ReviewMe Increases Ad Budget To $100,000

ReviewMe, the new pay per post system that launched just last week by offering to give bloggers $25,000 for reviewing their service has increased their budget to $100,000.

Well the launch went better than we ever could have expected, and in fact the initial $25,000 in ReviewMe review orders was claimed within 48 hours!

We liked the feedback and buzz we got so much, we’ve extended the offer until we’ve paid out $100,000 in reviews. So if you still haven’t applied to be in ReviewMe, sign up now!

If you didn’t get a shot at a piece of the $25,000 on the first go round, here’s your 2nd chance. You can read my ReviewMe review here and the update here.

7 thoughts on “ReviewMe Increases Ad Budget To $100,000”

  1. Nomar says:

    Might give it a try, first time my blog was not allowed .. a shame !!

    good to hear they are doing good

  2. ReviewMe struck gold. Other websites before tried to do this and received tremendous bad press. From the beginning, ReviewMe had a solid plan and executed it beautifully. I feel this company will be around for awhile. Bloggers love it and so do advertisers. Now it all comes down to variety of products/services to write about. This is essential.

  3. derrich says:

    Well, sadly I wasn’t accepted…although my blog in only about 6 weeks old. And although its not a blog, I tried to submit my fan site (music), which has a PageRank of 4…and that was declined as well. That I find odd. Oh well.

  4. Matt says:

    Sadly, I wasn’t accepted either. But, my blog isn’t very old either. I’d love to hear more reports from people who have reviewed products.

  5. Rex says:

    Stingy people aren’t they

  6. I am not surprised by this outcome, I predicted that the $25K cannot go round 500 bloggers in few days in my ReviewMe post last week on my new blog:

    Except otherwise postulated by those vast in Dot com fluctuations, I want to believe that the rising profile of ReviewMe as confirmed by Alexa ranking and other metrics, is a spin off from the current boom and not necessarily an organic growth from a solid and well-planned advertising foundations.

  7. David Mackey says:

    Wow, that was quick. Seems like a quick way to blow cash without any major advertisers – at least I haven’t seen anyone posting any ReviewMe backed ads yet.

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