Secrets of Highly Successful and Happy Leaders

Running a business takes a lot more than just brains because it’s a complete lifestyle. After reading on some of the most successful people, they have tweaked their lifestyle to enhance productivity. A few months back, I read a book by Napoleon Hill called Think and Grow Rich, based on how success comes from your mind frame. For example, people can actually think and grow rich by the way they visualize situations. It’s no wonder the foundation of success is based on your thought process, pushing you to do things others simply can’t. I gathered “4-5” success habits of highly successful people and would like to share some of them with you now. Let’s jump right in and your feedback is welcomed.

Purpose and Meaning

Successful people always have a purpose and know what they need to do to achieve it. Having a clear purpose and objective in mind will help you create a clear cut plan so you know exactly what steps to take to achieve your dream. Your purpose can be anything but it’s important you’re passionate about what you choose so you’ll keep pushing forward when all else fails.

Always Stay Positive

Successful leaders will always stay happy, no matter what the situation. It’s their belief in positive thoughts that will help them find angles in their business to conquer problems. Staying positive is also responsible for ensuring you motivate your team to do their best at all times. Business is going to be tough with barriers along the way and staying positive will help you overcome the toughest obstacles.

They Always Prioritize

For you to be successful in business, you have to organize and prioritize. You have to be able to focus on what’s important compared to those that will have little effect on your business. Knowing what’s important will also help you make deadlines and complete work that will grow your business and team.

They are Team Players

It doesn’t matter if you’re a leader or the CEO of a company, it’s important you work with your team to make sure things are done right. However, your team’s success will depend on the effort you put in and attention you give them. The more you respect them, the greater the output they produce. For example, Google offers free lunches, bonuses, creative time, and a great exercise facility. The reason they provide so much is when employees are satisfied, they’ll produce better work.

They Believe in Themselves

Along the way, you’re going to have many doubters and those who think what you’re doing won’t make a difference. However, successful and happy leaders don’t pay too much attention to what others have to say. They set their mind on something and believe it will make a difference so they continue to push forward. Listening to doubters will only confuse you and you’ll starting asking unnecessary questions about the job in front of you. If you want to be successful in anything you do, it’s important to believe in yourself and stay away from negative criticism.

They are Always Educating and Growing

Successful leaders are always educating themselves, trying to find better ways to do things. Depending on your niche, the trends might change more quickly so it’s important you stay ahead of the game. For example, you can imagine how in blogging, computers, software, and general technology, advances are made more frequently. A successful leader knows how to leverage resources to keep up-to-date within their niche. They also know what portals will provide them with the best information and continue to use those sources going forward.

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8 thoughts on “Secrets of Highly Successful and Happy Leaders”

  1. fran aslam says:

    Yes good points. But having a loyal team with the same goals is really hard.

  2. SMN Zaman says:

    Hi Rizvan,

    Thanks for sharing the crucial secrets of successful and happy leaders. It’s quite common to see that many successful leaders aren’t happy in their day to day life. The secrets that you’ve revealed today will surely help us.


  3. Everything is meaning Rizvan, everything. I learned this from these titans and have applied this idea to my blogging career. It was tough to blog when I made it all about me; when I blogged mainly to pay bills, to put a roof over my head, mainly, to get. Things turned when I blogged mainly for fun, with love, meaning I moved mainly out of the fear-based, self-centered deal into the fun, loving, serving others deal.

    By focusing on serving other human beings and enjoying the ride, I became happier and more successful. This energetic shift was the ultimate difference marker.

    Power tips bro.

  4. Priya Goyal says:


    Good article thanks for sharing.


  5. Zaiba says:

    Hey Rizvan,

    The most important thing for me to success are Belive in your self and have some perpose.

    1. Zaiba says:

      By the way, Thanks Rizvan.

  6. I also trust myself as big lads! I just do not know how to reach what I want, I do not have a helper who really helps me, not only boast about what you know? It is very worth a good mentor who gives real help! Not only, I’m thinking of money, the real teaching I ask, and the answer is back.

  7. mansi desai says:


    thanks for this posting they are so great person , and they have great power to represent for those nation ? they have given lots of donation for making good life who dose not get proper
    service which like education , food ,etc .

    thank for this posting ,


    mansi desai

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