RMX Direct – Getting The Ad Networks To Fight Over You

You Want A Piece Of Me? Bid For It!


Right Media’s RMX Direct for Publisher plans to rival Google’s AdSense as the number 1 moneymaker for small to medium-size publishers and blogs. Now, as you laugh this off as crazy wishful thinking, consider this: Right Media raised $57 million in venture funding and Yahoo! acquired a 20% stake in the company in 2006. And we all know just how much Yahoo! would love to take down Google!

The RMX Direct for publisher service has been in beta since Michael Walrath founded the company. However, after a successful beta period, RMX Direct for Publisher is now officially open for business. To help spread the word and generate some buzz, Right Media was kind enough spend $125 of their $57 million on this ReviewMe review. And of course, they took advantage of the 50% coupon – got to save those millions, you know!

RMX Direct is a free ad network manager that helps you, the publisher/blogger, sell your inventory easily and for maximum revenue. Your networks and other ad networks in the Right Media Exchange compete for every one of your impressions in real-time. You allocate each impression to the highest-paying advertiser automatically. The service allows you to:

  • Increase your ad revenue
  • Simplify your ad network management
  • Protect your site from misclassified creatives or ads with Spyware, ActiveX, etc.
  • Encourages you to work with your existing relationships

Before RMX Direct came along, I managed my ad rotation by using the “default to” system. Nearly all ad networks offer a default; a place to send a request to if the primary network doesn’t have any paying ads to show. Many publishers, when dealing with multiple ad networks, set up what is knows a “default chain” – Google defaults to Tribal, Tribal defaults to FastClick, FastClick defaults to whatever, etc.

The problem with above setup is networks don’t report what other networks were willing to pay for the same impressions. Nor do you have any control over which ad impressions were sent to the default networks. It is possible that FastClick maybe paying more than Tribal but you won’t realized the extra income if Tribal is ahead in the default chain and has inventory for you. RMX Direct takes these networks and make them all bid for your inventory, ensuring you receive the maximum CPM possible.

How Does It Work?

The concept of RMX Direct for Publisher is simple and genius at the same time. By making ad networks bid for your impression, Right Media puts the power back in the publishers’ hands.


Once you’ve signed up for a RMX Direct account, you’re presented with a timeline of things to do for the next few days. First on the list is to apply to some ad networks. RMX provides nine ad networks from the Right Media Exchange that you can join with just a simple click of the apply button. You can also enter any ad networks you already belong to.


When entering your own ad networks, or your own ads, you are asked for the average CPM price you’ll get from that network or ad. This becomes the base price that other advertisers and networks will try to beat.

Once you have accounts with whichever ad networks from the Right Media Exchange and/or enter all your own ad networks (or directly sold banners), the fun begins. After replacing all your current ad codes with RMX Direct codes, RMX Direct will serve whichever ads or ad network is paying the most. Right Media has four case studies from their beta test showing how RMX Direct helps publishers fully monetize their sites.

How Does RMX Direct Make Money?

Currently RMX Direct is a completely free service for publishers and ad networks. Right Media does take a cut from the nine ad networks in their exchange but you can enter your own networks at no cost. Right Media is going for market share and has a decent size venture fund to burn. Add in the backing of Yahoo!, and I doubt they’re worry about running out of money.

The advertising landscape just got a whole lot more interesting.