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Congrats to Colin of for winning the Secrets of Affiliate Marketing Contest. Colin will be receiving a brand new Flip Mino HD from our friends at Market Leverage. Here’s Colin’s winning entry.

Here are the steps I would take to start promoting an offer from Market Leverage, the offer I have chosen for this example is the AB Rocket offer. I choose this offer because I think anything related to health will always have a market online. Get ready though, this is not going to be a small comment but the over all outline I will be showing you here I personally know works as I use it myself.

Seeings how I am sure there are a lot of people like me who want to do PPC (pay per click) advertising but just don’t have the budget to get into it this is a great way to start to build a solid foundation for yourself online for making money. I personally believe if you want to succeed online you need to build your income stream on a few different levels. A great place to start is by building quality affiliate websites. As I mentioned above I am going to look at the offer from Market Leverage for the AB Rocket. I am going to assume that all my research is going to tell me that this should prove to be a good offer to run with, but for all of your reading this keep in mind this is only an example and if you try and copy this exact layout for the exact offer it may not work.

Step One – Buy The Domain

First thing you are going to want to do is check out what type of domain names are available that you can get that are related to working out or mostly working out your AB’s, seeings how the product we are working with or starting off with pertains to your AB’s, It would be good to get a name that fits are product. To do this research, I use Google’s keyword Tool. I will start off with a basic term like “working out” and see what other related keywords come up with the search. The goal behind doing this is to find a keyword phrase that fully relates to our product that has a steady amount of search traffic to it. Lets say we found a phrase using this tool that shows we have 2000 searches a month for it, and at a steady incline with a low AdWords competition. This term would be (example only) “working out abs”. Your next step would be to go to your hosting company ( I use BlueFur) and see if that exact name is open in either a dot com or a dot net name. It’s not open but for the case of this example lets say that it is. Before you register that name you want to see who is all on the first page of Google for that term. Google it and take a look. I am going to assume you have the SEO plug in for Firefox so you can check the PR of sites, there back links and there domain ages. This information is important because if the first page of Google shows that all the sites are very old with high back links and PR, it is going to be very hard for you to rank that site and get a steady amount of organic traffic to it. So lets say everyone on the first page of Google are all lower then PR 3, less the 10000 back links and they are all younger then 3 years. When you were looking at the first age in Google you also noticed that all the sites that rank for the term “working out abs” all have some sort of weird name for there domain name. That is perfect and I will explain that in a second. Now I would register that name. While you are waiting for everything to go through and for your new site to be pointing to your server, its time to get some content.

Step Two – Google Your Search Term

Google your search term you want to get ranked for again, and get idea’s for original content. Get a few article’s together and also search for related news articles to your product. For now, just copy and paste the news articles links and titles and save them somewhere. You will use them later. Finish writing up your content articles (don’t forget to sprinkle your keyword phrase “working out abs” through your articles and do a complete review of your product “AB Rocket” with a few bad points but focus a lot on the good ones. Also grab some pictures for your product. Try and use a reporters view on your product, not a salesmen’s view.

Step Three – Build The Site

Now that your new site is pointing to your server and you can start building your site, install wordpress on it. Find a theme that fits with your site, but is clean. I like using the Flexx theme from ithemes. Now that you have wordpress on your site and your ready to go, build your site, install your plug ins you like working with but also the wp-sticky post plugin. Your first article you are going to put up is going to be called “working out abs” and also post it under the category called “working out abs”and that post is also going to be your review of your product. With the sticky post plugin installed and activated, make that post the sticky one. It will always be the first post every visitor to your site sees first or your “sales page”. Your other articles just time stamp them to release over the coarse or a few months or so.

When your building your new wordpress affiliate site make sure you add a privacy policy page to the site as well as a contact page. You will also want to grab some other offers from Market Leverage that fit with the niche of your site. Seeings how you are building a site about working out “getting in shape type of thing” you would want to grab the ML offer for the nutrients pill they have. Do a small review of it and build a page for it, repeat this step if ML has a lot of related offers. The more pages your site has the better you will do. Do the same keyword research for that page that you did for your sites name. Now, you have an affiliate site focusing on two products or offers from ML and you are targeting traffic just with how you set things up. Regarding your news articles that you have links to and the headlines for you can either two do things with them. You can either build a page on your site called “related news” or something like that or you can hyperlink to the articles from a widget in your sidebar. The only reason why you want these links is to show Google that you are linking to other sites that are related to your product.

Step Four – Link To Your Products

Now that your site is built, you have links to your products, maybe a banner or two, 4 or 5 pages built of original content and everything is ready to go, bookmark the hell out of that site and every single article you have on it and the pages too. Do this over the coarse of a week. A good way to do this is to use “Social Marker dot com” After that is done just leave it for a while.

Did You Pick Up On The Secret To Ranking Your Site?

In a few days after you bookmarked your site you should see that you are on page one of Google for your chosen term “working out abs” The reason why you are on page one so fast is for two reasons. First is that your are using wordpress. Google loves wordpress! The Second is, your site is 100% relevant to your keyword of “working out abs”. Your sites name is your keyword, your first article’s title is your keyword which is under the category that is also your keyword, and you have used your keyword in your meta tags. Google loves you now because they know with out a doubt what your site is all about. I just used this exact method over this past weekend to take a 2 word (9 characters only) keyword phrase for a site name and place it on page one of google. I all ready have steady traffic to my site and clicks registering for my product I am promoting and one sale so far. Cool eh! The really cool thing about building a affiliate site this way is if you watch Google trends, you can have a site placed at the top of searches for term before everyone else and be ready for the wave of traffic.

What Can You Do After Your Site Is Built

Build more sites! If you set a goal of building 20 sites this way covering all different niches you will spread out where your income is coming from so if one niche or product lines falls off your not stranded with out money coming in. When you do get money coming in for your affiliate sales, bank it and use it for your PPC budget. When the time comes you have 1000 or so saved up, which ever product you have that is doing the best with sales and converting build a PPC campaign around it. Now that you have a site with good page rank that is converting your quality score for your campaign should be good because your already ranked for that term with your site. Ahh Haa! You guessed it, because of how you built your site using the keyword phrase or phrases you have you are now paying less in AdWords so by using this method of building an affiliate site you were able to pull off more then just one thing.

Another Strong Tip

Don’t be stupid by putting AdSense on your site. All you are doing is sending your traffic to OTHER AFFILIATE OFFERS! AdSense is the absolute last resort for making money on a website. If you are going to promote affiliate offers, stick with them.

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  1. That is a really good article. It taught me a trick or two. Thanks

    1. Just to clarify, this is Colins aka the winners article right???

        1. BrandC says:

          You’re a very smart man. You must have seen some page rankings improvement instantly.

          1. Agreed, Great tips! I especially like it how it’s laid out into simple steps. Now no one can say they weren’t told how. 🙂

          2. Thank you both very much 🙂

          3. Ben Pei says:

            Been following your blog for awhile.. really great stuff yo! Maybe you can run another contest to give away the flip!

        2. Good article, Collin 😀

          1. I read Collins blog, he is pretty good in affiliate marketing.

    2. That’s a lot of writing just to win a cheap video camera!

      1. John Chow says:

        The length some will go through to win a Flip!

      2. Ruben Ricart says:

        True, but he didn’t only win a camera – he earned a spot on John Chow’s blog and since his link is on the page now he may have improved his rankings, pagerank and just got loads of traffic for free… :-). The dude was smart.

        1. Exactly. I think the real prize is getting a link on John’s blog. The camera is just a bonus.

    3. Nice and detailed entry
      Congrats to feedflare…
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    1. Ben Pei says:

      I am sure this brought you immense amount of traffic colin..

  3. Barock says:

    Big applause For Colin,,, Congrats Man…

  4. Zak Show says:

    We already knows about these steps, can you show us some techniques to rank well in SE?

    1. Read this Zak

      It’s a slow process but one that works very well if you want a solid business in the end.

      1. AJ Kumar says:

        Just finished reading it….great stuff! As the guy from get rich slowly says ” few get rich quick, almost everyone can get rich slowly.

        Great tips and congrats!

      2. Zak Show says:

        Ok, I’ll check it. Thank you.

  5. This is exactly what I was looking for. I want to try this out and experiment different methods of marketing sites with affiliate offers. Your site took a long time to load for some reason but luckily I was able to read it in my RSS feed.

  6. Mario says:

    Actually this is a very nice article.

    Thanks John for the tips.


  7. Congrats to Colin and great article that covers some awesome action-steps to get affiliate sales up and running fast.

    Even though it just covers the beginnings of affiliate sales, this is a great primer for getting people started and once they see some actual money coming in, people will be more likely to stick with it.

    1. Thank you very much!

      As you know affiliate marketing is a huge industry and I wish I could of said more but I felt it might of got a bit more confusing to some.

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    Whoa, great writing Colin. Didn’t know you had it in you. Excellent advice, for sure.

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      You should like that one!

  11. Diet Cleanse says:

    Google is not in favor of affiliate marketers. They would rather you spend $2.50 a click on an affiliate campaign that only generates $1.50 a click.

    1. Tell me about it. I am working with two different people right now which should get me paying 50% for clicks then it does in adwords – and its not using adwords either.

  12. Simona Rich says:

    I think google adsense is a good idea if your site offers value. Readers will come back if they really appreciate your content.

    However affiliate programs can generate more income if your words sell.

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    Congrats Colin. I am giving away an iTunes Gift Card at my site. Read about it here

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    Amazing Advice! I’m going to try this with a few of the offers from Never Blue to see my results…thanks John.

  15. MLDina says:

    Congratulations on your winning entry Collin! Some great advices for affiliates to take note of. I’ll be emailing you as soon as the grand prize winners are announced to get your prize choice and some more details.

    1. Sounds Great, I look forward to your email Dina.

  16. You’re a very smart man. You must have seen some page rankings improvement instantly.

  17. game-girl says:

    THank sharing your great experience in Affiliate and leadership.

  18. Congrats to a fellow blogger and marketer in my hometown! Way to go!

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    Good prescriptive advice.

    >bookmark the hell out of that site and every single article
    Is this more effective than a swarm of EZine articles?

    1. Hey J.D.

      Actually since I wrote this I have discovered the power of article marketing. I use Unique Article Wizard which submits my articles to hundreds of article directories and blogs. I think EZine might be one of them – they should be anyways.

      Article marketing is way better then social book marking I my mind for SEO reasons and traffic reasons. Traffic from places like Stumble just bounces off your site and is a waste of time to try and get it. There really is no point going after traffic like that, to me anyways.

      The bookmarks are nice but blasting out hundreds of articles does a lot more for you in the long run.

      If your doing article marketing stick with it but do not limit yourself to one article directory. Like John always says – don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

  22. HEHE… Great post Colin (although I was trying to enter the homebrewing niche that way last year and failed miserably)

    I would not “bookmark the hell” out of that site though, since a lot of social bookmarking sites will slap (ban) you for abuse.

    The logic is simple: those sites are created not for you to bookmark YOUR sites, but for you to bookmark interesting sites you find that might interest others (social, yea?)


  23. Michael says:

    Congratulations to the winner!

    But what is wrong with Google Adsense?

    Personally it is one of my very best money makers.


    1. when promoting affiliate Product don’t use adsense on such site, because it distract the attention of your visitors. hope you get the drift.

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  27. Agreed, Great tips! I especially like it how it’s laid out into simple steps.

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    Great advice. Specially about the adsense part, but not if you are able to target high paying keywords and you’re on the first page of google. 🙂

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    Great Tips. I totally agree with not putting AdSense in your website as it literally steal traffic from your website. If you have an affiliate website, the more money you make with AdSense means the more loss of opportunity for you.

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    This is good article. The only thing I would do differently is use article marketing techniques instead. Setting up so many websites and managing them is hard work unless you build a team to help out. With article marketing and submitting your articles to right ezines or directories is better approach in my opinion since those articles can go viral and be republished. You just need a good spinner to make the article 20-50 percent unique so they can be submitted as unique content to each directory and create trackbacks for your primary site if that is what you want.

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