Review My Blog – Batch 23

It’s time for another batch of those never ending Review My Blog for a free linkback reviews. Yes, we are now at batch 23 and it’s not stopping because batch 24 is pretty much complete as well. I only need three more reviews and then we’ll be at batch 25, so if you hurry, you can make it!

Here are the 10 reviews from batch 23.

Want to be linked by Technorati’s 370th most popular blog on the Internet? Then review my blog and I’ll link to you. Just make sure the review is at least 200 words long and links to my home page and this review rules page. It seems some people cannot follow simple rules. If you want to impress my readers, then you should try to put some effort into it. A linkback will only get you so far.

Congrats to Small Potato of for beating me to the Technorati Top 100. His review is in this batch.