Remembering James Kim

jameskim.jpgSearchers locate the body of missing CNET editor in Oregon wilderness, two days after wife and children rescued. Kim, 35, left his family’s stranded car Saturday morning searching for help and never returned.

Arrangements are being made to transport Kim to the Oregon State Police office in the town of Central Point, Ore., for a medical examination, according to police. Kim had been missing in the remote southwestern Oregon wilderness for 11 days and was found at approximately noon Wednesday about half a mile from the Rogue River, authorities said.

I never had the pleasure of meeting James Kim face to face, although I’m sure we have bumped into each other at a few trade shows. Being in the same media sector that I cover, I feel the lost of James Kim as one of my own.

My deepest condolences goes out to the Kim family. Jame Kim gave his life to save his family. He is a true hero.

17 thoughts on “Remembering James Kim”

  1. steve says:

    such a sad story 🙁

  2. James Kim indeed is a true hero and is a true example of what a great dad and husband is. He left his family behind searching for help in terrible weather and sadly the only thing he found was dead. It makes me really sad the whole outcome of this tragic story, James Kim rest in peace.


  3. Matt says:

    That’s terrible … I wish there was more detail as to exactly what happened. Why was he wandering in the wilderness instead of walking along the road? Did he not have a cell phone? I just don’t get it…

  4. HMTKSteve says:

    It is a sad tale.

    No one knows why he left the road.

    I think he left the clothing behind for one of two reasons:

    1) Hypothermia.
    2) Leaving a trail for his return.

    Either way he was a dedicated husband and gave his life in an attempt to save his family.

    The lesson that we should all learn from this is not to travel in a snowstorm and to always let your friends know where you are when you are traveling.

  5. John Chow says:

    Matt – He had a cell phone but it doesn’t work in the woods.

  6. Brian says:

    It is a sad situation. May he rest in peace.

    When I began to know about this incident, the most poignant aspect of the incident was when the children were hungry, the mother (Janmes’ wife) breastfed her children. This action shows her heroism. They also had to burn tires to keep warm, when they ran out of gas.

  7. drugnerd says:

    Asian people are my favorite people. My mom is Asain. Very sad indeed.

  8. aeQea says:

    Reading the entire news article was very emotional for me.

  9. dacholo says:

    he did have a cell phone that went on for a second or so this past weekend. using that info, cell service provider was able to narrow down search area to 26 mile square section. that’s how they found the car with wife and kids.

    and the road seemed to have been snowed in. that was the reason their car was stuck in the first place. dunno, but I think his leaving must have been desperation to find some type of help/solution.

    good luck to the Kim family in SF.

  10. Al Davies says:

    I guess Digg is still good for some things. This story showed up on my google homepage a couple of days ago. I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise. The video clip that was shown on the Digg looked like an aerial shot taken by a camera phone but there was no description. Was that taken by James?

  11. Brad says:

    I’m an Oregonian and I can tell you that a road doesn’t mean anything. For one the roads are horrible out there to begin with and we happened to get hit by snow around that time. There would be snow where they were at in normal circumstances anyway, but even the valley got hit with snow around that time which is very rare. Oregon is generally rain, not snow. That means there was probably more up there. Common sense probably told him that walking the road back was too far. But who knows. There’s my Oregonian perspective for you. I’ve been in a similar situation on Mt. Hood. Luckily there happened to be a few people driving up there.

  12. My condolences too! I loved reading his reviews at CNET

  13. derrich says:

    Very, very sad. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

  14. vik says:

    Ya, I read this yesterday and was very sad. James was a hero, indeed.

  15. It is sad news to hear that he did not make it out of this ordeal, particularly when you think he had just left his family to look for help a few days earlier.

    The night Mrs. Kim and their children were found, there was a reporter in a helicopter that indicated it took them about 30 minutes to find the car from the air even though they knew the exact coordinates of where it was located.

  16. Andy says:

    RIP You will be missed James

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