Review My Blog – 18th Batch

As promised, here is batch 18 of the review my blog for a free linkback reviews. It looks like I could very well be posting one new batch each day because I already got nine reviews for batch 19. I am positive that will come in sometime today. Then we’ll be at batch 20! This has to rank as the best promotion idea I’ve ever came up with it.

Here are the 10 reviews from batch 18. Please check them out.

I am pretty sure I will be posting batch 19 tomorrow. If you hurry, you can grab that last slot before we’re onto batch 20 reviews. Your review has to be at least 200 words long and link to this blog and the review my blog post. Other than that, you’re free to say anything good or bad about me. I link to anyone who does a review. This gives you a linkback from the 445th most popular blog on the Internet, according to Technorati.

Full Review Rules Here

12 thoughts on “Review My Blog – 18th Batch”

  1. Ed says:

    Thanks for posting the backlink. Maybe you should start a count-downer ticker and start taking bets on when you will be number 1 on Technorati. You already went up 9 spots between my post submission and LaPlana’s.

  2. Eric says:

    John, first of all, congrats for your amazing work!
    Now let’s do some math:
    Your blog is currently #445 on Technorati’s rank, with 1837 blogs links.
    Your goal is to reach rank #100: today’s Techorati #100 Blog is Perez Hilton with 5210 links.
    That’s a 3,373 links difference, let say 3,400.
    Are you ready to post 340 Review Me posts at to reach your goal?

    1. John Chow says:

      Don’t have to. I running ahead of schedule right now. I will be there long before the year is over.

      1. Austin Luna says:

        That’s why my review is titled “ will become the #1 rated blog at Technorati”.

        I think I will create a category for my blog titled “dot com moguls” which I will start posting links to all your reviews for this contest.

        John Chow will become the #1 rate blog at Technorati

  3. Alex Shalman says:

    John Chow is ready for anything!

  4. Ali says:

    Dude, this is great and all. But seriously it’s getting a little bit less interesting then it was in the beginning.

    But if you keep getting them, why complain?

  5. Nomar says:

    So much reviews. GREAT

  6. Dam thats a lot of reviews! I figured they’d start slowing down, but they don’t appear to be!

  7. Marc says:

    I would never have imagined that you would end up with such and endless well of people reviewing your site. I applaud your foresight. Great viral marketing.

  8. This is just amazing… I think I’m going to start an “evil” review linking scheme soon. Any tips on how to best pull that off – or should we expect the eBook “How to Get Other People to Review Your Blog” soon? 😉

  9. Justin Smith says:

    This is a really great idea, and I might just have to take you up on it. At any rate, I love this site and I’ve become something of an addict.

    Thanks for all the tips, and keep up the good work!

  10. Ed says:

    Hey John, what is technorati all about?

    After reviewing your site, the ranking went up 30,000, ie according to technorati, I guess my blog’s value to internet users went up 25%? Cool bragging rights and all, but I hate to say that the traffic from John Chow dot com has so far been underwhelming.

    I don’t wish to sound ungrateful, but it is a bit perplexing. The thing is, a couple of weeks ago I did a review of My Extra Life radio podcast. They mentioned it on their blog and sent me several hundred visitors . Since then my traffic has consolidated maybe 5% higher, and my Technorati rank went up, but not by much, which sounds about right – ie the fall out of the review was an extra link or two from a PR5 site, a bit more exposure and a marginal amount of constant extra traffic.

    Compared to that ELR review, I don’t see how my review for John Chow has contributed much extra to the value of my blog, or improved the internet. Less than 100 folks have visited, so far! Despite that small short term improvement, however, according technorati I am a god in my own lunchtime compared to a couple of days ago.

    What do you read from the results of the two reviews I wrote? Should i be skeptical of technorati? Is technorati really a meaningful gage of anything useful apart from bragging rights? Is the long term traffic from your site somehow going to justify this 30,000 higher ranking now? Thanks.


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