Relax, It’s Just a leisurely Sunday Drive

I’m not sure which is more funny, the passenger calling “shotgun” or the Stig dressed driver not giving a damn about how terrified his passenger is.

Damn, that’s a pretty evil driver! I can see myself doing the same thing to a poor helpless female passenger. Oh wait, I have done that before, but that’s another story. 😈

Remember kids, in a World Champion Rally car, nobody can hear you scream. Therefore, make sure you know what you’re getting into before agreeing to be strapped in!

Source: Autoblog

39 thoughts on “Relax, It’s Just a leisurely Sunday Drive”

  1. MoneyNing says:

    All I can say is “What was she thinking??” 🙂

    Good find.

  2. evil john evil!

    But LMFAO!!!

  3. What does screaming do besides annoy the driver? 😛

    1. Israel says:

      it helps express the horror and fear you feel. 🙄

    2. lyricsreg says:

      He doesn’t seem to be annoyed. More like entertained 🙂

      1. Haha, he seems more like … expressionless. 😛

  4. She didn’t close her eyes, she loved every second of it! Total Nympho for sure.

    1. Really? does that mean she’s a nympho?!?
      Is nympho what I think it is???

  5. great008 says:

    i thought that dude was gonna slap her 😆

  6. Alain says:

    Gotta love the Stig. 😈

    1. Rob Schultz says:

      I second that…*types this while watching Top Gear on BBC America*

  7. Drew says:

    I am curious as to why she got in the car in the first place. Pretty funny video. Good find John.

    1. lyricsreg says:

      Curiosity killed the cat


    What was she thinking getting in a racing car.


  9. Having been lucky enough to take some hot laps in an Australian touring car I know the fear she was feeling…but as a guy it was turned to adrenlaline, and of course I wanted more.

  10. Israel says:

    haha, she was horrified.

  11. Bill Keating says:

    She was enjoying herself. :mrgreen:

  12. lyricsreg says:

    Will that woman ever get into a car again ?

  13. Rhys says:

    I know who the stig is! I went to watch Top Gear being filmed last week and he took off his helmet.

    Unfortunately, I had to sign a non-discloure agreement before going in, so I can’t say 🙁

  14. Didn’t know they had Top Gear, The Stig in Canada?

  15. Nomar says:

    not very impressive, just a scared girl.. she isnt smacked in her seatbells or whatever.. hehe

  16. dude…imagine if you were in there..

    1. Googlelady says:

      I can’t imagine that lol… That is insane really 😛

  17. The driver couldn’t have looked more calm. I think he had his elbow out the window at one point and was driving with one hand.

  18. Stephen says:

    That chick is never going to navigate in this town again 😆

  19. Been there, done that 😀

    1. I have to ask… 😛

  20. ROFLMAO she got her azz freezed I wonder if her heart remained on the chest or went down to her socks

  21. done that? lol.. awesome.. If I have a girlfriend i’ll go for a ride like that with her everyday to heat her up. LOL

  22. The audio implies shifting of gears. There is no visual! Scary!!

  23. I haven’t laughed that hard in weeks. LMAO….Wow.

  24. Another funny video from johnchow.. 😕

  25. no guts no glory! If you ain’t got what it takes why would you take part in this anyway?

  26. 09369 says:

    really excited

  27. dont get your AIS if you ain no guts..AIS = ASS IN SEAT

  28. LOL… I’d love to get on one of these! 😛

  29. Hotel Guy says:

    I don’t think see disliked it that much or else she would have been screaming for him to stop or pullover.

  30. Shannon says:

    LOL! She look so damn funny! :mrgreen:

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