Samsung Instinct Launch Party

We were in downtown Vancouver last night for the Canadian launch of the Samsung Instinct. This is Samsung’s answer to the Apple iPhone.

The party was held at the Republic nightclub on Granville Street. The Republic is a huge two-level club and I have to wonder why Samsung booked such a big place, considering how many people showed up. I would say the club wasn’t even at 10% capacity. Maybe they were expecting a lot more people to show up or maybe Samsung just enjoyed putting 100 people into a club that holds 1,000+. At least we had a lot of elbow room.

As parties goes, the Instinct launch party was far better than the Zune launch party set up by Microsoft back in May. Samsung gave away five Instincts to five lucky attendees, there was nice finger food and while the bar wasn’t open, everyone was given three drink tickets. We found the Samsung rep and got more.

11 thoughts on “Samsung Instinct Launch Party”

  1. Ed Lau says:

    Hmmm…clubs aren’t much fun if they’re not super full though. But at least the music and food is better than the Zune party.

    …where’s my Zune, Stephen?

    1. Michael Kwan says:

      It wasn’t quite open bar, but if you listen to the Samsung rep do his thing for a few minutes, he’ll give you more drink tickets. That’s better than the Zune party for sure. At least I get to pick my drink.

      Where’s my Zune, Stephen?

    2. Well what’s better than free drinks and giveaways. Sprint has the Instinct in USA and most users responded positively and liked the instinct better than the iphone..
      I have been a user of apple products for several years ( ipods, iphone, imacs) and the products always break down..

  2. Reed says:

    at least they gave away free stuff, but I would have expected more

  3. Hoto says:

    looks like the drink tickets have be the best part of this party lol. most important is to have some fun at partys. so party on john 😆

  4. Shaun Carter says:

    Looks like a pretty poor showing. What kind of promotion did they do for this event? I guess you didn’t end up winning one of the instincts.

    1. John Chow says:

      You had to take a picture with your phone and then mail it to a number. If your pic is chosen as one of the winners, they will text you. I didn’t bother to enter.

      1. Shaun Carter says:

        Seems kind of tedious to enter a contest like that when you’re at the location!

  5. I love my Instinct. Got it back in June with its launch. Sprint doesn’t have a lot of good options, but this is pretty decent.

  6. mr nice guy says:

    LOve the great sounds dude. It’s cool.

  7. Samsung designs really nice phone. Them and LG, I love Verizon.

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