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Results of Implementing Blogging with John Chow

written by John Chow on December 11, 2012

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Hi John!

I HAVE to share this with you. I’m going through your course and I take ACTION when I read good stuff, like your course has. So I did a blog post a couple of days ago and my purpose was to implement several of your tips from Blogging with John Chow and see how it was received.

I used the following tips you had mentioned:

  1. I used a list (7 ways)
  2. I went to another person’s blog to get an idea (I chose Lynn Terry)
  3. I linked back to her without thought.
  4. I was full of MY personality – blunt.
  5. I broke it up with images or quotes.
  6. I encouraged opt ins at the bottom (although I’m buying a tool to do it soon)
  7. It was a post based on free sharing of good ideas, not selling – so it provided value.

I just have to share the results with you:

In the first HOUR, it was picked up by some guy with over 64,000 followers on Twitter and put in his online magazine as a link. It was RT by Lynn to HER 30,000 followers. It has been Liked 19 times, Tweeted 11 times, G+ shared 10 times, and added to Stumbleupon.

These are a sampling of comments people made on the blog – and one of them even KNEW it was because I was implementing your tips!:

“Love it! Are these the types of posts you’re going to start doing on a regular basis? If so, then I think it’s going to
get a little crowded around here!”

“I love love love this post.”

“Tiff, I printed this post out; this is a winner!”

“Awesome post! Was this post at all inspired by Blogging With John Chow? I’m seeing you implement some of the things from it and I love it! It’s the type of advice I’m working on implementing more on my blogs.”

“I love the tone of your post.”

“Hi Tiffany: I really love this post today. You really hit the nail on the head here.”

“Really, really great post, Tiff!”

“Love it.”

“OMG yeah that was a hum dinger of a read Tiff.”


Tiff ;)

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