Real Life On Page SEO Case Study Update

Here’s an update on my real life SEO case study. When I made the video case study on Sunday, the American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior post had received 1,900 views, which I thought was great for a Sunday. However, I didn’t know that Discovery Channel was about to start an American Chopper marathon.

The Sunday marathon generated a ton of searches for the show. The top nine search terms were all American Chopper related and my normal number one term, John Chow, was shoved to tenth place! I ended Sunday with 6,134 views to the Senior vs. Junior post.

Since I wrote the American Chopper post, it has been viewed 19,670 time in five days, with over 10K views coming on Sunday and Monday because of the marathon. The extra traffic has resulted in a 20% increase in newsletter sign ups. If these subscribers give me the same ROI as normal subscribers, then this will do down as the most profitable SEO post ever.

56 thoughts on “Real Life On Page SEO Case Study Update”

  1. Kevin Kimes says:

    That’s incredible. Do you have a way to track how those newsletter subscribers convert (separately from the rest) down the road from now?

    1. Abhik says:

      Yes, I’d like to know that too.

    2. Mate Hegedus says:

      Yes, that would be a cool case study

    3. This is a question I have as well.How to track which subscribers convert well?

      1. Well its not that much easy to find out..

    4. Chris says:

      Since John uses Google analytics, it would be pretty simple for him to use the Campaign Tracking and Goal features of GA to see how well his newsletter subscribers convert. Don’t know if he does this though…

      1. Kevin Kimes says:

        I suppose the key piece of data that would be needed is the referring search keyword, or the very first referring URL, or the very first page the user visited, attached to each individual subscriber account.

        It seems complicated to track this, especially if the user ends up signing up later, rather than on their first page viewed or first visit.

    5. fas says:

      There are so many ways to track them. You can trust AWeber with the analytics.

      1. Aweber and Analytics deadly combination, provided you should know how to use advance features of google analytics.

        1. I could use an extra 10K views on any of my sites any day.

          1. That’s great …

            And how you are going to do that ?

    6. Kevin you have provided a future post topic to John.

      1. Kevin Kimes says:

        πŸ™‚ I’m sure he had already thought of it, though. He didn’t get here without being clever, heheh.

        1. Sure he got very smart head on his shoulder but however one person will not get all ideas …

    7. I think that would be a bit hard to do.

    8. That can be a bit of a challenge.

  2. Abhik says:

    Awesome!! Simply awesome.. πŸ™‚

    1. Yeah.. its incredible..

  3. Inspiring! I have to get in on this lol

  4. Tom says:

    Wow! Perfect timing. I don’t think you could have planned it better. I think it’s important to be aware of what’s “hot” or the “latest trend” when it comes to blogging. If you have a niche it’s important to capitalize on the trends related to your business. Thx for the post.

    1. Kevin Kimes says:

      Yes, but more importantly a blogger just be aware of what’s “hot” within the realm of their own interests. Less to keep track of, and readers will connect better.

      Unless of course, the blog itself is about whatever’s hot. Those work too.

    2. Striking hammer at the right time is the main mantra of getting this kind of traffic.

      1. Kevin Kimes says:

        Good analogy. “Whack-a-mole”? πŸ™‚

    3. I used to make a killing on Adwords by bidding on trending keywords.

  5. Amazing. Keep them posts coming. I love SEO content tips πŸ™‚

    1. PPC Ian says:

      Me too! These SEO content tips are incredibly helpful!

      1. Tips with the real life case study is quite useful. It shows how this work exactly.

  6. Hi John,
    Again, a proof how important SEO is to an article. I use All-in-one SEO Pack and I have checks that I get a good title to it with the right keywords, and then I use the keywords in the text which is usually between 300-400 words. Good and easy to understand video.

    1. Kevin Kimes says:

      I think people should be cautious about intentionally using keywords in text. We need to identify the opportunities to do so as they naturally occur, rather than forcefully inserting them.

      Readers can pick up on this easily, and it results in less effective content.

      1. That’s where you understand the difference between good writer and average writer.

        1. Hi ZK,
          Correctly, that is the magic trick to have a success with a web or a blog, to be both a article writer and a SEO Masters.

    2. It’s a lot easier to do when there isn’t anyone competing with you on certain keywords.

  7. winnerpurba says:

    Amazing! My blog seo is worse…. I have to try this trick

  8. Tikyd says:

    I think that the way you have exploited a topic that was going to be/had been heavily advertised is a nice test. However, I wonder if the authority of your site did not play in your ranking for the search query.

    1. Kevin Kimes says:

      It definitely did, as was discussed in the comments of the first follow-up post. But other domains with high PR but unoptimized on-page SEO do worse than John’s posts.

    2. Authority plays an important role in it … Many bloggers also link back to John and hence immediate relevant links as well.

      So over all this is the combination of everything.

      1. Links are the all important juice that powers the web. Get them and you will be all set.

        1. I would say … relevant and quality links instead of saying only links.

  9. Awesome stats man! great! πŸ™‚

  10. John I had this happen to me with he new Iphone 5g,..i did a post on that and it just went through the roof, not as much as yours but it got mega traffic though.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

    1. would you like to show us link of that post.

  11. PPC Ian says:

    Nice work, John! What a neat SEO strategy. Well done!

  12. Nice to hear some strategy about seo

  13. No doubt,really great work done by you John,really worth appreciated…

  14. Inspirational post. Knowledge is one of the most valuable things in the world,Looks SEO strategy. i always prefer to SEO strategy.

  15. Mike says:

    John – What SEO plug in are you using in this video?

  16. I tried it with the Vancouver riots story, and definitely pulled in a lot more traffic from it. Not quite to the extent you did from the Choppers story, but I’m learning πŸ™‚

  17. 10k extra views in a single day is great.

  18. love to have more then 1000 views a day

  19. that’s amazing, very well played.

  20. John you did right thing at the right time and thats why you are winner.

  21. You made a great insight and a clever analysis here… Smart SEO strategy will always give you good results.

  22. This is a really insightful post. The fact is, it was possible to have known about the marathon ahead of time and actually planned the process which you have just described here.

    It would be really great though to see a follow up post that tracks your ROI on this sort of “generic” traffic. My guess would be that it may greatly underperform the rest of your more targeted traffic sources.

    Coach G.

  23. Forex News says:

    Again, a proof how important SEO is to an article. I use All-in-one SEO Pack and I have checks that I get a good title to it with the right keywords, and then I use the keywords in the text which is usually between 300-400 words. Good and easy to understand video.

  24. It’s really great to hear some real time strategy about seo.

  25. Which software do you use for newsletter?

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