🙄

  68. Hi-Tech-IT says:

    I thought her site was to do with porn when i first saw it 😆 forex is trading foreign currencies.

  69. Ruchir says:


    Ok, ok, I doubt it if it’ll be me…Anyways…

  70. tom says:

    please let me win! <3<3

  71. Doc says:

    Sign me up!!

  72. Dom says:

    Great Blog.
    Looks like a great book too! I’ve always been interested in ForEx.


  73. Brian says:

    I think Forex trading is fascinating and would love to read more about it.

  74. Josh says:

    Seems interesting. Thanks!

    Josh Day

  75. I already got one copy from JohnChow :mrgreen:

    Check MyBlogContest for more blog contests info!!

  76. AJ says:

    Reading JohnChow: It does a Nobody good

  77. Count me in on a chance to win the Forex book. I’ve been looking into Forex and the best way to do it would be to learn more for free.

  78. Damien says:

    Nice, I would live to get one too 😈

  79. Zac Johnson says:

    I’d love to win the book. Count me in!

  80. Would love to have a copy of this book. Hope this counts as an entry.

  81. Doyle says:

    Seems like a really kool book, im Australian and trade on the Australian stock market, and would love to trade other stockmarkets, or atleast find out stuff about them.


  82. Prince John says:

    It was a journey to the bottom. Scrolling past 93 comments is nothing I enjoy and never happens at blog. I leave the site without leaving a comment because I see more than 2 dozens comments to go with every post, by the time I reach here. I should have expected this (sliding down all the way from top). Is there any other secret (other than having 20,000 daily visitors) to get some good number of comments. I don’t have connections with Grace Cheng either.

  83. Ronald Su says:

    I was once really into forex trading. I actually made some money but the amount wasn’t really significant. I would look in Chapters to see if they carry this book. I think the book will help me in the long-run.

  84. Darren says:

    I kind of already trade forex – I earn US dollars from web sites, and convert them back into Aussie dollars for spending! Although the exchange rate is down the tubes now compared to where it was :-(.

  85. FAISAL says:

    hii have been a wonderful supplier of glued to your blog everytime i get on it.. to see grace cheng in person..but since i am so far away, perhaps a book would be nice..


    have a good day!!

  86. FAISAL says:

    it’s a good deal john.. i am in..

    thanks for giving tips on making money online day after day..

  87. David Chew says:

    Reading book is good but writing a comment and stand a chance of getting is even better. Thanks for telling.

  88. Kindaichi says:

    Trading Forex is one thing that we should consider for making money.

  89. Chris says:

    I’d love to travel the world on my forex profits.

  90. issa says:

    Thanks John for another freebie! BIG bloggers have been very generous this Christmas season — God bless you all! :mrgreen:

  91. Derek says:

    I’d love to win a copy of this book – thanks for running another contest offering it up for grabs.

  92. Gaz says:

    It would be a very merry Christmas for me, if I was lucky enough to win this book…

  93. nice ! i will try. i must win it 😀

  94. Is it too late to enter? If not, count me in!

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