SEO Smart Links Premium Plugin Review and Giveaway

One thing that you’ll notice about many of the most popular blogs on the Internet is that they link to themselves. You see it here on John Chow dot Com, on my blog, and on all the popular tech blogs. It’s about linking back to the homepage as much as it is about deeplinking back into older content.

There are many benefits to this, but the process might be a little time-consuming, especially if you want to re-edit some of your older content so that it contains these deeplinks. Helping to ease that process is SEO Smart Links. A premium version of this WordPress plugin has recently been released and it serves as the subject of today’s review.

Generating Deep Links Automatically

Yes, you could certainly do this kind of thing manually and you will likely continue to deeplink to your older content when it is appropriate to do so, but this premium WordPress plugin can certainly lend a helping hand.

After installing and activating SEO Smart Links, you will be provided with an additional area in your WordPress dashboard. It is here that you can customize the plugin to suit your needs.

The automatic interlinking is obviously the primary feature and it will seek out appropriate keywords in each post (as well as pages, if you so desire), linking them to your older content. Among the settings are whether you want to only link within the same category, how far back in your archives you want the plugin to go, and so on.

You can override these settings on a post-by-post basis, but only if you opt for the premium version. The free edition of SEO Smart Links does not offer this option.

Mask and Redirect Affiliate Links

Among the added features in the premium version is the ability to “cloak” your links. This is particularly useful for all the affiliate marketers in the audience.

You can define a series of keywords that will automatically be hyperlinked. By default, the destination URL will be the actual URL in the link. However, you can add in a “redirect” option instead and this will help to mask your affiliate links.

The syntax for defining these redirects is straightforward enough and you can see some examples in the screenshot above.

Processing Links for RSS Feeds

Another useful feature is the processing of RSS feeds.

More and more people are reading your content without ever visiting your website. You still want these people to get the same deeplinks, particularly if they happen to be affiliate links too. Thankfully, SEO Smart Links can process your RSS feeds too.

The other advantage is that this makes it easier for you to catch the scrapers. If you’re starting to see backlinks and trackbacks from these undesirable sources, you can hit them them with a DMCA notification and get them banned from their web hosts.

How Much Does It Cost?

There are four versions of the plugin, three of which are paid editions.

The $79 personal license only allows you to use the plugin on a single domain, whereas the $149 professional license lets you use it on as many of your own sites as you’d like. If you work with clients, the $299 business license is what you’d want, as it allows you to use the plugin on an unlimited number of sites, whether you own them or not.

The SEO Smart Links plugin looks like it could be very useful for a number of different applications, but you might not want to pay full price. Well, you can enter coupon code “jchow10” to get 10% off.

Better still, post a comment below about how you’d use SEO Smart Links and we’ll get the developers to give away one business license for free. You do like free, don’t you? We’ll leave entries open until this Saturday.