Real life lessons from Dear Me: A Blogger’s Tale

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I recently watched the movie Dear Me: A Blogger’s Tale. This film is a cute romantic comedy about a girl named Samantha who waters plants for a living, but aspires to break into the world of professional marketing. The movie is not very exciting or action-packed, but blogging does play an integral role in the story. Observant viewers can learn some real life lessons from the blogging related situations that spring up throughout the film.

Lesson #1. Blogging is therapeutic.

Samantha starts blogging after her therapist suggests that she start a journal. She finds that her blog helps her deal with her anxiety and daily life challenges. When you share your experiences, views and opinions online AND you are proud of what you write, you reap rewards. Some of these rewards include a sense of accomplishment, the feel-good feeling of helping others, a sense of belonging by contributing to the online community and much more. That’s right, blogging makes you feel good!

Lesson #2. Be careful what you publish.

Samantha starts her blog out anonymously, without attaching her real name to any of her posts. Eventually, her identity is revealed and everyone at her office discovers that she is the blog author, causing her much embarrassment. Take note newbies; your identity can be revealed! Court orders, online sleuths and many other situations can unveil the real person behind a blog. Don’t publish anything that could get you into legal trouble or embarrass you professionally.

Lesson #3. Own your own content & domain.

At one point in the film, Samantha calls into the blogging service that hosts her blog and asks them to remove her posts. They refuse! To avoid this type of problem, you must host your blog on your own domain and maintain full control of your content. If you are serious about blogging, you need control over your online environment!

Lesson #4. Pay attention to your readers.

Near the end of the story, Samantha’s friend asks her if she keeps up with her blog mail. Samantha then discovers a flood of fan mail and feedback from her readers. Reading and responding to your readers comments and emails is essential to the success of a blog. After getting in touch with her readers, Samantha finds out that she has inspired and encouraged others with her writing. She then pledges to continue serving her readers by keeping the blog alive.

If you’d like to buy or rent Dear Me: A Blogger’s tale, it is available through Amazon, Blockbuster or Netflix.

I hope that these simple lessons will help out some of you aspiring bloggers out there. If you have already seen this film, what other blogging lessons could you find?

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  1. That’s really cool! A movie about blogging. Those are some important lessons too, sounds pretty interesting.

    1. The movie’s main focus isn’t about blogging, but as you can see, I found some blogging lessons within it anyway. Blogging is more of a gimmick in the movie instead of the main topic.

      1. blogmerchant says:

        Yep, people really need to remember whatever they post will be around forever. Always think twice before clicking the submit button. Eventually, the wayback machine will archive your website for all to see even after your site is long gone.

        1. Trevor says:

          Yeah. I see many people writing things that aren’t related to their topic on their blog.

      2. Li Weng says:

        Who’s in this movie? Anyone famous?

      3. Oh, but you seem to have milked a lot of sense from it, even as insignificant it seemed in the context of the movie. great one Wesley! 😉

      4. Just like anything else you can always find principles that can apply to daily life. Lesson #2 should really be Lesson #1. True story, A daughter didn’t like her mom and wrote a number of detailed posts about her. The daughter didn’t care what she wrote b/c the mom never got on a computer let alone know how to use the internet. As it happens, mom started to learn and found the posts. The mom was really upset, as she should be and their relationship is a little more than at odds.

        blogging can make you feel a little invincible b/c you don’t have to confront anyone face to face.

    2. Ben Pei says:

      Yah man.. Quite surprised to find such a movie!

  2. Yea great tips Wesley! I agree with Alex. I should watch this movie 😀

  3. I ve got a blog movie idea now 🙂

  4. Great tips…hadn’t heard of the movie, but think I’ll check it out now.


  5. DollarDevil says:

    Appreciate the info John.

    Does the book cover anything about monetizing your blog, or is strictly from a writer to reader view point?


    1. Try actually reading the post. I wrote it, not John. It is about a movie, not a book.

  6. Ben Pei says:

    A blog movie.. Thats kinda rare.. But story sounds good!

    1. yeah, sounds like it has a great storyline.

  7. Karl Hadwen says:

    Very Interesting post indeed.

  8. Trevor says:

    This movie is awesome. Teaches many lessons and once you read this post, you learn even more!

    1. Li Weng says:

      ………. I wouldn’t go that far

  9. MLDina says:

    Good to see blogging is starting to be included as a concept in movies. There was also a blogger on Grey’s Anatomy this week. Coming up next…the John Chow movie??

  10. Li Weng says:

    Pay attention to your readers. That’s a good one. I think you’ve pretty much mastered this one John.

  11. nice article
    we want blogging movie too 😀

  12. the wayback machine will archive your website for all to see even after your site is long gone.

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    1. So you’re like the Blog World “Hitch”? Lol! 😀 I’ll check out your site 😉

    2. Cupid, you got to be kidding me. Make a shallow remark about the post for the only purpose to tell me about your blog?!?!?!? You got to be out of your mind. You’re like the guy who says, “hey, come to my site and register for a free XXXXXX.” Problem is that you’ll only get peeps who fit the wal-mart demographic on clearance day. That is, they’ll stop by but if they can find a better deal they won’t becoming back. I won’t be visiting your site and I don’t think you’ll know it anyway b/c you are coming back to read this.

  14. Paul says:

    Were you sent the movie for free?

      1. Question for anyone that has seen it…..DOES IT COME WITH A COMMENTARY?

  15. Wow, now that sounds like a very interesting film with valueable lessons. I’ll check it out at my local video rental store and only if they don’t have it available I’ll go to Amazon.

    Thank you for sharing John, that’s some great life lessons you’ve highlighted there.

  16. BusinessX says:

    I like all the points made save #1. Therapeutic is fine for the blogspot crowd, here today gone tomorrow. But in the MMO realm, longevity is key. One could only write so much about their life and have others be interested.

  17. uwak says:

    thanks for great lesson…..good learning from success blogger…..

  18. game-girl says:

    I am entirely and completely intrigued by the mentioned movie. EAger to watch a cute rmantic comedy as it is noted by Novack.

  19. Flyssy says:

    Well, “You’ve got mail” was about email…when can we expect to see a new romantic comedy called “you’ve got comments”?

    Get to work screenwriters…

  20. game-girl says:

    I had been looking for the movie among my acquaintances till night, but didn’t find yet. Began at once.I never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

  21. game-girl says:

    Samanta’s experience in blogging is significant, her lessons seem absolutely didactic. I want to express full approval.

  22. game-girl says:

    I pick some instructive information from Novack who has analysed Samanta’s experience. Never late to learn.

  23. game-girl says:

    I derived important knowledge of self-safety from Samanta’s third lesson. We usually don’t think of personal peace afterwards. Two heads are better than one. Thank you, Samanta.

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