Really Expensive Gas Prices

It was a beautiful day so I decided to take a drive and test out the new Garmin Nuvi 360 GPS. While it’s great to use the Garmin in Toronto, it’s better from a testing standpoint to test it in your own city. This way you can tell how good it’s routing really is.

My car was extremely low on gas so the first trip was to the gas station. I couldn’t believe price when I got there: $1.20 per litre for regular. I remember the good old days when a litre of gas was just 39.9 cents. A full tank (45 litres) cost me over $54. I think this is the most expensive fill up to-date. I guess I shouldn’t feel too bad because on the way, I noticed the price went up again, to $1.299 per litre.

What is gas price like where you are? Has it changed your driving habits? Will you consider car pooling or taking a bus now? I guess I’m lucky in the sense that my office is at home and when I do go for a drive, it’s normally just for fun or to meet up with someone for lunch.

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  1. I also work within walking distance of the office. Plus I own a Prius, so I don’t worry about gas prices much. However I found that they were 30 cents more expensive in Florida than New Hampshire a few weeks ago. I am always surprised how much gas prices can vary in the states.

    1. it varies a lot here in uk as well with london being the most expensive.

      John should count himself lucky not living here in the uk

    2. Dave says:

      Kudos to you for walking to the office and owning a Prius

  2. ok I think, I should feel happy I live in Bolivia and here regular is .475 $us per liter πŸ™‚

    1. Hey, I did not imagine such prices still exist. What’s the average monthly income in Bolivia?

    2. i’d better change my nationality and live where you are

  3. Yes, gas is way over priced. Which is why I think John should invest all his money to solve this problem for the rest of us πŸ™„

  4. Johnny Cash says:

    That is what’s good to be a PR6 blogger. A PR6 blogger can write about, “The weather is so nice today”, or “Gas is so expensive” and will easily get 50+ comments!

    1. Talking about PR6, I can still see as PR4, when are the servers going to be updated?

      1. Marc says:

        They’re on a rolling schedule. Some of the are, some aren’t. It usually takes several days for things to settle down.

    2. Marc says:

      Has nothing to do with the PR. This was happening long before the PR update.

      1. Johnny Cash says:

        Yup. The fun part is a lot of commentator are blogging about completely different topic. They just want to jump on this John Chow’s bandwagon

    3. Actually that’s the way the blog used to be before it was monetized. More of a personal journal.

      It’s good to see posts like this once in a while.

    4. That’s part of the incentive to reach higher rank, besides petrol price is something we all keep an eye on nowadays

  5. Steve Yu says:

    Here in Malaysia, the gas price is still cheap compared to other country. *thumb up*

    1. Gas prices in Asia are relatively cheaper, true; it pays to be be just a few hours away from the Middle East in this sense. Through the years, I have observed that gas prices in that region reach sky high, but after a week or so it goes down to a semi-acceptable price. Oil price hikes, no matter where you are in the world, can be such a pain.

      1. Steve Yu says:

        It RM 1.92 per litre ….. approx $0.60USD per litre… this is way cheaper, right?

  6. Rick Yuen says:

    People have jobs and places to see and visit so even if gas is $2/litre, there probably won’t be much of a change in gas consumption. North Americans are addicted to gas! 😈

  7. I’m in florida and it’s up to $3.30 for premium … the oil companies are making a killing on us!

    1. In West Virginia it’s $3.30 for regular right now.

    2. Dave says:

      John is from Canada, so it’s by the litre for us Canucks. Anyone know how many litres in a gallon?

  8. Marc says:

    In Nova Scotia we’re running at $1.139/litre. It’s regulated prices so the next time it goes up it’ll go up by a lot… coming this Wednesday…

  9. Dax Desai says:

    I’m actually considering getting a used Honda Civic hybrid – 50mpg city/highway. Figure with the gas savings you can pay for the extra payment.

    I’m really curious about the 08 Nissan Maxima – supposed to be available with a diesel.

    Dax Desai dot com – high roi’s always!

    1. Here in Bolivia we have another option, If we convert our cars to natural gas, instead of gasoline, we save 60 to 70% in money, and the good thing is, that it can be used with gasoline or natural gas, so it is Hybrid.

  10. santosh p says:

    India sells at 1USD per liter, Few cities may be one or more penny more. But the petrol rates shot up a lot. I read that some fuel cell technology is comming up.. Hope to see that soon.

  11. Gas is almost $3.00 USD/gallon here. I’m way too lazy to convert that to CAD/liter, so I have no clue how it compares to your situation πŸ™‚

    1. 1 US gallon = 3.7854118 liter,

      so a liter should be $us .78 per liter. πŸ™‚

  12. jnash says:

    the cheapest gas prices i saw this morning was i think $3.19 a gallon. 10 gallions’ just about broke the wallet i guess i’ll be staying home more till the prices drop some.when ever that may be ❓

  13. William says:

    Well, in the U.S., gas prices are around $3 a gallon. It’s better than $129.90 😯

    1. Shaun Carter says:

      I sure hope John meant $1.299CAN and not $129.90… otherwise we’re all in for a surprise on our next fill up!

      1. Johnny Cash says:

        Canadian gas station put their gas price differently.

        It is $129.9 per 10 liters.

        1. Shaun Carter says:


          Even at $129.9 per 10 liters it would equate to 12.99 per liter not 1.29. I guess us Yankees just don’t get it!

  14. Alex says:

    In Venezuela, 1 US dollar is like 20-30 litres

    1. Shaun Carter says:

      That’s what happens when the government heavily subsidizes oil, like Venezuela does. I remember reading somewhere that those subsidies cost Venezuela many BILLIONS of dollars a year.

    2. The bad think of doing that is that you make lots of products artificially competitive for export, so nobody cares about making effort is being competitive in other parts of the production chain, because, the gas price subsidize all other errors, and when that stop because of any reason, a lot of people may loose its jobs.

  15. Right now gas is $1.03 here in Barrie Ontario, the highest I have ever seen it was $1.38 sometime last year.


    1. Dave says:

      Gas is currently $1.03 a little south in Brantford, Ontario (bout an hour south of Toronto)

  16. Cody says:

    We’re at almost $3.50USD/US gal here….so almost $1USD/litre? Last time I got gas it was $2.39/gal, so I’m kinda pissed about it. Does anyone know why the sudden surge?

    1. Shaun Carter says:


      How long has it been since you filled up? Here in Michigan we have been at $3/gallon for the last month. It was ironic because a couple days after President Bush spoke about gas prices coming down earlier in March, they shot up 50 cents a gallon here and haven’t dropped since.

      1. Cody says:

        Actually it’s been like 3 weeks. I don’t have to get gas very often…

  17. Johnny Cash says:

    I am thinking about paying someone to comment on John Chow dot com. Does anyone know where is the best place to start?

  18. In Brazil gas is about the same price that John payed. And there’s ethanol, which is highly popular here. Almost all new cars are fuel-flexible, you can use gas and/or ethanol.

    I work from home now so I don’t worry about it.

  19. Edmonton gas prices are 103.5 in Edmonton, AB. πŸ™

    I am guessing it will go up another 5 cents in a couple of days.

  20. Sorry, 1.035 per litre

  21. Tobsy says:

    I actually wrote about this myself a couple of days ago. Here in Germany it’s about $1.84 per liter for regular.

  22. thechemist says:

    I just asked others for some creative ways to save on gas over at I’m looking for some creative ways to save a buck or two – not everyone is a dot com mogul who can pull in the big bucks by taking pictures of his dinner!

    What say you?

  23. macgoo says:

    Here in Adelaide South Australia

    AUD$1.239 per litre (cycling between 1.19 and 1.29)
    USD$1.026 per litre
    USD$3.884 per gallon

  24. Work at Home says:

    I remember when it was $0.99/gallon in USA, and back then it was still expensive now it’s like $2.79/gallon

  25. Desi Baba says:

    I remember when gas prices in the USA were $0.99/gallon in the good old days, now it’s like $2.79/gallon!

  26. Elizabeth says:

    Wow, your gas is expensive! Here in Lansing, Michigan it is $2.89 a gallon. My van NEVER has a full tank of gas!

    1. Shaun Carter says:

      Hey, a fellow Michigander! I’m a couple hours to the West in Holland.

  27. Laptop Skins says:

    We should all drive motorcycles with sidecars.

  28. I use 93 Octane in my car and it’s $3 per gallon. Ridiculous. The summer hasn’t even begun and the summer price hikes are already starting.

  29. Laptop Skins says:

    We just have to except it, or get a hybrid.
    I imagine the less gas we use the more they would charge to make up.

  30. Greg Stratz says:

    39.9 I remember when it hit 29.9 oh the great gas wars of 99 I think it was for vancovuer.. Now Ihave to be happy jsut using the petro Credid Card and gettign my 5.5 cents off per liter. oh well.

  31. o,really expensive.
    πŸ‘Ώ ,so, you must do more research to earn more money on line to afford the expensive gas.

  32. Alistair says:

    At the moment in Australia, we’re paying anywhere between $1.15 and $1.35 for standard unleaded petrol.

    When you’ve got a job that is a distance away from your home, it really eats into your pay cheque paying for the fuel. I think at the moment my wife spends ~AUD$75/week on fuel to get to work.


    1. Greg Stratz says:

      ph gopd that sucks big time does your company pay for anyone of it/

  33. Gas is $2.79 for regular where I’m at in south carolina!!!ridiculous!!

    1. uncle sha says:

      Wat! that’s a total ripoff

      I think we’re better off going back to tricycles

  34. I am in Scotland, UK, and we are paying $1.79 per litre which is about $6.78 per US gallon

  35. Armen says:

    Some of you guys need to take a trip to the UK, then you’ll appreciate the price of your fuel!

    1. Capper says:

      😯 Whattttt B&llSh%Tare what you are saying is we should except that the price of gasoline is okay and just lay down and take it …maybe you should get out of the UK … Because that price is even more f&%ked thanthe price in Canada right now — especially when there is NO reason for it … People p*ss me off they just act like sheep and say ooohhhh well what can we do about it… I email my member of parliment every damn day if I have to and tell him taht I/we aren’t happy with this and that they had better put a cieling on the price of gas or they’r going to have a friggin revolt on their hands.

      Is what I have to say about that.

  36. ricdes says:

    Gas is arround 1.70$ (1.89sfr) here in Switzerland.

    Of course it has changed our habits. We buy smaller and economic cars alot more than before.

    Btw: Its cheaper to travel by air than by ground in europe atm… thx to the cheap airlines arround.

    I go to work by train so I only care about the gas when I use the car at home, or to get to the club…

  37. As the price of gas increased over the years, I never really got into public transportation or carpooling. I seriously considered them several times, but never really got to actually doing them. I guess the only thing I did to play down my gas expenses was when I bought another car and switched to diesel/bio-diesel/bio-fuel for longer trips.

  38. Nocturnal says:

    Here in Honolulu, HI. regular gas has gone up to 3.00+. For a while it was around $2.80 and then suddenly went up about two weeks ago. I’m lucky I drive a puny Honda Civic which holds about 10 gals of gasoline (full tank).

  39. gas is a lot worse over in europe, though.

  40. Steve says:

    Gas prices in Spain are around 1 Euro a litre (1.30 US$ aprox) which seems extremely expensive to us, but compared to the rest of Europe it’s quite cheap. I was back in the UK last month and prices were in the region of 0.95 gbp per litre which is more or less 1.45 euros or 1.90 US$.

    So I won’t be complaining

  41. Matthew says:

    91.9 pence per litre here in Leeds UK. That currently converts to 2.049 CAD. To fill up my car it would be Β£55 (60 litres). 122.72 CAD.

  42. Eric says:

    Prices are only going to go up too! I’m excited, are you?

  43. I’m used to such prices. I believe Europe has always been more expensive that America, when it comes to petrol. A price of $1.30 is common these days. My car is a Diesel, and it has an incredible consumption of 4-5 l /100km, so I don’t need to refuel so often. It is true that it cost me about $2000 more than a gasoline one, but I got some extra benefits as well, so it was worth the choice.

    1. Diesel engine automobiles are more expensive, true; I had to shell out a pretty big amount, too, when I bought mine. But in the long run, you don’t get burned as much when paying for diesel fuel.

  44. Cody says:

    I already know that prices have always been sky high for gas in Europe…but here in the US we don’t really have the alternatives that you guys have come up with either (ie very few diesel cars, no ethanol, VERY limited biodiesel, etc).

    Personally I think we’ve been lazy in the US when it comes to alternative fuels, and now it’s biting us in the butt

  45. TJantunen says:

    Here in Finland a litre of gas is about $1.8. Last week when I took full tank (around 64 litres) it cost something like $113, pretty expensive.

  46. In Italy , 1,31 Euros (!!) per litre…

  47. justinf says:

    its around 92p a litre here in southern England.
    in U.S. dollars that $1.83 , in Canadian dollars $2.04

  48. MySpace API says:

    I work from home as well, so I don’t notice the petrol prices to much here in Oz.

  49. max says:

    It’s $3.59 here in San Fran. πŸ‘Ώ

    1. thesilly1 says:

      How’s that Oakland Bridge thing looking? I only saw pictures on CNN but it looked pretty crazy. Bet that makes people spend more $$ on gas. yikes!

  50. On the east coast (Prince Edward Island)a litre of gas will run you 112.9, our gas prices are regulated by the provincial government and only change on the 1st or 15th of each month unless dramatic changes have occured on the global market. Will be interesting to see it the price goes up tomorrow, likely will.

  51. Sebbi says:

    1,35 Euros (2.06 Canadian dollars) for regular gas in Germany πŸ™

  52. Martin says:

    crazy Americans bitching about their price of gas, people here pay twice as much and earn about 1/4 of US salaries…

    1. blame Bush. He’s the one taking a War in Iraq making the price of oil much more expensive.

      1. Capper says:

        Holy crap man —

        Try looking at OPEC ! their the bastards who keep driving the price up through production cuts and your own government..


  53. thesilly1 says:

    It’s $1.00 here in Calgary…. Which never makes sense to me considering we MAKE most of the gas…. grrrrr.

  54. blogdinero says:

    U$ 3.40 one galon, average in Central America

  55. msdanielle says:

    US$3.29 for REGULAR here in Orange County – i filled up this morning. in LA it’s US$3.65. πŸ˜₯

  56. Dave says:

    Gas prices have started to affect my driving habits. I have a Honda Civic, so it’s pretty good on gas, but with > $1 prices it’s starting to hurt. Especially now that I’m driving more.

  57. and here I am thinking that $0.78 price for gas is already expensive here in the Philippines. Compared to US? well…that $1.225 is really expensive. LOL

  58. Rick Yuen says:

    Hybrid cars are still not worth the purchase. Even with rebates from the government, they still cost a high premium over their gas counterparts. Unless you drive for a living, the high gas prices shouldn’t affect most people that much. In general, people just like to bitch about prices. πŸ˜†

  59. I live in Serbia and here prizes are: for diesel it’s $1.16 and for gasΠΎΠ»ΠΈΠ½Π΅ it’s $1.41. (US dollars)

  60. Krillz says:

    Dude 1.20 is cheap!
    Here in Sweden we have to pay around $1.74/litre

    back in the good old times the gas price were at your levels now, okej maybe some cents less but still!
    So stop whining! πŸ˜›

  61. Leftblank says:

    Well John, I wouldn’t complain; the prices in Europe are way higher than in the US – as always – ‘euro95’ is about 1,70$ here, if you pick the cheapest station around.

    (Btw, @ your title; it’s not quite correct; a price can be high, not expensive, so your title should be ‘Really high gas prices’ or ‘Really expensive gas’ ;))

  62. Honestly, I am constantly working with investments and finance, and can’t figure out why gasoline is so expensive, when Lt. Sweet Crude has been on a major slide recently!


    -Sam from Market Matador

  63. gas prices usually jump when oil jumps but takes a while to drop when the price of oil falls

  64. roberto says:

    Nowday, in Italy price per litre is around 1,3 Euros (!!).

    In Spain, a week ago, was around 1.20 Euros per litre.

    According to Google ()
    1 Euro = 1.3563 U.S. dollars
    1 Euro = 1.50115218 Canadian dollars

    in this moment.


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