See You At Tonight’s Webinar

I hope I see you tonight at the webinar I’m doing with Zac Johnson, Tyler Cruz and Matt Mickiewicz on how to buy and sell websites on Flippa. Here’s the info again for your reference.

  • Title: How To Buy And Sell Sites On Flippa
  • Date: Thursday, April 14, 2011
  • Time: 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM EDT
  • RSVP Here

Matt Mickiewicz of Flippa will be taking time out from his vacation in Miami to join us live at the webinar. Zac and Tyler will present case studies on deals that they did on Flippa. There will be a live Q&A afterward where you’ll be able get your questions answered.


Like my last webinar, this one is sales pitch free. In fact, you are going to make money just for attending! Matt has graciously agreed to give $2,000 of Flippa credits to the first 100 attendees ($20 per attendee) at the webinar.

We have room for only 1,000 people. I will be opening the room at 6:30PM EDT. Get there early to ensure you get a seat. See you in a few hours!

Reserve Your Seat for How To Buy And Sell Sites On Flippa

13 thoughts on “See You At Tonight’s Webinar”

  1. John chow, lucky to see you at webinar. But unfortunately, $2000 in flippa credits is very high amount. How many people are attending in webinar?

    1. d3so says:

      $2000 isn’t very much especially if it’s free.

  2. Nathan Pope says:

    I have heard of people making pretty lucrative incomes setting up sites and selling them on flippa. This is something I might be interested in checking out. Any preview on the webinar topics?

  3. Fajja says:

    @Ottawa, not sure what you mean, but I read the article thinking that the first 100 people will earn $20 just for joining? Or have I just skimmed it too quick! Are these webinars recorded? How can I view them later if I miss them due to time zone differences?


  4. I will be there, good thing I checked my e-mail to remind me.

  5. Already online and ready to go!

  6. Kirk Taylor says:

    In the early to mid 2000’s I bought cars out of auction and sold them on ebay. It was a blast. Flipping websites sounds just as fun, but a little more complicated.

    I enjoyed this webinar as it was very informative.

  7. hostgator says:

    Hi John, i like your cartoon and would be there on time. 🙂

  8. singer divya says:

    will any one share, your experience on Webinar here.

  9. mascot image looks nice would like to try out something for my blog

  10. Work online says:

    Hey John,
    I extremely like you Cartoon,Awesome sharing.

  11. hey john, may i know when will be next webinar starts.

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