Review My Blog – First Batch

Wow! When I asked fellow bloggers to review my blog I didn’t expect this level of participation. Since posting the review for link offer I have received almost 40 reviews in less than 24 hours! I was expecting it would be a couple of days before I can post a batch of reviews for you to read but now I have too many!

To make it easier and give you a chance to check out all the reviews, I will posting them in batches of 10. Here is the first batch.

I must say, the quality of these “free” reviews are much higher than the PayPerPost reviews that cost me $5.00 each. I can tell many of you put a lot thought into your review.

Please check out the reviews and post your comments on them. The comments will be used to help me pick a winner for the MiniTV USB from ADS Tech. I will add another batch of 10 after you had a chance to take in this batch.

If you haven’t entered the review for linkback contest, there’s still time. Go here for the details.

20 thoughts on “Review My Blog – First Batch”

  1. Bryce says:

    I vote for the mac fanclub 😛

  2. Justin says:

    I vote for “The Air Thoughts of a vivid mind” Good job!

  3. John Wesley says:

    Sort of funny, a couple of them use the exact same theme as you. Just to be certain, the last link I posted worked, right?

    Air Thoughts was way too long winded. Charles Hamel seemed one sided, no criticism. Though I must admit I am biased :).

    I’ll try to read the other ones later. Happy holidays to all.

  4. John Chow says:

    John Wesley – Yes, your link works. Look for it to get posted soon!

  5. John Wesley says:


    Regarding the other reviews:

    In Pursuit of the Dream Remix – reads like a lab report. If I had to take one–Strange Progress.

  6. eclipse says:

    Ive been noticing visitors from out your way already creeping in! As well as readers from your site specifically. I wonder did any reviewers use the line “its Chow time?” because if not…they should.

  7. John Wesley says:

    Just curious–Why don’t you post your name ‘clipse?

  8. Nik Agarwal says:

    John Wesley -> I realize my review is quite lengthy. I have a bad habit of not being able to stop writing once I start. HAHA!! But hey, I’m still learning.

  9. Hey thanks JohnW – I thought I’d take a humorous line as you may have noticed! 😉


  10. Zoltan says:

    Considering I am reading you every day, I will also write a review, already started it, just need to fine tune it a little.

  11. eclipse says:

    Thats a good question John Wesley…I think I’ll write a post about in the next couple of days…I’ll let you know when its up.

  12. Bo Ek says:


  13. Bo Ek says:

    Woah! There are a LOT of people using Misty WordPress theme.

    Probaby because of the “Chow factor”.

  14. Justin says:

    Ha there are a lot of the chow blog themes lol

  15. Nomar says:

    Hope my link will show up in the next batch 😀

    great reviews though

  16. Marc says:

    First off, good work on this topic John. I think this is a great exploration of a timely and interesting topic.

    There is one bit that I’d like to add to the discussion however. While I agree that the quality of the volunteer posts are generally better than the PPP ones, there is a significant variable that creates an uneven playing field.

    The big issue with PPP posts is that as a blogger, you have to write your entry, then grab the opportunity. This means that you have to write quickly, all the while hoping that the opportunity doesn’t disappear because others were quicker. This race condition reduces the average quality of posts coming from this source.

    Also, while this is complete speculation, I suspect that at least some of the volunteers had a much greater level of familiarity with your blog than the PPP bloggers. Again, that’s speculative, but it’s of importance to the discussion.

    This is not to say that the volunteer posts aren’t better than the PPP posts, they are. But it’s rather to bring to light some of the factors involved that I personally think might be at work here.

    If you have an established, well read blog and offering a backlink has a lot of value behind it, then soliciting volunteers makes a lot of sense. Not all are so fortunate. For those who aren’t, PPP can be a helpful option.

    I do appreciate the discussion you’re bringing to light here. It’s great to see all the various facets of this very interesting issue.

  17. HMTKSteve says:

    Well, so much for the “johnchow” effect!

    I’d be very interested to hear from the other reviewers if they saw a significant traffic spike from this.

  18. John Chow says:

    Don’t expect too much of a spike. It’s Christmas and traffic is way down! If I didn’t know this was normal, I would panic. 🙂

  19. HMTKSteve says:

    Out of about 200 visits I think perhaps 75% of them came from you.

    Thanks again John!

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