Sell Drugs For Fun and Profit

A concept that has come up here time and time again is that you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. As such, it is in your best interest to diversify your online income sources. Sure, you could try running a “make money online” blog, but wouldn’t it so much more fun taking on the role of a drug dealer? You wouldn’t think that someone dealing in narcotics would order a review on John Chow dot Com, but that’s kind of what happened. Intrigued? Then read on to find out more about MedStore.

Get It Up and Stop Smoking

As fascinating as it would be to write a review about a site that sells cocaine and heroin, MedStore offers “prescriptions and health“, which so happens to be a very lucrative market for anyone looking to make some money online. I need not remind you about all the spam and ads that can be found throughout the web, selling you on male enhancement and the like.


You can make a fair sum of money by peddling drugs and herbal remedies, but then you’d have to deal with getting stock, shipping it out, and accounting for the whole process. Thankfully, MedStore has an affiliate program, so they’ll take care of the dirty work. All you have to do is send customers their way, encouraging them to buy all sorts of prescriptions and diet supplements. These range from the usual Cialis and Levitra to products designed to help you quit smoking.


Yes, they have drugs for Fido too.

Make Money Selling Drugs

The commissions earned through MedStore are among the highest in the business. Because the product costs are really low, MedStore is able to give a fair chunk of the profit to their affiliates. In fact, even at the lowest payout level, you earn 50% of the purchase price. Depending on the volume of sales you refer, you can earn as much as 70% of each sale. And this is lifetime, so if someone you refer orders another product at a future date, you get a piece of that revenue too, provided they use the same email address.


To really define how much money you can make through the MedStore Affiliate Program, you have to consider how much these drugs cost the customer. After all, if they only sell for a dollar, you earn 50 cents. Big deal. Well, affiliates are apparently able to set their own prices. Feel free to create as high a markup as you want and you’ll still earn 50-70% of each purchase.

The minimum payout level is $200 with payments being sent out twice a month. The site does note that MedStore has no holding period. In this way, if a customer buys something today, you should be paid within the next two weeks… assuming you meet the minimum payout level.

Beware of Side Effects

Given the constraints of this review, there’s no way for me to know how legitimate these guys are and how well the affiliate program performs. While going through the registration process, though, I did notice a couple of things. First, the tracking and analysis tools are simple, but they appear to be effective.


One area of concern, however, is the relative safety of the MedStore site. I’m not talking about the safety of the drugs — that’s a whole other matter — but when you go through the registration process, it asks for your banking information on an unsecured page. That makes me feel a little uneasy, because payment is only available through wire transfer, Webmoney, and Fethard. I’d feel better with a secured page and payment via Paypal. The dot biz TLD doesn’t help either.


Timothy Ferriss is a Drug Dealer Too

Some people may frown upon the business of selling generic pharmaceuticals, but we all know that this is one of the most lucrative ways to make money online. Just take a look at the author of The 4-Hour Workweek, Timothy Ferriss. He told people that his profession was a “drug dealer” for some time. Now you can do the same with the MedStore affiliate program.

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37 thoughts on “Sell Drugs For Fun and Profit”

  1. DanBlogger says:

    Those reviews are getting boring.

    1. nickycakes says:

      you got that right

      1. Extremely so – theres a reason I don’t have pharmaceutical sites in my bookmarks and thats because enough people moronic idiots self prescribe stuff daily.

        Got a bit of a headache? here take this pill, and then this one to fight off the sore tummy, and this one to clear the sinus issues the second one gives you… this little green one will clear the dry mouth the third pill gives you… STILL FEEL BAD?? Of freaking course you do!

        Do EVERYONE a favor, step away from your pills.

        1. blackysky says:

          yeah those reviews are getting boring however.. no one should this compagny.. want your bank information on an unsecure page.. acept visa on an unsecure page LOOOOOOL no checks option !!!! c’mon… at least they have webmoney!!??!??….Who use webmoney LOOLOL…. Simply run and stay away from this one!!!!!!!

        2. Agreed! Stay away from the pills and eat a healthy diet. You might be suprised the difference it makes.

    2. Pete says:

      No offense there Michael, but, um, I can’t believe I just wasted 5 min reading this =P

  2. Good review, funny title! I thought John was becoming a dealer hehe

    1. LoL from a mogul to dealer

    2. The title drew me in…although I regret it now 😕

    3. RacerX says:

      This at least teaches the reason to write great article titles!

    4. David says:

      I was intrigued by the title too, thought it was very different from the usual computer/blogging subjects 😆

  3. Nice One John Chow! 😉

    1. Kwan wrote it you idiot.

      Thats it – i’m setting up a script that says “Good one, MOOOOooOOO!” to every post on the internet. If we can’t get rid of the drone heard mentality, i’m going to be the best at it!

      Wha? don’t all look at me funny for calling him an idiot, someone has to! lol, unless you want to say his (it’s a bot comment) parked domain pages roxxors your world anyway.

      1. PS. is a parked domain page the first time I visit – and every so often when I refresh. If thats your host provider messing up goalcenter I take back the idot comment… otherwise fix your doorway pages, they’re broken.

  4. John says:

    What next? A review about Viagra or a review about a Casino? 😉

  5. Andy says:

    Innovative use of the drug-dealing link bait terms maybe?

    No way would I give out my banking details to some unsecure drug peddling site.

  6. Katie says:

    Michael thanks for sharing that information about making money with MedStore 🙂 I agree that not having a secured page for your bank information feels uncomfortable. I would feel better if they had something similar to paypal. I don’t even trust paypal. They have given many people bad customer service and nightmares. I have read up on many bad things about paypal. 🙁 Allot of people probably don’t even know about. I like the alternative paypal sites more. I would have signed right up for the MedStore if they offered another different way to pay me. Being paid by Check is nice too. I hope they give more options for payment in the near future. Thanks again for this great Review 😉

    1. Ted says:

      Yeah, you got that right about PayPal, they’re incredible ripoffs.

  7. Simon Lau says:

    Definitely sketchy without a secure checkout or payment. Any legitimate business would have gone with a secure online commerce system. It would just make the customer feel safer doing business with them. With all the stories about online fraud, I’d never give out my banking info on an insecure page.

  8. Definitely don’t trust it – affiliate-wise.

  9. WM says:

    I wouldn’t touch this in a million years. If you feel good about selling illegal products without a prescription, then jump in. And, a lot of these people are selling medicine that are not what they say it is. So, get your blood pressure medications from these guys and wait for your heart attack. Do you want to be the person who makes money doing that? And, ever consider the liability if you can be traced to selling someone a drug that caused their death? There is a reason you need prescriptions and standards for providing medications to the public. These internet sites just do what makes money, not what is in the best interest of the patient.

    1. Your comment says it all. I don’t want anything to do with this kind of business.


    2. RacerX says:

      Look at the overall picture here:

      Selling medicine over the web – Category is worst on internet for scams

      Sky high margin/payout – If it is too good to be true…
      Weird payout – as bad as PayPal is these option are worse
      Unsecured checkout- this is fairly basic

      Any one of these should have alarm bells ringing…but all four…Run Forrest!

  10. Poker Sharks says:

    The ‘make money’ link here is so tenuious – seriously, john makes 30k a month, reviews like this really arent needed.

    Everyone knows these drugs are fake and they’ll never pay our any affiliate earnings.

  11. aroma says:

    Hi John … I’m a heavy smooker too 🙂

  12. KieranG says:

    This is actually a niche I have been looking in to for some time now, I think I’ll be researching it in a few weeks…

  13. Katie says:

    I would’n buy from them. I don’t trust drug selling companies, because I don’t know what they are putting inside

  14. Mayo says:

    They ONLY accept VISA!?! WTF … run run run …

    Guys if you think of going selling medicines choose reputable companies with good BBB rating, good reviews from different affiliates. Remember ALWAYS do Due Dilligence! Drugs are not something to play with(bot legal and illegal)!

    John SHAME ON YOU for not doing due diligence and letting Michael to actually do a review!!! Making money is OK but not doing due diligence on something that is obviously a scam and a potential HAZARD is another thing!

    GOD forbid me to get into the temptation to sell from disreputable companies just for some short term higher profits ❗

  15. Feed Flare says:

    LOL wow John, your getting some interesting reactions. Great post for bringing in the comments!

  16. Jim Karter says:

    Online meds and supplements are really a good business online. 😀

  17. If you really want to sell weight supplements and meds, sign up with reputable affiliate programs (not sure which reputable ones offer meds) and they offer anywhere from 10% to $50 per sale.

  18. I thought the review was a little misleading…the review says that MedStore pays 50-70% of the sales price – this is your commision. That would mean if you sold $400 worth of product you would get $200. However, you only make these commision rates on your profit margin. The default profit margin is between 21-29%. That means you need to sell an average of $1600 worth of product to make the $200 minimum payout.

  19. Jake Cohen says:

    This is a joke, honestly. What a waist of $450 dollars, I doubt a single reader of this blog will sign up with them. And .biz, insecure payment, and the lack of a PayPal account or something similar definitely does not help one bit. Plain an simply a stupid idea, the only thing that they’re gaining from this is a bit of traffic.

    Jake Cohen

  20. Will says:

    Being in such a business is so shady..

  21. So it looks like you can just order anything on their site without a prescription. Amazing!

  22. Puhtick says:

    Thanks John for sharing this information. It’s really useful I did hear about this company earlier but I was working with other affiliate program, but after your review I decided to try. I need to say they are amazing!
    For sceptics…
    After reading I was signed up, I just lost few moments to read information and to understand how it works. They have a special calculator, which helps to indicate how much you will earn. 50-70% earnings not from sold but from difference between price and cost. For example, the Product’s price is $100, and cost of the product is $58 If you leave $100, the profit would be $100-$58=$42, and you’d earn 50% of it, which means the same $21. You can set the bigger price, say, $150. The profit would be $150-$58=$92, which means you’d earn $46. Twenty Five dollars more!
    Anyway 21-29% per sale is one of the best offers on the web. BTW, “YourOnlineRevenue” to make the $200 minimum payout you should sell an average of $1000 worth of product…
    About unsecure page… Yes it would be better if they’ll use https, but lone private information is “Beneficiary account number:” and “Beneficiary name:” Even if someone will get it, he’ll be unable to use it. And that’s not so easy to grab your login and pass. Buyers fill there information on secured pages.
    For this two days I earned $150 and soon the 15th of Feb, they’ll do payments and I’m going to get my money 🙂 I think I’ll get average $350-500 😎 .
    Thank you John, now I know great pharmacy affiliate program. 😀

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