Ready-Made Websites, Just Add Monetization

Making money online can be quite the complicated process. There’s so much to consider and to setup that many people don’t even know where to begin. Thankfully, there are people out there who will more than happily point you in the right direction. Base Sites is one such group and they ordered up this review so that we could highlight some of their ready-made websites.

Everything You Need to Make Money Online

When you first set out to create your own money-making website, there are several steps involved. You have to choose your CMS platform, create (or select) your design, make a custom header, write a bunch of unique content… it all seems so daunting. By contrast, a website from Base Sites is completely set up and ready to go. All that it’s lacking is the monetization, so it’s up to you to choose between things like Google Adsense, TTZ Media, Kontera, Chitika, or whatever other ad network you would like to try on your particular site.


Self-proclaimed Internet marketing expert Chris Osbourn is the brain behind Base Sites and his motivation came because he grew tired of spending his time dealing with coders, graphic designers, and content writers from all around the world. He just wanted to focus his attention on “what he does best: driving and converting traffic.” And that’s exactly what Base Sites is supposed to do, because these sites are already up and ready to go.

Pick Your Niche

All of the sites for sale on Base Sites appear to be powered by WordPress, so if you’re already familiar with the platform, it should be a piece of cake for you to customize the ready-made sites to your liking. It’s also handy that the Base Sites team — comprised of 16 people — have approached a fair number of genres and niches.

Among the sites currently available for sale are:


By and large, these sites go for $345. Some are cheaper ($245), whereas the Top 10 travel sites are a little more ($445). The above-pictured My Sexy Porsche goes for $345, and it includes a fair amount of original content.

Design, Code, and Copy

As mentioned above, the Base Sites team is comprised of 16 members, including graphic designers, coders, and copy writers. This team works together to create a series of original sites, all with unique banners and original content. Going back to the Porsche site example, you get content covering Porsche wallpapers, clubs, dealers, news, history, videos, and more, as well as information on several models like the 996, Boxster, and 911.

But how good is this content? Maybe I’m just nit-picky as a freelance writer myself, but I found that while the designs are reasonably acceptable, the actual content isn’t as strong. Take this snippet from the Porsche site:

Demand for Porsche’s Cayenne GTS is expected to be red hot, and with the first deliveries scheduled for February 16, if you want one any time soon you had better order now.It looks almost identical to the 500bhp Cayenne Turbo and has a 405bhp version of the unblown 4.8-litre V8, up 20bhp on the existing Cayenne S.The GTS is a GT version of the S.

I guess it’s grammatically correct, but it lacks flair and personality. I also found the word choice to be a little off: the first sentence on the Base Sites main page reads, “Base Sites consists of a group of highly creative individuals working their nuts off producing high quality web sites.” Working their nuts off? Doesn’t sound too professional to me.


If all these ready-made sites don’t appeal to you, Base Sites also offers a series of extra services like hosting, article writing, SEO, and graphic design. They’ll also build a custom site based on your specifications with a five-day turnaround.

Buy A Money-Making Machine

The concept behind Base Sites is pretty solid, especially for people who don’t want to bother coding and writing their websites themselves. It’s also handy that you have a one-stop shop for not only your website design, but also for all the unique content. Base Sites promises never to re-use anything that you buy, but you’ll find that the site designs are very similar.

The $245 to $445 price range is more than fair, considering all the work that goes into creating the base site, but it’s up to you to build upon the very basic foundation that they provide. Only then can you even think about making dot com mogul money.

64 thoughts on “Ready-Made Websites, Just Add Monetization”

  1. So is it worth spending….Even John cow released such niche sites and they seems to be better than this for the fact that their sites are auto updating and costs less 😮

    1. Google ignores the wrapper, the content YOU add will make or break the site. “Just add monetization” to no traffic is self defeating.

      I do appreciate the effort though, Base sites might just become a web template clearinghouse sometime soon. I just don’t see their every customer getting rich by just adding their aff code and I hope the customers know that.

      Oh and about the sentence everyones picking on, take it easy, thats gear talk! (bhp = base horse power, GT = Grand Turismo, etc) No space after a period though? tsk tsk.

      1. Alan Johnson says:

        As far as the issue of content is concerned, I agree 100%: it all boils down to the quality of content you write. Sure, money can be made from other types of websites as well, but in the end, long-term success is out of the question with approaches which don’t include writing quality content.

        Alan Johnson

  2. Lisa says:

    In regards to the snippet – can you say “run on sentence?” Reminds me of a quote I saw on someone’s profile once – Don’t talk to me if you don’t have good grammer. 😯 And the whole working the nuts off thing is just ew. But, you’ve got to give them an A for effort because it’s a great idea.

    1. I can deal with the bad grammar, I wouldn’t be able to read Shoemoney if I couldn’t, but the working our n*ts off, as John points out, is just unprofessional.

      1. Sorry, not John, I mean Michael. I should read who these posts are written by.

      2. Yeah indeed, I would not want a website made out from n…oh well. Another point to unprofessional are the layouts, many of which are free themes with cutted off footer.

        But i am not sure as if the content gets update by their writers or it is scrapper ? If it is not scrapper it is a good deal to give it a go (at least you got blog updating content by someone else).

      3. Maybe it’s just me but knowing it is a car site, I immediately made the connection of nuts to lug-nuts. I’m not sure if that’s how it was intended but it didn’t strike me as that big of a deal.

  3. David says:

    Very impressed, I’m definitely going to contact them, the sites are reasonably priced as well :mrgreen:

    1. no your not, just had to say that, the word “definitely” gives you away 😈

  4. Yi Lu says:

    I doubt purchasers of these pre-made “websites” would ever be monetized by the purchaser. The idea is feasible though due to the 50-60% profit he makes after distributing outsourcing fee’s.

    1. Alan Johnson says:

      Who knows, some short-term results are not out of the question but such an approach is simply not profitable in the long run, as the issue of writing content yourself should never be ignored.

      Alan Johnon

      1. Yi Lu says:

        Until you get carpel tunnel 🙂

  5. Ripoff much? Why would I pay over $300 when I can assamble all that myself for $100 (or less) 🙂 . Im a huge ARSENAL fan.. but how hard is it to get info off wikipedia or other info sources, find a free template and just customize it with header and colors and then since the monetization is not included in the high price….I`ll still end up investing in that myself.

    1. It’s all about what your time is worth. Sure you could do everything that they’ve done but how long would it take you? I’m not saying it’s absolutely worth it but depending on your time and your abilities it could very well be.

      1. Alan Johnson says:

        I feel the same way. Of course, you could take care of everything starting with design as a webmaster but if your time is better spent doing something else then delegating is an option you should consider.

        Alan Johnson

    2. Will says:

      Yea I would say that $300 is a bit much for a template. but according to them their content is unique.

  6. David says:

    do a copyscape search on the content of their ‘original content’ it’s not so original…

    sounds like a ripe off to me.

    1. If the content isn’t original I would say that drops the value significantly. Definitely something to check on if anyone is considering buying.

      1. Alan Johnson says:

        Indeed, if you simply use the same content hundreds of others are as well and actually expect to rank well at a certain point…well let’s just say that you have quite a reality check ahead of you 🙂

        Alan Johnson

  7. ive seen some of these premade website for sale on digital point forum. These seem to be a bit more higher quality but still a big waste of money. Do they sell each website to only one customer or is there multiple copies of these websites out there.

  8. Sander says:

    Hmm.. for $345 a prefab website..

    I’d suggest the following: select a topic.. get articles from, 500-600 words about $20 order 15 of them. (or any other word writing service) Go to and select a great looking free css template, or use wordpress (even better). Go to or and get some great pics, save them using the names of your keywords that you selected from, read this and monotize the website, after your done go to to gain massive traffic to your new website. After your website starts making money order more articles and start growing..

    Good luck!

    1. It’s certainly possible to do what we do yourself if you have the technical know how and time. Many internet marketers I know off (including myself) who generate a decent living on-line value their time more than what it would take them to organize a site like we provide via

      Select a topic
      I know of people that can spend hours, weeks or even months coming up with a topic they will be happy with. As our sites are already to go, you can simply select a site in your niche or a site in a niche you want to get into – This takes a minute!

      Outsourcing articles
      If you have ever outsourced copy articles before, you know that 99% of copy writers are a pain to work with. Often late, often need guidance and more often than not you never know what to expect. If you work with a copy writer that doesn’t perform, you have the hassle of finding another one and going through the same process again.

      Setting the site up
      Our team has been building sites for years, and now we are building between 10 to 12 sites per week for basesites/clients. We know what we are doing, however it still takes us a fair amount of time to get everything in order – And we are experts at this! Building a site always takes longer than people realize, and often, appreciate.

      Outsourcing design
      Finding great designers is one of the most difficult tasks we have… good luck finding a designer that provides what you want every time!

      Okay, now let’s get onto the rates, time and costs associated with both methods. Let’s take the Porsche site as a perfect example: The site has 21 pages of content, at your suggested rate of $20 per article, plus a domain name…

      So, for someone to design, work on the great content and handle the whole site structure works out at around a $150 premium – It takes a copy writer about a day to write the content, the designer between 2 and 5 hours and the coder to set everything up takes another day. That’s with working with experts. If you were doing this yourself, you would be replying to emails daily, chasing stuff in, correcting copy, sending it back… this takes days!

      The bottom line is: if you value your time (ie – you’d rather spend your time learning marketing rather than chatting to pat in India) you’ll find BaseSites a great solution for you and your business.

      If the thought of spending days working with different people and learning what you are not interested in, then I’d go with Sander’s route.

      1. Alan Johnson says:

        Actually, as far as the issue of working with freelance writers and designers is concerned, finding great people to work with is definitely not impossible. Having worked with my share of freelancers, I have to say that there are a lot of talented people looking to expand their portfolio out there who do a great job at very affordable rates, you only need to know where and especially how to look.

        Alan Johnson

  9. Mike Huang says:

    Great review 🙂


  10. Denis says:

    I have worked with Chris and he’s a very nice guy who knows what he is doing. The team of copywriters is constantly updated, with time only the best will stay – I am sure of that.
    As for the design, they are already doing a good job.

  11. Contest Beat says:

    Need to see how original the stuff is 🙂

  12. Great review, although I would love to do things myself. If more people can have the same website then it would be a bit pointless. It feels better if you build a website from scratch anyway. 😛

  13. stumps says:

    For somebody that’s being ‘picky’ about word choice, your writing isn’t too impressive.

    “comprised of 16 people”

    That’s about as incorrect as it comes.

    1. Shaun Carter says:

      there is no grammatical error there…

  14. Roberto says:

    I think it might be worth it if you have no experience at all building a website.

    But to anyone who does it’s simple to build a website like that in a few hours. You might even outsource everything, like Sander said in a comment above.

  15. David Chew says:

    Looks very expensive and is that worth buying anyway nice post john.

  16. The Foo says:

    It’s an idea at best but the websites are really ugly. Downloading free website templates and tweaking them, adding so called content and selling them for $200-400+ seems too much. The content isn’t really that good too. Their content is somehow not as original… followed the comment of David (of an earlier comment) and copyscape does show that it’s not original stuff.

    I think the only decent looking ones are their “top10” series templates. But looking at it closer, it’s a Revolution theme ( resell with them just changing the colors and putting moving around part of the divs and scripts. I’ll give that to them, THAT is pretty smart — buying one time multiple site license at $199 from (, tweaking it and selling it for $445 each!

    e.g. looks strangely similar to Brian Garner’s

    To me, if someone is going to pay $300+ for a premade template that is tweaked with little content added and expects to earn money — he or she is both lazy and stupid. I think the guys that are going to buy this one are the ones looking for a quick buck like a get rich quick scheme. Bottom line is that there is really no such thing as making money (fast) without the hard work.

    Buying one of these sites might get you penalized by google for the non original stuff and duplications. Reminds me a little of blackhat sites and those sites that you encounter when you misspell a wrong domain name.

    I think the idea of selling content should be capitalized further as I think that is the (only) strong selling point and it is just a glorified free template without it — they should market it in this way

    – put up the tweaked template (without the articles)
    – have the copywriters write the articles AFTER you purchased the site
    (it is easy enough to write the articles before hand and just not publish it yet)

    In that way, at least the content will look *new* and not already read. How *original* is the content if a review from John Chow has already quoted a snippet from a yet to be purchased site? With the content being so short, it doesn’t take long for someone to read a whole site’s content too. I breezed through 3-4 sites in less than 10 minutes.

    If you REALLY want content, spend the $200-400 on paying bloggers to write a bunch of original good quality articles for you instead. I think that would be a better option– creates more credibility and long term blog readers. That in itself is a better path to making money as no one is going to care how nice (or ugly) your blog is if the content is good.

  17. forsythia says:

    It is indeed expensive. They haven’t even designed the template! just added a banner and some images inside… I don’t think this is worth $345.

  18. It’s a good idea. I agree with “working our nuts off” to sound a little too unprofessional. Good review Kwan. 😎

  19. I think Base Sites has a good concept here, but as I look at the sites more closely I wasn’t too impressed with the content. There are also copyright issues with some of the photography they use on their automotive sites. It looks like there are watermarks on some of the photos they’ve tried to rub out and that could get you into trouble.

  20. Saw then reviewed on tyler’s site. Still with the improvements they’ve done still don’t impress me especially the fact that i can create a site for less and even buy a custom content site which meets my requirements for less. 😈

  21. BTW nice review though mike 🙂

  22. Benny Ong says:

    It is a nice review but I am a bit suspicious about the returns you can gain. 🙂

    1. Well, you’re not going to earn much if you don’t make these sites your own by tweaking them some. A good monetization idea would be to add Build A Niche Store to one of these sites either in another directory or integrated with the already existing template.

  23. I think you can get one of these sites for a lot less at the dpforum.

  24. I wanted to point out that the “creative” is not necessarily unique or one of a kind. The Porsche site they mentioned is actually using the “Drop Shadow WordPress Theme” design by “Brian Gardner” which he is giving away for free. I just downloaded it for one my blogs which is why it got my attenting when reading this post!

    That being said – I’d look closely at the copy too to make sure it’s not duplicated on many sites!

    Good Luck!

  25. These are not even meant for the laziest of us. I hope people soon realize that just because they buy a site, they will not just be able to monetize it, or resell it for more money. It takes real effort to get any site to make money. Running them on autopilot will not do it.
    Also, using wordpress to build these sites, can be done for 0 (zero) dollars – not including the price of the domain and hosting ofcourse. How?
    1. Worpress is free
    2. Content is freely available
    3. Free plugins will allow you to add and update the content using rss feeds
    4. Templates to suit your products are free

    1. kelliott says:

      I have to agree with this statement. Ready made site may save you time in the front end but getting these types of sites to make money will increase your time on the back end.

    2. Alan Johnson says:

      A lot of people are excited about the “I’ll just buy a lot of automated websites and watch the cash rolling in”-illusion. But what about traffic? Ok, you have a website and ok, you have content, but what about traffic, why would people want to visit your website?

      You have to understand that achieving great rankings with websites which have mostly duplicate content is a task which is almost impossible, no matter how much work you invest.

      Alan Johnson

  26. I’ve got to wonder why you wouldn’t just keep the sites for yourself after they’ve been made. It would seem like a natural progression to go ahead and monetize the sites yourself and eliminate the reliance on customers…

    1. Alan Johnson says:

      It’s the same issue as with “gurus” trying to spoonfeed people their overpriced ebook about all sorts of automated systems which are earning them a lot of money. The natural question: if you’re earning that much money, why sell an ebook and not simply use them yourself?

      Alan Johnson

  27. Youfoundjake says:

    How about a ready made website selling ready made websites?

  28. i saw people selling sites with auto content generation for $2.50 each!

    wonder how good they were at generating traffic?

    1. Alan Johnson says:

      Let’s analyze things for a moment and see where traffic could come from:

      Returning visitors – out of the question when talking about autmated websites
      Social media – once again, out of the question since the content is not exactly that impressive
      Search engines – ranking well with duplicate content is next to impossible

      There you have it, you basically have a website with content but the chances of actually obtaining traffic and monetizing it are slim to none.

      Alan Johnson

      Alan Johnson

  29. Looks like they need some glasses.. They have a picture of a Carerra GT in the Boxster section! (Not to mention, Porsche will surely serve them with papers to shut down My Sexy Porsche, as they’re VERY anal about trademark infringements..)

    1. Shaun Carter says:

      That was the first thing I thought of. Anyone trying to monetize that site will get a C&D in no time at all.

  30. BD says:

    I was hoping these sites included e-commerce functionality built in.

    I need a site to sell physical products. Anyone know of a similar service where I can get that?


    1. Check out yahoo. There e-solution I believe has what you are looking for. Don’t Quote me on that one though. I also recommend eBay store builder. Beginning traffic that you can branch out to a regular website later.

      Kenneth Elliott

  31. This may be a good option for thoose brand new to the biz that just have to start without laying the ground work….But I would reccommend start by coding your on site…Buy some books and get after it! Yes, it may take more time, but later on you will be able to push your designs to the next level.

    1. kelliott says:

      No, I don’t think this is a good idea for those just starting out. Using pre-made template to me is a advance topic/technique. Because of all the marketing you will have to do. If I had to recommend something for someone new I would recommend using squidoo or something like that. At least in systems like squidoo there is a way to get free traffic.

    2. Alan Johnson says:

      Actually, they are not great for people starting out since projects which are not built on a solid foundation don’t stand a chance at long-term success.

      Alan Johnson

  32. Will says:

    I said it before and I will say it again… the sites on base sites seem like a cheap mod of forum skins. The thing I do like about them is the fact that content is included.

  33. Navin says:

    John, I’ve checked all of their sites on sale, It’s way too expensive for the template and content.
    And, the only thing the money is going for, seems the domain names.

    1. David Chew says:

      Probably and is too expensive.

  34. I respect the innovative element to the concept but have a very hard time believing the copy will be very appropriate. I am a very visual person myself and will usually skim the copy and work my way through websites very quickly BUT after 4 years of internet marketing and in depth analytics analysis I have come full circle and must admit that a large part of internet uses will immediate be turned off by generic or unprofessional copy.

    Hope the concepts works but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  35. Icelebpics says:

    dunno about others but same as Bedo Stambolyan said
    we can do it ourselves by spending less coz every1 cannot afford to pay that much at one time ……especially a starter
    but nice work john

  36. enovator says:

    I am afraid this method of auto monetization is going to be a flop like Agloco. Do you remeber how much John Chow had praised that?

  37. Jack says:

    I Know absolutely nothing about web design. Still I have managed to have a couple hundred sites and have never lost money on a domain. Very little use of templates or “cookie cutter” stuff. There may be some vaue in this, but I would rather have the idea in mind, then contract out for custom design. I know a guy who has bought several premade websites and he always lets them go after a year. Why? He is not willing to do any work at marketing or building content and traffic.

    I also would say I am always surprised by what people consider for “monetization.” There is a lot more out there than “ad networks.” I have sites that get very small traffic like < 10 uniques a day and they make more money ( EACH, i have 100s) than a lot of big time bloggers. Because they move product. For example I have an affiliate site that has a 67% CTR on an offer and over 10% of visitors purchase something. 1 product sale a day makes way more than 50 Adsense clicks. The whole idea of just having a site and slapping Adsense or something on it is missing the Big Picture IMO. If you have a “Porsche” site ( if it’s one worth having) and just slap some Adsense on you should probably be shot. Unless you are moving some Porsches as well 🙂

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