Review My Blog – 17th Batch

The review my blog for a linkback reviews just keep coming in! Not only are we at batch 17 but I already have batch 18 done and any new reviews will go into batch 19! Will this never end? I’ve really been overwhelmed by the response to the review offer. I hope it helps you people out in your blog promotion.

Here are the 10 reviews for batch 17. Please check them out.

I will post batch 18 tomorrow. I already have two reviews for batch 19. Eight more and we will be at batch 20! If you haven’t done a review yet, now would be a good time to get on the review train. I link to anyone who reviews my blog. This gives you exposure and traffic from the 459th most popular blog on the Internet, according to Technorati. The backlink will help improve your Technorati and Google ranking.

Full Review Rules Here