Receiving a $10,000 Check

Yesterday, I met up with Brian Campbell and a group of readers at the Starbucks inside the Chapters bookstore in Richmond to receive a $10,000 check. The story on how I got this check is pretty interesting. I wrote a blog post about Brian’s attempt to make $10,000 in 37 days using Facebook. Long story short, Brian made the $10,000 and decided to give the money to me.

Even though it was a weekday, it was nice to see over a dozen readers came out to meet Brian and myself. I had a great time talking to my readers and I’m sure they’ll all enjoy the special gift Brian gave everyone who came out.

78 thoughts on “Receiving a $10,000 Check”

  1. Gerard says:

    $10,000 ?!?!?!?!?!

    I hate you John!
    Lol, I’m kidding 😀

    1. Debo Hobo says:

      Don’t leave us hanging, what did he give to everyone that came out….. 👿

      1. Michael Kwan says:

        Yeah, I’m kind of curious about that too.

      2. Collin LaHay says:

        Evil time to cut out the video lol.

        “I am going to give everyone in this meeting….” JOHN CHOW DOT COM.


        1. Abdul says:

          Exactly, I also wanted to see what he was going to be giving away!

      3. Ian Chapman says:

        hey I know Brian and if you want to find out a bit more about what he does I’ve been spilling the beans on my blog

  2. Leo says:

    Now YOU need to pay it forward John 😈

    1. Donate 50% to your readers in a contest, John! :mrgreen:

      1. Thiago Prado says:

        The best idea ever!!! :mrgreen:

      2. Mad Ape says:

        I think he could start a scholarship at a local learning institution and offer up a small portion in a blogging contest.

        The Mad Ape

      3. Abdul says:

        Yea, your readers are the ones atually who made your blog successful! 😉

      4. Noobpreneur says:

        Agreed 😀

  3. Hugo Santos says:

    now, why don’t you give the $10,000 in a contest? it should be interesting…. 😀

    1. addiehf says:

      Not for contest ➡ give all for me 😆

  4. Jeff says:

    I’m curious what Brian gave! I’m guessing it was membership to his site, but I could be wrong. Someone please comment…

    1. Abdul says:

      Yea thats what I think too, or probably he was holding a check book in his hand, could he have given money??

  5. Boris Zv says:

    Congratulations John 😉

  6. FYI one of your plugins or something must not be parsing the title correctly as the title displays as:

    Receiving a ,000 Check

    Also the 2nd link in the blog says cays when most likely you meant days 😉

  7. Way to go JC! Maybe you could sponsor something like this? That would be cool. :mrgreen:

  8. I should start helping people out more often 🙄

  9. haMeedFinder says:

    ya like “hugo” and “chris” give the $ 10,000 but not for contest just for me :mrgreen:

  10. Shanel Yang says:

    Woah! That was hilarious! I couldn’t stop laughing at you just standing there being so patient. Good job and congratulations!!

    1. I would have snatched that check out of his hand at about the 2 minue mark. Well, come to think of it, that might have been impolite, maybe I’d have given him 3 minutes.

  11. Gavin says:

    Crikey he can talk!
    Interesting story and I have been keeping up with going on from your blog and Brians facebook posts. If you head over to Brians facebook page, he explains more about what he is offering.

  12. OCGolfCourse says:

    That was easy 🙂 It took me 2 years blogging to make that much. At least the good news is that the same year I will be making my second and third $10,000s!

    Brian, where’s my check?

  13. JJDW says:

    I never thought the guy would shut up… jeesh.

  14. Ed Lau says:

    Dude, you look so bored while Brian was talking. I know you have a short attention span but…lol.

    I’m going to re-dub this video with circus music and a caption that says “This is what’s going on inside John’s head.”

    1. WatchUOnline says:

      LOL … yea he spoke too much.

      didn’t he notice that john was drooling waiting for the check? :mrgreen:

  15. bonoriau says:

    Woow USD10k ….
    What is your plan …contest!!!!

    1. Contest is what I’m thinking!

  16. Stephen says:

    Why do you look like you want to just take it from him mid speech? 😈

    1. Enkay Blog says:

      Yeah, i noticed John eying the check midway too.

  17. Now you can justify selling review posts for $10,000!

  18. Pallab says:

    You are evil!
    First you write a post asking people to help a guy make 10k bucks, and then take the 10k bucks yourself 😈

    Now, do something nice and donate it to the guy who wants to go to oxford.

  19. Enjoy your 10K, you need 10K less to retire now 😀 Hey Brian, if you’re reading. I’ve got tons of good karma to give out.. send some goodies my way and it’ll all be yours.

  20. Kacper says:

    John, will you add this 10,000$ in your Income Report Post? I think it should be there. Probably a new record then 😈

  21. Tom Sawyer says:

    Yes, he does look bored.

  22. John, I think it’s time for another contest. All the cash goes to one lucky winner. How’s that sound?

  23. I have never heard someone tell the same thing over again so many times. I guess he wanted to get enough face time in to cover his plane ticket to Canada and the $10,000 hole in his pocket.

  24. ohh now I get it , this guy actually uses facebook to sell something , I didn`t read his post back when it was written so I had no idea .. have to check it out. If he is able , then anyone is able to generate money from facebook , with some efforts. Congrats John! 😀
    A contest would be nice! A new Mac Air?

  25. What’s the course that the guy sells? Does it teach Social Media Marketing tactics?

  26. Some marketing methods I bet , I have to get a bit deeper into it. Haven`t heard of this product yet. But assuming it`s 50$ a copy that means he needs to sell 200 copies to make that 10,000$ in 37 days. It`s not something phenomenal.

    Brian Campbell says on his Facebook profile :

    “I’m famous on facebook for earning $25,171 on facebook in only 21 days, starting completely from scratch.

    It only took me 16 days to make $10,000 and only 21 days to reach $25,171, starting completely from scratch.”

    The numbers changed a bit. :mrgreen:

  27. Congrats on the nice “bonus”…

  28. Simon says:

    The rich get richer… 🙄

    1. tyna says:

      Yes, if they trully want to give it forward the bestthing would be to give the money / blog post to someone who can not pay them back.They knew what they were doing from the onset.

  29. Israel says:

    that guy was so annoying. wow. especially when he did the teeth sucking, pause thing during his rant. wow.

    1. Thiago Prado says:

      The link to your site is wrong. I visited a few times before and I like it a lot. congrats

  30. OMG JOHN CHOW!!!
    Brian is a super nice guy…and all the people who showed up got a lifetime membership to his website. 😉 Thanks Brian!
    John: Time to pay it forward….to me.

  31. Josh says:

    Why not give it to charity?

    Or John, why don’t you give the money to charity?

  32. Dan says:

    John looks bored out of his mind…

  33. Tom says:

    Oh the suspense… and the saga continues.

  34. God, some of you people are so jaded.

    I thought the video and the act of giving the money was really sweet. I really give props to Brian for doing what he did. I’m sure John has some juicy intentions with that check!


  35. You took this guy’s money? Where is your shame, dude?

  36. Brian easily got $10,000 worth of face time on John Chow dot com.

    I started watching Brian’s videos early on but I got bored. He doesn’t generate the same empathy that Ed Dale does. Ed also started a facebook marketing course late last year on the subscription-based Immediate Edge, but a lot of the cutting edge Web 2.0 marketing stuff can be had for free on the thirty day challenge –

  37. kahoongchai says:

    oh mu god..he is so nice man..willing to give out his $10k to you John..So how are you going to spend the $10k ?? :mrgreen:

    share it out with your reader ? Good idea !! We are waiting !! 😎

  38. Germz says:

    John I love how you cut the video as soon as he says what he’ll do with the other 15k lmao.

    1. Syed Balkhi says:

      I guess we won’t know unless we go there.

  39. Tyler Cruz says:

    Yes, he did “ramble” on for a bit, but that was completely to be expected. He obviously gave the $10,000 away for its marketing benefits – apart from short term buzz and possible press, it’s a story with photos and video that he can use forever.

    I’m sure part of the reason for giving the cash was genuinely to thank John for his blog post, but if he really wanted to just pay it forward he would have sent him a cheque privately/quietly.

    If I was Brian I’d do the exact same thing and get as much air time out of the event as possible. As somebody previously commented, he wanted to get the best bang out of his $10,000 and airplane ticket (and hotel, etc.).

    The one thing I think Brian might have wanted to do (I’m not sure if he did but I ton’t think so) beforehand was contact some local press (Richmond/Vancouver) and tell them about the event. He could also have hired somebody to act as a type of mock interviewer/reporter to ask the questions and mediate the exchange. That would eliminate the need for Brian to have to kind of act as the “host” himself.

    If he had just said “Here’s the $10,000 cheque to John Chow. Thanks a lot John!”, the whole thing would have been over in 15 seconds. So instead of 15-seconds of fame, he got 6:13 😛

    1. Syed Balkhi says:

      He did get quiet alot of fame from the blog post by John. I have to agree with you tyler on the point that he should’ve called the press. Even the press could’ve interviewed him.

  40. jatt says:

    Woaw..$10K?Gimme some John, share wif someone in needs hehe :mrgreen:

  41. Syed Balkhi says:

    10k eh. That means a bigger blog contest ??

  42. goalcentre says:

    John, i am evil!!! 🙂 so you should donate a portion to an evil guy like me as well man…

    Congrats for the big fat cheque you got there! 😈 😈

  43. tyna says:

    All i heard in the video was $10,000.Please give John the $10,000
    check,he is obviously bored with your long speech.

  44. Joe Schmo says:

    John Chow looks like a younger version of Tom Vu…You know the guy in the 90’s on the boat with ladies selling who knows what

  45. Geiger says:

    That’s a lot of comments right away. I think this $10,000 series is more popular than your “How to get a Girlfriend” series. Brian can sure talk a lot!

  46. TRBdigital says:

    Seriously though – if he was planning to use this video for more PR in the future he could have taken about 3 minutes on his plane trip and planned out his thoughts a little better!! That was a tough 6:13 minutes to sit and watch.

  47. Forumistan says:

    Wow, great jon John…

  48. Jason B. says:

    It’s amazing that people will pay to listen to a guy about how to make money who is doing the video at his apartment with a red sheet behind him covering up his window……come on people……..seriously ?

    Quick question John. Why are you helping promote a guy who does what you talk shit about in your free book (After spending $97 for a worthless piece of crap, the E book author would use this page to try to up sell you to another worthless piece of crap for even more money). Just curious.

  49. Raul says:

    While everyone will question whether it’s ok or not to monetize, etc., etc., etc., I think this was REALLY cool and it was a great testimonial to a simple and positive concept – PAY IT FORWARD.

    Good stuff, John.

  50. You’re soooo lucky. You could probably win the lottery with your first ticket.

  51. Hendra says:

    Teach Me John….I Want To Be Like You..:)

  52. Mr. Rajawang says:

    JC was waiting for Brian to finish talking and was like thinking ‘just give me the darn moolah quick!’ lol

  53. BillyWarhol says:

    I would like to take this Opportunity to present DotCom Mogul John Chow with a Certified Cheque for $1 BILLION DOLLARS!!
    NOT!! 😆

  54. Hello John, You should check your title on this page. It says:
    Receiving a ,000 Check | John Chow dot Com
    Just wanted to draw your attention to it.

  55. Clement says:

    John, I am really impressed with the money that you are making on your blog.But you must know that for a blog to be successful, it must have a large number of committed readers. Your blog has a huge readership and without that you would not have been making all these monies. I therefore would like to suggest that you should be paying a certain percentage (10% or 20%) of your monthly income back to these readers as a token of appreciation to them. This kind of arrangement will not leave you in red simply because you will just be sharing a percentage of what you have earned in a particular month. You will have to devise a way of rewarding your readers by monitoring the level of activity on your blog (number of visits, comments and their value etc.).

    Rewarding your readers will have a two-fold effect. Firstly, Your readers will feel rewarded and therefore they will become more motivated to be coming back to your blog again and again. This will cause new readers to flock to your blog resulting in more traffic and obviously more money.Secondly, you will be making even more money because of the great biblical principle which says…Blessed is the one that giveth than the one that receiveth.

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