SEO Scheduler Guides You to the Top of Google

Even if you know what you’re doing when it comes to search engine optimization, it’s easy to forget some things along the way. You might neglect an important step, because your mind is off thinking about another aspect altogether. It helps if someone or something can keep you on track.

And that’s where a service like SEO Scheduler can come into the picture. Over the course of today’s review, we’ll take a look at what this service has to offer, how well it executes those services, and whether or not it is indeed worth your hard-earned money.

What Is SEO Scheduler?

In a nutshell, SEO Scheduler is a search engine optimization program that offers you a step-by-step guide on how to optimize your website and get it to rank for your target keywords.

Naturally, you’ll need to start by providing some basic information about your website. It will ask for your URL, site name, site category, and your target keywords. There is always one “main” target keyword (or keyword phrase), but you can add as many other target keywords as you’d like. I’m using for the purposes of this review.

From there, the browser-based program will provide you with instructions on the tasks that you need to complete if you want to give your site the best possible chance of getting to the top of Google’s rankings for your keywords and keyword phrases.

Assigning and Completing Tasks

After adding your site, you can then go to the main dashboard, which will list the tasks that it recommends you complete. It’s basically a “to do” list.

The tasks outlined in this SEO program are generally broken down into three sections: overdue, due today, and due this week. By putting the tasks on a schedule, your search engine optimization efforts won’t seem quite as daunting (since you can handle them in bite-sized chunks). It also helps to keep you on track. Slackers never prosper.

Since SEO Scheduler caters to small business owners, many of the early tasks are going to sound very generic. Depending on your site, you may not need to complete these. For instance, one of the first tasks is installing meta tags on your home page. This would include having the right title text, meta description, and so forth.

However, as you progress through the program, the tasks start to become more specific, telling you what key phrases to target, where to get links, and the target URL you want to use for those links.

Special Deal for John Chow dot Com Readers

There are three different plans available for SEO Scheduler. For all of these, you can have a seven day free trial. You’ll also notice that all three plans allow for unlimited users. This means that if you are collaborating on the SEO efforts for one of your sites, you can get the other team members to work on the tasks you assign them.

If you use the special link below, you can take 50% the monthly fee for however long you choose to use SEO Scheduler. That’s the special deal for readers of John Chow dot Com. SEO Scheduler is an effective system for guiding you through the SEO process and keeping you moving in the right direction: to the top of Google’s search results.