See You In Cabo San Lucas!

Hola! I’m off to Cabo San Lucas for the MOBE Titanium Mastermind. For the next six days, I’ll be relaxing and masterminding at the five star Sheraton Hacienda del Mar Golf & Spa Resort.

Since I’m taking my family with me (MOBE Masterminds are kid friendly) I’ll be staying in the Virreyes Suite. This is the biggest suite at the resort. 1,625 square feet, two levels, three bedrooms, and a breathtaking ocean view. Then again, you would expect that for $1,500 a night. I’ll post a video of the suite once I check in.

The MOBE Titanium Mastermind is an annual event opened to all MOBE Titanium members. Nearly 200 members are expected to show up. Speakers include visionary marketers like Joe Sugarman (creator of the Blu Blocker), James Schrampko. Mike Koenigs, Lisa Grossman, Dave Van Hoose, and more. In addition to great speakers, there’ll be a lot of time to relax and have fun. Activities include horseback riding on the beach, jet skiing, Sunset Cruises, Zip lining, Polaris dune buggies, and other fun stuff that comes with living the Dot Com Lifestyle.

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Who knows. You might be joining me at the next mastermind, and staying in your own $1,500 per night suite. See you in Cabo!






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11 thoughts on “See You In Cabo San Lucas!”

  1. Very cool photos. I am sure you will enjoy your stay there. You realy know how to role John!

  2. John Gibb says:

    Joe Sugarman rocks! I loved his old copywriting books… they’re a classic.

    Cabo San Lucas reminds me of Cabo Da Roca, Portugal. (the comparison is just for the name, not for the actual place…)


  3. Joe says:

    Looks like an awesome resort John. Should be a lot of fun!

  4. I. C. Daniel says:

    $1.500/night, no way can afford it. Looks amazing that’s for sure!

  5. Such an impressive destination to say the very least! I’m a newbie and I truly hope to get their soon. Thank you for the inspiration do to so in those wonderful pictures you shared john!

  6. John-

    The resort looks amazing and the Mastermind event sounds like an incredible way to recharge, collaborate, and get inspired.



  7. Awesome pictures. Sir enjoy your vacation there :)!

  8. faisal says:

    That is one awesome room.

  9. Devon says:

    WOW!!!!!!! This place looks amazing.

  10. Michele says:

    How I long to check out Cabo some day! I would also love to be able to enjoy it in the style and luxury that you do John. Have a great time and will be hoping to see updates from the event!

  11. Jawbone Up says:

    Is that a painting or photo? The place’s so beautiful and the resolution of your photos look great!

    Tell us more about that place. Enjoy “traveling” with you!

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