SEO Mash Review


Take 18 of the top SEO sites on the Net, mash them all together and you have SEO Mash. Own by John Chow dot Com reader, Scott, who took advantage of the 50% off ReviewMe review (which ended last night) in order to give his new site some buzz, SEO Mash is an example of a “set it and forget it” site.

SEO Mash is one page site, giving you the world of SEO at a glance. I said it’s a set it and forget site because SEO Mash runs itself. Scott has programmed SEO Mash to pull in the feeds of the 18 SEO sites that SEO Mash follows, and then SEO Mash displays the last seven posts (there is a display more link to display more stories). Hovering the mouse over a story link will give you an excerpt. If the excerpt is interesting enough, you can click on the link read the full story from the source.

SEO Mash Look And Feel

SEO Mash is pretty simple as far as mashes goes. Unlike other mashes I’ve seen, SEO Mash has no user or preference settings – everyone gets the same look and feel. There isn’t anything wrong with the look and feel mind you. Scott stuck to a very safe light blue background with blue link and red headlines – textbook SEO.

A single Google 468×6 ad at the top right hand corner monetizes SEO Mash. I was a bit surprised that Scott didn’t follow the red headline and blue text to have the ad match perfectly with the site. Most likely, he is fooling around with colors to see which gives higher click rates. I would recommend he try a 728×90 banner in that location instead of the 468. There is enough space for it since SEO Mash is designed for a 1024 resolution.

Long Term Viability

At the end of the day, I have to wonder about the long-term viability of SEO Mash (and mashes in general). The only one I know that is doing well is POP URLs, and I think that does well because of the amount of user adjustable information and additional features the site provides the visitor. SEO Mash provides no new features and zero user adjustments.

The sites SEO Mash pulls from are good sites, some I never heard of but will now be adding to my feed reader. Of course, if I add those sites to my feed reader, I wouldn’t need SEO Mash anymore. What is to prevent a reader from making their own SEO Mash with Google home page, or adding all those feeds into their feed reader? Right now, nothing. SEO Mash has no content or feature that is unique to itself. That’s the problem with set it and forget it sites – most people tend to forget it.