Sally’s One Month Party


Yesterday was Sally’s 1 month party. I booked 10 tables at the International Chinese Seafood Restaurant so 100 of our friends and family members can celebrate my daughter’s coming out party.


The first course of the 12 course dinner. Most everyone was full by the time the fifth course came around.


From left to right: Paul, Wolf, Ricky (standing), myself, and Sky. Yes, we are drinking Smirnoff Ice.


This is Sally’s cousin Amy. She is 5 months old.


This is Sally’s other cousin Daniel and his mom.


Sally at 1 month (and a few days), the reason for this little get-together.

9 thoughts on “Sally’s One Month Party”

  1. Congratulations John !!

    She is absolutlely gorgeous. What a wonderful way to celebrate.

  2. John Chow says:

    Thanks a lot! A good time was had by all. 🙂

  3. Rich Backpacker says:

    Having a daughter is the best… and she will make sure you take some breaks from coding, writing, etc. 🙂

  4. Chiqueiro says:

    I like your blog dude…:-)


  5. Thomas Czaszynski says:

    Man I dont even know why I come to this blog. You throw all these parties and never invite me, your first loyal blog reader from Vancouver area.

  6. Rene Jeddore says:

    Congrats on the little one! I have a six-month old sleeping upstairs! I found your site while researching careers involving making a living using the web. Some interesting reading on your site. Thanks!
    Rene (From the other coast, Newfoundland)

  7. Ahsoon says:

    Hi, I m a new fan of yours… just know about your newly born princess.

    Congratulation, and you seems enjoy at the Full Moon party!!

    I’ve got a son who is now 6months old, a tough period now… hehe.

  8. John Chow says:

    Thanks for all the nice comments everyone. And Thomas. You’re in invited to my CES party in Jan! See you Las Vegas! 🙂

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