Second Rapid Video Live – Watch Video Cash Being Made

My bubby Gideon Shalwick has put up the second video in his free Rapid Video Blogging series. Ripad Video Blogging shows a unique and proven way to make money online by using videos. In this new video, Gideon takes you behind the scenes of his famed home studio setup, showing you everything from lighting to editing to ‘getting comfortable’ tips. I personally love the video because I’m a big geek head and love the see what tech gears others are running. Maybe I’ll do a video on my video set up as well.

The video is 30 minutes long and is loaded with great advice on how you can leverage the power of video to get massive exposure, instant credibility and of course, money. Make sure you leave a comment after watching the video. Gideon is giving away three iPads to three random commentators. Just make sure your comment is useful and not a “Great post!’ type of deal. Enjoy the video!

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Click Here To Watch Video Cash Being Made

27 thoughts on “Second Rapid Video Live – Watch Video Cash Being Made”

  1. CJ says:

    Love the video


    1. Yes many people were eagerly waiting for the 2nd video.

      Its nice to see that he added.

      Solid marketing strategy to bring the visitors again to your page by adding video in series.

  2. Peter says:

    Great dude and a great video. I love the way he gets his comments to increase so rapidly. Good tactic John.
    -Peter (MpL)

    1. d3so says:

      lol everyone wants a free ipad. I doubt I’ll win one though.

      1. I hope I will win it. The only 2 or three times that I ever won something through a draw was when I actually believed I’d win.

        I was certain and it happened. When doubting it it never happened. But why I was certain at those few times I don’t know.

        Perhaps intuition.

        1. The only thing I ever won was $20 off a scratch ticket.

  3. Hey John,

    You didn’t waste any time posting this. I watched the video already but just barely form Gideon’s email link and then I saw your email link to this.

    I can’t wait to watch the third video in this series.

    Do you have any idea when he’s launching the course?


    1. Rick Krenz says:

      He is launching it August 11th

      1. d3so says:

        Do you plan on joining?

        1. I’m not sure if I join yet but I’d like to. Unless it’s too expensive. Knowing Gideon though it shouldn’t be more than $275.

          1. So at what price you would love to join ?

  4. Ryan Yu says:

    Quite interesting video 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing third one.

    1. Yes that was the marketing trick of Gideon.

      He is adding one by one so more and more people should come.

      If one will like it than he/she will spread message about video.

  5. TradeProfits says:

    This is a really great video. I am currently working on some video stuff and I really think Gideon has some very cool ideas. Keep them coming!

  6. Yo John,

    Man you really got an Nat for finding good quality content and information for us hungry people.

    Watching this video has given me a lot of new ideas that I can use on my own video marketing.

    I been doing video marketing for over 4 yr now, and I have learned that you don’t always know it all.

    So I make an effort to always keep my eyes open and hears glued to new content like this which will bring in just that much more exposure to my blog.

    Thanks John

    “TrafficColeman “Signing Off”

  7. Video Marketing and Video Blogging is greatly underused by many. It is resources like these which can help us understand the importance and use of Video Marketing and Video Blogging.

    Some are overwhelmed with the daunting task of creating high definition videos with minimal cost. Gideon Shalwick has the knowledge and experience in this field, and he can teach us all about video blogging!


  8. This is something you cant missed ,thank for that

  9. d3so says:

    Awesome video. I’m very interested in studio setups because I plan to shoot professional quality videos myself.

    1. What are you thinking you want to talk about? Are you gonna take over Gideon’s niche and talk about the best way to video blog? 🙂

  10. earningstep says:

    nice video …… john .

    1. Saw you after such a long time.

      Where you have been ?

  11. Hi,

    Great video. Can’t wait for the launch.

    Thanks for this great post.

  12. That was a fantastic video that Gideon put together! Thanks for referring us to this John!

  13. Francisco says:

    Very good video, I’m new here in the blog and I hope I can learn a lot with tools like this.

    Thanks John

  14. I finally got round to watching this and i am now definitely going to read every word of the free book….. Great stuff!

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