RSVP Now for Affiliate Awakening at #ASE11

Last year, Clickbooth and I held a nice little Dot Com Pizza party at Affiliate Summit East in New York. For this year, Clickbooth decided to go gangster. You can forget about pizza at Famous Ray’s. Instead, Clickbooth is booking out the entire Arena nightclub for the Affiliate Awakening party – the biggest and most expensive party of Affiliate Summit East! Double-dip recession? We didn’t even felt the first one!

When I say the party is going to be expensive, I don’t mean it’s expensive to you. Clickbooth and a few key sponsors are pickingup the tab. The party is free to attend. All you have to is RSVP to get on the list. If you’re not on the list, you’re not getting in (unless you’re John Chow).

I am looking forward to seeing you at Affiliate Awakening. Hopefully, Clickbooth will have a few dollars left in their budget to buy me a pizza.

34 thoughts on “RSVP Now for Affiliate Awakening at #ASE11”

  1. Skye Diaz says:

    NY?! Why not in Vancouver where you are?!??!

    1. He is everywhere, place is not important.

      1. Virtual Tour says:

        Party of the year!

        1. Yeah Virtual i also enjoyed the video about affiliate..

          1. PPC Ian says:

            Video is great, well done. Seems like a super party, the best of ASE for sure!

  2. Skye Diaz says:

    I have kids (babies really) you know and am financially bound, how do I get there?

    1. PPC Ian says:

      In the past, John has been able to give away some free passes. Stay tuned to John Chow dot Com and you may have the opportunity to win a free gold pass. Not sure if John will be doing it this time, but he has for the last few Affiliate Summits.

  3. Gift Ideas says:

    I interest this. But I don’t know how to????

    1. You can be, Visit Affiliate Summit East in New York and contact John or ClickBooth,.The party is free to attend.

  4. Mike says:

    Hey a free party, always good. Clickbank are very generous

    1. Mike says:

      oops meant clickbooth lol sorry

    2. They have to earn good money when they can afford such a large party.

  5. Will be pickup a ticket from Africa to be part of it 😉

  6. Erwin Miradi says:

    Wow they look pretty serious about the party.

  7. AffDaily says:

    Hope to be there!
    Also, i love the video, so impressive. 🙂

  8. fas says:

    This is going to be yet another awesome event 🙂

  9. The video above is super cool, these sort of theatrical trailer videos introduced by anik singhal now are very common in internet marketing arena.

  10. maria says:

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  11. Frank says:

    I have to go to this event!
    Thanks to John for sharing it with us. Now to get tickets to travel there 🙂

  12. MykeTech says:

    Damn that’s a nice way to party for an affiliate marketing party.

  13. fazal mayar says:

    woah this looks like a hell of a party, its also free 🙂

  14. Essays says:

    The clip does not tell anything about the event. Just music and animation.

  15. Virtual Tour says:

    I’ll see you there, just got all signed up!

  16. Agreed about embrace the awakening……..

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  18. Interesting video with useful informations

  19. So John August 22 … you will be busy man ?

  20. This is great video to participate.

  21. Free is good, a bit expensive by air ticket only

  22. Dave Cupples says:

    Hey John!
    Hey it’s Dave from Australia here … Just RSVP’d, looks like a great party! Your last party the Tip off Party in Vegas with those basketball courts was awesome, are you and Syed going to whip out the glow sticks again?? haha
    I’m actually speaking this year on Sunday at 2pm on Making Money with Facebook, Blogging and Twitter – been showing your blog as a great example of a few things!! anyway catch you at Affiliate Summit!!

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  26. who2india says:

    Informative event for sure.

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