Safari 4 Tells You Not To Bookmark Google

So I’m testing the new Safari 4 browser that Apple announced today at their Worldwide Developers Conference. Billed as the fastest browser in the world, with its perfect 100% score on the Acid 3 test, Safari looked like a browser worth ckecking into. After all, everyone wants to surf the Internet at blazing fast speed.

Part of my setup for Safari included adding the bookmarks I had in my FireFox browser. I added them manually instead of importing them because I don’t have many bookmarks. This was going along smoothly until I tried to add Google Search. Instead of adding Google to the bookmarks, Safari popped this message on me.


Google is the only search engine Safari does this to. I was able to add Yahoo Search and Bing without any notices. Why is Apple trying to prevent you from bookmarking the Google website? The answer is simple.


When you do a search on, Google gets all the money from those sponsored results on the right side of the page. However, if you do what Safari recommends and do your Google search by using the Safari search field, Apple gets a cut from the revenue generated by those sponsored links. So, anything Apple can do to make you use their search field instead of going to Google means more money for them.

This is how Firefox makes most of its revenue. The Google search box built into the FireFox browser makes over $75 million a year. However, FireFox doesn’t warn their users when they try to bookmark Google. That’s too bad really. If Firefox is making $75 million a year with their Google search box, imagine how much they’ll be making if they do what Apple does and tell users to do their searches with the browser search field instead of at

Pretty evil, Apple. I’m impressed.

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  1. Cam Birch says:

    Very impressive. Apple certainly has evil practiced well enough that most just accept it as being “helpful”.

    Cam Birch’s last blog post: China “Greening” The Internet With More Filtering

    1. Apple is just aspiring to be like Google. Pretty clever but, not exactly the white hat rep that they try to presnt!

      1. Ben Pei says:

        Well I thought it is the other way round?

        Ben Pei’s last blog post: Ben Pei Visits Japan

        1. Jake Stone says:

          So true Ben. Apple was at it when Google was still a wet dream in Sergey’s mind.

          Jake Stone’s last blog post: What good Soviet Union did to us?

  2. Jason says:

    Yeah it looks like apple is evil just like you john.

    Jason’s last blog post: Article Submission Tools Equals Free Traffic

    1. Apple must be reading John’s blog to learn how to be evil.

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  3. Jeff Kee says:

    I never even noticed this, yet I’ve been using Safari 4 for months already. I always use the search bar by default.

    Did you know that Yahoo, with Airmiles, launched a toolbar on Firefox that gives you Airmiles? For each 50 searches performed through that toolbar, instead of the regular Google search, gives you 1 airmile, up to 30 miles a month.

    Jeff Kee’s last blog post: Best Email and Domain Management Practices

  4. David Lee says:

    Looks like Apple is one smart co. Been testing Opera 10 beta, so far pretty fast.

    David Lee’s last blog post: WP-Cumulus plugin

  5. Ash Haque says:

    Meh even if you do go ahead and bookmark google, how often do you go the link then type your search?

    For me, in firefox at least, as soon as I want to search something I don’t even touch the mouse, it’s ctrl + k, whatever I’m searching for, Enter

    1. John Chow says:

      I’ve always done my search at Never used the built in search but I may start now.

      1. Mubin says:

        Why dont you just put your search query in the “Awesome Bar?”

        Mubin’s last blog post: Don’t Get Ripped Off By BlogProfitz A Scathing Review

        1. John Chow says:

          It never occur to me to do it that way. lol

  6. game-girl says:

    Everybody wants to make money being helpful.

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  7. $75 million per year in Adsense is simple, just create a killer app such as a top browser & implement Adsense into it. I’ll have to get to work on that one.

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  8. Greg Ellison says:

    That is very intersting about Safari. I have never seen that, but what ever works for you. I have as my homepage so I don’t really use the search boxes in IE or firefox. Greg Ellison

    Greg Ellison’s last blog post: How to follow everyone that follows you on Twitter

  9. But how was the speed? Better than Firefox, IE, Opera…

    1. John Chow says:

      It’s the fastest browser I’ve ever used. notably faster than FireFox.

  10. I must say that’s pretty funny and quite brilliant of them to do actually.

    Trent Brownrigg’s last blog post: Why You Won’t Become a Successful Internet Marketer

  11. rhyan says:

    maybe that’s how they show their loved for Google 😀

    rhyan’s last blog post: Google Adsense Payment via Western Union additional countries

  12. This sounds like something John Chow would do if he made his own browser. lol

    Chris Jacobson’s last blog post: Sunday Chatter – 6/7

  13. Tran Harry says:

    Very impressed by the cheap way to hide a barrier to entry on the part of Apple. Using simple rules of business competition in places you would not imagine.

  14. Jerick Mac says:

    Nyahahahahaha! Very nice!

    Jerick Mac’s last blog post: 3 Best Tips in Modifying Your Blog’s Page Title Tags

  15. Diabetis says:

    That is an evil way to rule the internet!

    Diabetis’s last blog post: A type 2 diabetis

  16. EarningStep says:

    i really prefer mozilla and chrome

  17. Seems like pure brilliance to me!

    Carl –’s last blog post: The Almanac Holds Your Nokia Answers

  18. Benjamin Cip says:

    I been using Safari since I have my Macintosh. I used a beta version of the last safari, but I often get a bug that shutdown my browser… so I’m using firefox as an alternative to Safari. I’m wondering how to fix the problem…

    Benjamin Cip’s last blog post: What Does “Hard Work” Mean To You?

  19. Jhay says:

    I’m happy with Chrome and Firefox. Safari has been eating a lot of system resources lately so I seldom use it nowadays.

    Jhay’s last blog post: WordPress schwag courtesy of Jaypeeonline dot net

  20. Safari 4 is indeed quick and light but it’s not surprising to see this move made by Apple. They’ve been pretty beefy to insult Microsoft on their recent video ads too

    Michael Aulia’s last blog post: Safari 4 release – speedier and speedier

  21. Ben Pei says:

    That’s quite evil of Apple! But really smart huh..

    1. Its evil for some, but shareholders could not be happier to see more revenue coming in from this small little message box

      [email protected]’s last blog post: Freebie Monday #27 – Free Road and Track for 1 year (USA)

  22. People at Apple are smart, aren’t they? 🙂 But I prefer my Mozilla

  23. Curtis says:

    It’s hard to switch over to another one when I’ve been using Firefox for so long….

  24. JeD Chan says:

    Thanks for sharing sir,

    I learned something today.

    I’m always intrigued how firefox earn. Pretty smart move for Apple.

  25. Caden Grant says:

    Dang $75 million. That’s crazy. Wonder how much Safari makes. I just recently started using safari I like it a lot.

    Caden Grant’s last blog post: 8 Ways To Get More RSS Subscribers

  26. Chrome FTW

    Eric D. Greene (artist)’s last blog post: TCC Student Art Show Award

  27. I already knew about Firefox making money like that, but you’re right. They would make a KILLING if they did what you suggested. I wonder if they will now…

    TYCP Entertainment Magazine’s last blog post: Courtney Van Dusen Interview

  28. Hahahahah! Apple is slyly trying to cash in Google search traffic from their Safari page, and have been so caught with their grubby hands in the cookie jar. I really thought they were “above” this kind of behaviour…..

  29. That’s nice. I also agree; Apple is smart.

    Elevic Pernis’s last blog post: June 17, 2009, 7am

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