Review My Blog – 20th Batch

Yes, it’s true. We have arrived at magic batch 20 of the review my blog for a free linkback reviews. Not only are we at batch 20 but batch 21 is complete and all future reviews will go to batch 22. Instead of slowing down, like many people expected (myself included), the number of reviews coming in have increased!

Here are the 10 reviews from batch 20.

There were a couple of really creative reviews in this batch. I enjoy reading all of them. Right now, batch 21 is done and I have two reviews already for batch 22. At this rate, it looks like I could be posting one new batch per day. I don’t mind doing that at all. Keep sending those reviews in!

I link to anyone who reviews my blog. The link will send you some traffic as reader check out your review. You’ll also be linked by a blog that is ranked 422 most popular on the Net, according to Technorati. This improves your Technorati and search engine ranking.

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