Seeing Even More With GeoSurf Plus Beta

You might remember my original review of GeoSurf from last year. As a quick refresher, this is a toolbar that you can install in Internet Explorer or Firefox that effectively gives you access to several proxies around the world. In sum, you can surf the web as if you were somewhere else.

BIScience, the developers of GeoSurf have updated their offering to something called GeoSurf Plus. We’ll be looking at some of these new features through today’s review, highlighting how this toolbar could be a great fit for all the Internet marketers in the audience.

GeoSurf Revisited

In case you missed my first review, let’s take a moment to talk about the core functionality of GeoSurf and how it works.

In short, it is a tool largely targeted at Internet marketing professionals, allowing them to view the web as if they were in different physical locations around the world. This is important for geotargeting purposes, but also because the ads that display on websites will vary considerably from place to place. The toolbar is very easy to use, as you simply select your country of choice from the pull-down menu.

You can take a few moments to read the GeoSurf overview or watch the quick demo, but that’s the crux of what GeoSurf can do at its most basic level.

More Countries, More Locations

About a year has passed since I wrote that original review and the folks at BIScience have been busy implementing some upgrades for GeoSurf. One of these is the expansion of the number of proxies they have around the world.

In this instance, you can see that I am viewing Beyond the Rhetoric as if I were in Australia. Thus, the AdSense ad displayed on my blog is targeted toward that audience. The selection of countries in the GeoSurf toolbar is impressive, ranging from Argentina to Bulgaria, Cyprus to Estonia, Slovenia to Turkey.

They’ve also worked hard to expand the number of proxies within the United States. No matter where you are in the world, you can view the web as if you were in Boston, Dallas, Durham, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Portland, St. Louis, and several other major cities across the nation. That’s very handy for Internet marketers.

What Else Is New With GeoSurf Plus?

But it’s the “plus” part that should have you a little more intrigued about GeoSurf Plus. There are many features in GeoSurf Plus that were not previously available.

One addition is the ability to view the mobile web. This has become increasingly important, as the mobile space is becoming increasingly popular and potentially lucrative. Support device emulators range from the iPhone 4 to the HTC EVO 4G, the Palm Pre 2 to the BlackBerry 9700. You want to understand your audience and see what they see.

Similarly, you can test your various ad campaigns (and view other aspects of all kinds of websites) through a number of browsers too, including Firefox 4, Chrome 11, MSIE 9, and Safari 5.

More in direct relation to Internet marketing, GeoSurf Plus gives users the ability to explore the full eco-system of display advertising. You can see all the related information about campaigns, advertisers, mediators (like ad networks), and more. This gives you an inside look at the competition.

In the case of above, you can see that KeyBankSolutions is the top advertiser on the site and there are 35 creatives being used for that campaign. You can see when the campaign was first monitored, the statistical share as a percentage, and the target landing page of that campaign. This is all very powerful and very useful stuff.

How Much Does It Cost?

All plans include a free 5-day trial and access to the GeoSurf Plus Beta, which also includes the mobile and browser emulator. The different plans vary based on the number of locations that you would like to use (proxies), the amount of bandwidth, and the number of users. At the lowest end is the $29/month silver plan, which includes just one location and 100MB of bandwidth. The recommended plan is the $139/month platinum plan with 9 locations, 700MB of bandwidth and two users.