ReviewMe To Let Bloggers Set Their Price

Starting today, ReviewMe will give the ability for bloggers to set their own review price. Before this, ReviewMe set the review price for the publishers. The price was based on combination of Alexa, Technorati and estimate RSS subscribers. Each was given a one to five start ranking to arrive at an overall ranking. For this blog, the price is $250 per review.

While the ReviewMe blog did state we can set our own price today, I have not been able to find that feature anywhere in the ReviewMe publisher control panel – it looks the same as it did yesterday. I guess they haven’t turn on the feature yet. Even if I can set my own review price, I don’t plan to change it from its current $250.

ReviewMe also announced an affiliate program that should go live on March 1st. It will be nice to see what they do with that. If it’s anything as good as the Text Link Ads (aff) affiliate program, which pays $25 for signing up a new publisher or client, it will be a good moneymaker for most blogs.

When ReviewMe raised my price to $250, I was afraid no one would order reviews from me. However, that proved to be unfounded as I received two orders immediately after the price increase. The Internet Marketing Monitor and North x East were the two sites paying $250 for their reviews. Any other reviews ordered for this month will qualify for a 50% coupon.

The Internet Marketing Monitor was nice enough to do a review of my review. This is a bit on what they had to say.

John’s review was nice. It had lots of links and you could tell that, unlike some of the PPP reviewers, he’d actually spent some time looking around the site. The “side effects” of the review were equally as nice. Compared to the PpP reviews, John’s single review sent us about 5 times more traffic than all 10 PpP reivews combined. The additions to our subscriber list were also about 5 times as much with John’s review than the PpP reviews.

I would definitely say that a review by John Chow is worth the $250 cost.

So far this month, I have made $375 from ReviewMe. That is the highest since joining the network. Will it be enough to help me beat the $3,440.66 I made in January? You’ll find out next month.

28 thoughts on “ReviewMe To Let Bloggers Set Their Price”

  1. Chris says:

    Good luck with beating your revenue record John, I’m sure you will even though Feb is the shortest month!

    ReviewMe looks like a good little revenue earner. It’s a shame it’s not very good for smaller blogs with not so much traffic.

  2. Ali says:

    I wonder how much they will pay per blog signed up with the affiliate program.

    PPP and ReviewMe though in the same boat have their own little set of benefits.

    Some of the posts on PPP now even pay up to $100 and more per post.

  3. collis says:

    Hey that was me who paid the full $250 not allenation! 🙂

    Everyone else (excpet Internet Marketing Monitor it seems) was clever enough to get the cheaper price or half off.

    Still it was worth the money!

    1. John Chow says:

      That’s right, you did! My mistake. I’ve corrected it. Thanks for ordering the review.

      1. Collis says:


        ReviewMe was good I think for getting something off the ground and getting a little bit of initial traffic. They are the same people who own Text-Link-Ads if I’m not mistaken, so they know what they are doing. I expect they’ll go well…

    2. Allen.H says:

      That’s right, when you look at it now – $100 isn’t that expensive at all, it’s a great bargain 🙂


  4. The PPP reviewers are really just their for the backlinks, I paid 12.50 for each review and not even one was worth it.

    1. Marc says:

      But try to spend that same 12.50 at ReviewMe and see how far you get… They are two very different services catering to two ends of the market. Interestingly enough, each is now trying to pinch in on the other’s segment.

  5. Nomar says:

    Good to see your customers are satisfied with your reviews 🙂

  6. John, sorry, it is ready to go now but will be uploaded first thing tomorrow so look for it by lunch tomorrow, thx! Patrick

  7. Allen.H says:

    I still haven’t stated what I think about Chow’s reviews, I will do that later this week in my blog. I think my observation should be of an interest to anyone who has an entrepreneurial blog.


  8. Tyler says:

    Are you able to have both I mean have ReviewMe set your prices but allow you to adjust them if needed?

  9. That’s a GREAT development. Market dynamics will set the price. Oftentimes, STATISTICAL quality is just one part of pricing dynamics. PERCEIVED VALUE also plays a (large) part.

  10. Ryan says:

    It’s good that they’re doing this, but I wonder how many people will set really cheap reviews to get people to pay them to do a review? This might work out good for some sites that get no requests because the price is too high, this way they can get some nice reviews under their belt and charge more, but I’m afraid some people will just take some quick $$ and run.

  11. engtech says:

    If the highest paying reviews continue to show up first in the list, that is a huge reason to have a higher than average price.

  12. Sean says:

    Wow, that’s awesome! I checked out the site, but since my blog is new I can’t submit my site :(. Oh well, all in due time.

  13. Thanks for the heads up. It would be interesting to test different prices and see if it changes anything…

    But do you know if this means they’ll accept any blogs – no matter how “unpopular” they are?

    1. Marc says:

      I would be surprised if it meant that. They’ve got a strong pool already who will be willing to undercut themselves to death.

      Low money blogs have likely all been earning $0 so they’ll drop the bar sufficiently without them needing to lower their entrance standards.

  14. Nate W. says:

    That is cool. Hey, John I have an idea… how about a contest to win a free review? That would inspire a lot of us I am sure to enter the contest! 🙂

    1. Marc says:

      That’s a really good idea. Free for John, but very valuable to us 🙂 I second the motion!

  15. Michael Kwan says:

    Good luck in surpassing January’s income, John. While being able to set your own price may seem like a good thing, I’m afraid that some ReviewMe publishers may start to lowball/undercut other reviewers. The affiliate program sounds promising though.

    1. Jeff says:

      That’s exactly my thoughts too.. this can go both ways.

  16. Leftblank says:

    Smart move, I suppose this will stop the complains on the miscalculations some, however, I still think it’s a lot of money that PPP asks (and so do the bloggers now) for reviews on certain sites. If the post you made is correct John it does reward some, but it’s still 250$, a lot if you’re not running a huge business 😉

  17. David says:

    I’m sure you will beat your January Record by quite a bit.

    I’m waiting for my site to be approved by ReviewMe

  18. Hey John,

    Looks like the feature went live today – I just set the review price for our Dating / Relationship advice column blog.

    It’s funny, I saw this post on your blog just a few minutes after reading an email reply from the Review Me folks – a few days ago I had requested a different price for our site after getting signed up with them. 🙂

    By the way – you have two “notify me of followup comments by e-mail” checkboxes – one above and one below the comment form. Conflicting plugins perhaps? You may not be seeing it if you’re logged into WordPress.

    Have an awesome day!

  19. HMTKSteve says:

    Wen setting your review price does reviewme still get 50%?

  20. Hey Steve,

    The ReviewMe percentage doesn’t change – it’s still 50%.

    It is nice however to set your own price to whatever amount makes doing the reviews worth your time investment. Kinda like most other deals you make. 🙂

    I expect a lot of people who have been on the fence about ReviewMe will sign up now that they can name their price.

    Have an awesome day!

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