Review My Blog – Batch 24

Another day, another batch of Review My Blog reviews. By now, everyone should be getting use to this. This is batch 24, but batch 25 is ready to go. Any new reviews will be part of batch 26. It really is fun reading all the reviews. Keep them coming!

Here are the 10 reviews of batch 24.

It’s good to see everyone followed the review rules on this latest batch. If you’re a new blog looking for a little traffic and link love from one of the most popular blogs on the Internet, then all you have to do is post a review on it. You can check out the full review rules here.

12 thoughts on “Review My Blog – Batch 24”

  1. derrich says:

    Are you still hunting muskrats?…or something? 😳

  2. Bryan Baker says:

    I’m next John! 😀

  3. zaki says:

    John, thanks for adding me up in your linkback..I’m honoured to be there….

  4. Steve says:

    Again, cool for seeing new blogs, crazy how popular this has been for you John!

  5. Jane says:

    I’m beginning to think these won’t stop, which is a great thing for you and this blog.

    1. I know it boosted my Technorati rank quite a bit! And just look at John’s rank now – his numbers have boosted a lot as well!

  6. Dominik says:


    I am a big fan from this website. I am from Germany and i work with AGLOCO because I´ve read the posts from John. And today I got a link from him. But I don´t think, anybody out there who reads this blog understand my language. But nobody knows. Thanks John 😀

  7. Ajith says:

    This is getting you new visitors and you do enjoy it right?

    1. Dominik says:

      Yes, it is unbelievable. I am from Germany and John gives me link. Today my Adsense revenue grows 100%. From $1 to $2. 😛 😀 😀 😀
      And I think nobody who comes from this site to my website could unserstand a word. But who knows. Because John has written about AGLOCO, I´ve joined the community. If AGLOCO will win, I will say thanks to John twice. 😀


  8. Dominik says:

    Hi I am from Germany and I read the John Chow Blog since 2 month. I wanna say thanks to John, because he gave me a link from his website. I don´t know if someone from you understands only one word on my homepage, but my Adsense revenue grow 100%. From $1 to $2 😀 😀 😀

    Because I´ve read the blog I´ve built my Agloco website. If AGLOCO will win and I´ll make some money, thanks thanks twice John.


  9. paul says:

    I saw that you stopped by my place I am sure to check out my blatant rip of of your contest…but you did not leave me a comment? What gives? Are you mad at me? Just talk to me John, please open up. I hope you indeed are not mad at me because I really like you and please lemme know if you are in Tampa and I will wash your car for you! 😉

    John…I can’t tell you what an honor it would be if you would participate in MY contest. I have already listed you on my blogroll as well as made several post about your page and am considering buying a shamrock at 7-11 in your name.

    Thanks man…paul

  10. MeTheGeek says:

    Hi John,

    My hats off to your creativity.

    I had to list you in my February’s Top 15 geek sites list

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