Second Newsletter Going Out Tonight

Just want to give a heads up that the second John Chow dot Com newsletter will be going out in the next day or two (maybe even tonight). If you want to receive it then make sure you are subscribed. You can do that by entering your name and email into the blue box at the top of this blog. You also get my free ebook on making money online if you sign up.

I use the newsletter to talk about things that I don’t normally talk about on the blog because it loses its effectiveness if too many people knows about it. The first newsletter went over really well and I’m hoping you’ll like this second one too.

Win a Sign Copy of An American Hedge Fund

I will pick one lucky newsletter subscriber to win a signed copy of An American Hedge Fund by Timonthy Sykes.

While we’re on the subject of An American Hedge fund, congrats to James Wilcox of the Million Dollar Portfolio. He is the winner of the first copy of An American Hedge Fund. Enjoy the book James! The next copy will go to a random newsletter subscriber. Good luck!

30 thoughts on “Second Newsletter Going Out Tonight”

  1. I’m signed up and ready to go. I look forward to it! 😎

    1. Turk Hit Box says:

      Me too, but I could never win something in one of John’s competitions.

  2. James Wilcox says:

    woot! Don’t worry, when I’m done reading it, I’ll be passing it on to a random subscriber myself through my RSS readers….so sign up now to be able to win the book!

  3. You have too many people enter all your contests and stuff. I want something! 😉

  4. John, I like the idea of having a newsletter serve as a little mini-blog with full of secrets and tips. I think I’m going to start doing the same thing for my blog as well.

  5. I bit the bullet and signed up

  6. Saedel says:

    I liked the first one, and I’m looking forward to reading this next issue. Hope I win something this time. 😀

  7. John, i’m subscribed but didn’t get the first news letter…
    What emailaddress is it being sent from so I can add it to my whitelist?

      1. thanks, now added, looking forward to the newsletter.

      2. well that worked, but not sure if it was worth it…
        hope the next news letters actually have something to say…

  8. i signed up last one was ok

  9. Neil Duckett says:

    Looking forward to it.

  10. Yep, I got hooked on …

  11. Israel says:

    looking forward to it, but please add something juicy.

  12. Googlelady says:

    Waiting the newsletter hope it will be very informative 😉 (better than the first one). Let’s wait and see.

  13. Hmm, for some reason I never got the first one. 😕 ::checks spam::

  14. shy guy says:

    Waiting all the newsletter for some info.. HOpe it will increase my income..

    1. It won’t, but it can tell you how. 😛

  15. Etienne Teo says:

    i am already on the newsletter cant wait to hear the draw soon!

  16. Looking forward to it, and I hope I win the book.

  17. I’m signed up too John.

    Looking forward to your newsletter.

    Carlo Selorio

  18. lyricsreg says:

    Warning: file_get_contents( …
    John, you are stealing content from dealdotcom 🙂

    1. He’s using a dynamic DDC advert, not stealing content.

  19. MadDump says:

    Just got your newsletter, nice read 😉

  20. Am subscribing under a different name. Hope to get the book!

  21. We received your first newsletter when it came out, but have yet to receive the second one. Did it really go out last night?

  22. Wahlau.NET says:

    I have received it. Thanks

  23. i’d recieve it.. thank you

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