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ReviewMe is a PayPerPost like service that pays bloggers to write about an advertiser’s product or service. The company is own by Text Links Ads, which was recently acquired by MediaWhiz. ReviewMe is different from PayPerPost in many ways. The biggest different is ReviewMe requires bloggers to disclose that the post is a paid post. This can be done in any number of ways, ie “Sponsored Post” “The following is a paid review” “Advertisement” etc. The lack of disclosure was a major gripe I had with PayPerPost. Another major improvement is ReviewMe does not require a review to be positive. You are free to state your mind on the product or service without fear of not being paid.

Creating a ReviewMe account is straightforward – just sign up here. Once you’re logged in, you are asked to submit your blog for consideration. You may have up to 6 active blogs in the ReviewMe network. Once accepted, the blogs may publish an unlimited number of reviews. With the information about your blog, ReviewMe will give your blog a ranking and price.


The above screenshot is what ReviewMe has about my blog. The ranking is based on scores from Alexa, Technoranti and number of RSS subscribers. Price is how much a review on my blog cost. The Price is based on several factors including theme, estimated traffic, link popularity, and estimated RSS subscribers. Both Ranking and Price are recalculated monthly. The Payout is the amount I would get for writing a review.

After entering my blog information, I was instantly given an offer to review ReviewMe. I thought that was hilarious because I was going to write about them anyway. Now I can get $50 for doing it. However, by accepting the review, this post has become a paid post. Every new blogger accepted into the ReviewMe network will have the opportunity to review ReviewMe. This gives new reviewers a chance to see exactly how their system works, and helps spread the word about the network. ReviewMe has set aside $25,000 to promote their new service. Make that $24,950 since I just took $50 of it.

While ReviewMe does not require reviews to be positive, they do require a review to be at least 200 words long. In addition, a review has to be done within 48 after accepting the assignment. After the review is finished, you need to enter the URL to the review in the ReviewMe control panel.

ReviewMe seems to be quite selective in the blogs they accept. I have told a few fellow bloggers about the service and four of them reported back that they were rejected because they didn’t meet the minimum requirements. Yet, these bloggers would have no problems being accepted to PayPerPost. A look at some of the sites in the ReviewMe network reveals some very well known blogs.


Another huge different between ReviewMe and PayPerPost is pricing. ReviewMe is charging a lot more for a review and that is attracting the bigger and better known blogs into their network. However, I think the biggest factors for higher-ranking blogs joining is the disclosure requirement and the freedom to give your honest opinion on a review.

Assuming your blog meets the requirements, I see ReviewMe as a viable income source for bloggers. If you get accepted by ReviewMe, I would be interested in knowing how much a review on your blog is worth. Please post it in the comments.

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  1. Gdog says:

    I am going to post about ReviewMe…thanks.

  2. great rewiew. i looked over the site and like it a lot. try it out!

  3. Christoph says:

    I got accepted immediately and for now it shows $40 as the price per posting. I guess I will write a review about these guys now.


  4. Bob Caswell says:

    Well, I applied and was accepted over at If you’re interested in another review of ReviewMe, check out:

  5. siong1987 says:

    I just received USD30 from ReviewMe by writing review about

  6. Derrich says:

    Awesome! I could use $50. My AdSense earnings are still a little lower than I had anticipated. 🙂

  7. depi says:

    My blog is worth only $40 (payout is $20), but I have only a little blog here in Slovakia. The interesting fact about ReviewMe is that they approved my review in Slovak language, they not require English, so this can be a big advantage I think.

    Also my friend tried to add another famous blogs, just for test, to see what they worth, it was interesting experience too 🙂

  8. Gene Kavner says:

    John —

    To add to the debate, I have documented 4 specific business 101 reasons why ReviewMe business model is flawed:

  9. Nocturnal says:

    My site, was accepted. I really appreciate the info. My blog is worth $40 with a payout of $20.00. It’s still $$$ though!

  10. My paid posts are worth $40.00. I figure it’s a start. Hopefully with the ranking being re-calculated every month it can go up.

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  12. Anonymous Man says:


    Any blogs which sign up for PayPerPost or ReviewMe or the like is selling out the integrity of the content of their blog for a few extra bucks. We can’t possibly believe your reviews are honest, even if they’re ReviewMes since it’s to bloggers’ benefits to write positive reviews to garner new and return customers.

    I won’t be reading this blog anymore. In fact, my RSS reader thinned out quite a bit in the last 24 hours thanks to ReviewMe.

  13. Human Being says:

    When does the whoredome end?

  14. feedbuzzard says:

    The web is a cash cow.

    Get your piece of it before it’s too late.

  15. Seriously, how does “John Chow” always get his articles in the top digg items and is never there? I don’t get it

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  17. It certainly is an interesting progression of the blogging world, as bloggers are drawn ever further into corporate funded honeypots.

    The red pill or the blue pill… every blogger has to make a choice.

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  19. Lars Koudal says:

    I got accepted almost immediately, but that is probably due to the fact that I am a member of the Text-Link-Ads system.

    In fact, I got an e-mail stating that was the reason.

    Anyway, my blog is worth $40 … so, thats $20 for me..

    I just posted the review, so lets see what happens.

    On a side-note: The calculation of blog-worth seems to suffer from some small errors. I know for a fact that I have some 20+ links on Technorati for my blog, but it is shown as 0 in the overview. Also, I might not have a lot of RSS-followers, but I know I have more than 0! (My mom is among the readers, so! hehe)

  20. David Mackey says:

    I reviewed ReviewMe recently as well. I like the service better, b/c it matches the ads with your site, you don’t have to browse through them all like at PayPerPost.

  21. John Hood says:

    My blog is, at time of writing, worth $60 US dollars per review. This is a win-win for both publishers and thier readership.

  22. Kenneth Langbrook says:

    Where’s your disclosure that you were paid $50 to write this article?

  23. John Chow says:

    You need to read the review. 🙂 “However, by accepting the review, this post has become a paid post”

  24. Lusidvicel says:

    Hello, i love! Let me in, please 🙂

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  26. Unfortuanately, they didn’t accept my blog 🙁

    I’d be interested in hearing what the google page ranks are of the blogs which are accepted.

  27. I just joined Review Me and my worth is $250.00. I’ll keep you updated on how it does.

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