Review My Blog – Batch 34

Another day, another batch of Make Money Online reviews. This maybe batch 34 but I’m backlogged all the way to batch 37 so I’m going to have to find a time to maybe post two batches in one day so I can catch up a bit. Someone asked in the comments if I still read these reviews. The answer is yes, of course I do. Who would get bored of reading reviews of themselves? 🙂

Here are the 10 reviews from batch 34.

If you haven’t sent in a Make Money Online review, then now is the time to do it. I have one spot left for batch 37. Any reviews after that will go into batch 38. The rules for doing a review are very simple. You just have to link to this blog’s home page with the anchor text “make money online” and link to this review rules post. Here’s an example:

John Chow dot Com is a blog that helps you make money online. He is offering to link to your blog if you review his blog.

Other than above rules, you are free to say anything you want. I link to anyone who reviews my blog. It is a good way to get traffic and increase your search engine rankings.