Rise of the Entrepreneur – Episode 15 with John Chow

Rise of the Entrepreneur (ROTE) is a by-weekly podcast put out by Zac Johnson. Every Tuesday and Thursday, Zac interviews a leader in the Internet marketing industry, and drills them for their secrets to success. He then makes the podcast available to you for free.

The easiest way to ensure that you don’t miss any episodes is by subscribing to ROTE on iTunes. Some of the pass guests include Ted Murphy, Joel Comm, Neil Patel, Larry Benet, Shoemoney, Shawn Collins, and more. I’m honor to be on episode 15 of ROTE. Click play on the podcast below and let me know what you think.

Rise of the Entrepreneur – Episode 15 with John Chow

johnchowmoneyJohn Chow is one of the most well known and successful bloggers in the world. If you’ve ever Google’d “how to make money online” or “how to make money blogging”, you’ve probably come across his name and site several times.

The amazing thing about John Chow was that he was never supposed to make money with his blog in the first place. What was originally just going to be a blog on his personal life and what he ate for lunch, soon became a “money making case study”. As John learned new and exciting ways to monetize his blog content and audience, the money just kept rolling in.

Jump forward several years later and his blog is now generating over six-figures per month, and most of it recurring and automated through his amazing sales funnel system — all of which John talks about in this episode.

9 thoughts on “Rise of the Entrepreneur – Episode 15 with John Chow”

  1. Dev Pandey says:

    Excellent Video and post!!!

    Inspiration and motivation to many bloggers…:)

  2. faisal says:

    Nice episode there John.

  3. Zac Johnson says:

    Thanks for being on the show. It was great to have you and the content value is priceless… yet free at the same time!

  4. Alvin says:

    I like how you always post such inspiring articles.
    Great episode and great value!

  5. I. C. Daniel says:

    Cash cash cash…

  6. Sunday says:

    Its cool listening to John Chow in this podcast. His story is inspiring and should motivate many aspiring entrepreneurs. The podcast is revealing with practical.

    I love the fact that John reminded us that we shouldn’t depend on Google for traffic alone.

    In his exact words, “if you live by Google ,you will die by Google:”. This huge takeaway for me after listening to this podcast!

  7. Stefan says:

    Friendly tone and lots of advices. I like to the part where John suggest to not spread your website full with ads but rather focus on your content and mail list.

    Good stuff thanks!

  8. Ben Alagnam says:

    I like the intro, nice voice right there. Content is King! This is what I’m trying to do for 4 years, but still need more effort to make more money on this.

    Without the help of Google for beginners is really difficult. Need to have a better content and tough marketing…

  9. thanat says:

    Great advice john.

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